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The Illinois Where Fresh Is logo program is made available by the Illinois Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the Illinois Specialty growers for producers and retailers to use as a tool to help promote Illinois grown produce, fruits and other horticulture commodities. The Illinois Where Fresh Is logo is part of a marketing campaign that can be used to help identify and sell Illinois-grown produce at grocery stores throughout Illinois. This is just one piece of a larger state wide initiative that will be promoting the logo through various media outlets including television, radio, and billboards.


When people think of Illinois agriculture, corn and soybeans are likely the first crops that come to mind. But great soil, favorable climate, strong family tradition, and good old Illinois ingenuity make the state a top grower of several specialty crops as well.

Pumpkins, melons, horseradish, peaches, apples, popcorn and grapes for wine production are just some of the lesser-known crops grown on over 100,000 acres of Illinois farmland each year. In 2010, specialty crops generated more than $400 million in sales.

Why is this program important?

Statistics show that consumers want locally grown produce for the health and well being of their families and to support the local economy. On average, produce travels 1500 miles to the grocery store it is sold from. When spent locally, $.32 more of every dollar stays in the community.


The largest obstacle is consumer awareness. The Illinois “Where Fresh Is” logo program will eliminate this issue and easily identify Illinois grown for the consumer.

Get Involved:

For a producer to use the logo, one only needs to fill out and submit an application to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Once approved, the applicant will receive a list of sales materials with the logo and these materials can be purchased at cost for unlimited use.


Please download a copy of the application for this program. If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete and return to: Illinois...Where Fresh Is

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Marketing and Promotions
State Fairgrounds, P. O. Box 19281
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9281
Phone: 217/524-3297
Fax: 217/524-5960

Where to Find Fresh Produce

There is nothing like wandering through a Farmers Market and being surrounding by the sights, sounds and particularly the aromatic smells of fresh food.

Find your nearest Illinois Farmers' Market
Street Address:


Other Places to Look for Fresh Produce:

What's in Season

Pictures of Fruits & VegetablesA key part of buying local is making an effort to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season.
We have put together a what's in season table you can use to choose the freshest, best tasting produce obtainable!

Why Buy Local

Locally grown farmer market sign Great Taste and Good for You.
Buying your food locally is good for your local economy, good for family farmers, good for your family's health, and good for the environment.
Not to mention how good fresh, local food tastes!

Assistance For People Operating a Farmer's Market

assistance photo A clearing house of information for operators of a farmers' market from Contacts & Resources, Rules and Regulations, Marketing Issues and Ideas, to Resources for Market Managers & Vendors.

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Survey works to maintain a current listing of farmers markets throughout the United States. Market information is provided to AMS from various sources including state market representatives, market managers, and consumers.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture received specialty crop block grant funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the Specialty Crop Block Grant - Farm Bill.


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