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Illinois Products Logo MemberABE'S CARMELCORN SHOPPE
4700 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614-5890
Phone: 217/732-4564
Fax: 217/732-3691
Product(s): Popcorn products, specialty & gourmet foods, and unique gifts.

Illinois Products Logo MemberAHRUNS FAMOUS, INC.
P.O. Box 582
Crystal Lake, IL 60039-0582
Phone: 815/245-9766
Phone: 815/355-2029
Fax: 815/477-2987
Product(s): Ahruns Famous products including: Voodoo Magic hot sauce, Carolina mustard barbecue sauce, Zombie Boogie barbecue sauce, Outrageously Applicious barbecue sauce and Outrageously Delicious Bloody Mary mix.

3220 Mannheim Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131-3505
Phone: 847/455-5355
Fax: 847/455-7553
Product(s): Al Gelato Bornay - Gelato (Ice Cream & Sorbet) in food service container; 2.5 gal., 1.5 gal., 5 liter, and 4 oz. single serve (Pack of 12). Sysco branded program (Arrezzio) ice cream, 2.5 gal., ice cream truffels 4 oz., spumoni 4 oz. Major Catalog - Ice Cream Desserts; single serve 4 oz., ice cream truffels 4 oz., spumoni 4 oz., ice cream cakes, gelato pop, chocolate covered bananas, and gelato truffles.

308 Illini Dr.
East Peoria, IL 61611-1825
Phone: 309/699-8859
Phone: 309/231-4133
Fax: 309/699-6852
Product(s): Aleece's variety of baked pita chips; a variety of Aleece's cheese spreads; fudge.

3737 S. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60609-1689
Phone: 773/890-5100
Toll Free: 800/548-7777
Fax: 773/890-9377
Product(s): Allen Brothers brand portion control custom cut U.S.D.A. Prime and Choice Steaks (veal, lamb, pork, beef, and chicken). Company provides authentic, humanely-raised veal for home delivery or restaurant menus.

Illinois Products Logo MemberALTO VINEYARDS, LTD.
8515 HWY 127 N
Alto Pass, IL 62905
Phone: 618/893-4898
Fax: 618/893-4935
Product(s): Alto Vineyards, Ltd. produces premium Illinois wines from grapes grown on their southern Illinois estate and other select vineyards in the Shawnee Hills AVA. Wines are sold in their two retail locations, Alto Pass and Champaign, as well as other commercial retailers throughout the Illinois and surrounding states. Alto Vineyards, Ltd. specializes in French-American Hybrid varietals and produces about 30 thousand gallons annually.

Illinois Products Logo MemberAMERICA LOVES BBQ
833 Laurel Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035-5710
Phone: 773/502-8000
Product(s): ALBBQ Family Tradition BBQ Sauce, ALBBQ Fully Cooked BBQ Riblets, ALBBQ Super Sausage, and ALBBQ Family Tradition Burgers

10301 Main Street
Richmond, IL 60071-0217
Phone: 815/678-6000
Toll Free: 888/214-7614
Fax: 815/678-3903
Product(s): Wide variety of high quality gourmet chocolates (60 varieties): Chocolates available as boxed chocolates, chocolate candy bars, almond bark, deluxe mixed nuts, english toffee, peanut clusters, molasses sponge candy, nut brittles, pretzel rods, wrapped cream caramels, truffles, and sugar free chocolates. Fudges.

Alsip, IL 60803-6008
Phone: 708/388-6250
Toll Free: 800/837-0100
Fax: 708/388-7175
Product(s): Anton-Argires is a 60 year old family owned business that processes and/or packages many types of nuts both in shell and shelled. The company sells its products in bulk and packages its products under its own Argires brand. The company has built its reputation for quality by processing/packaging to order so that all products shipped are fresh.

It's business focus lies in four major areas: wholesale distribution of its products in the Midwest; export of its products primarily into the Caribbean and Latin America; private label packaging of its products available for retailers of all sizes (4) retail internet sales. Major product lines include in shell peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, filberts, pecans, walnuts), pistachios, shelled nuts of all types (raw & oil roasted), dried fruit, chocolates, and popcorn as well.

Illinois Products Logo MemberAPPLEBARN
2290 E. Walnut
Chatham, IL 62629-8633
Phone: 217/483-6236
Phone: 217/691-6236
Fax: 217/483-7726
Product(s): Roadside Market & Bakery: Breads, cider, jams, jellies, honey, molasses, pasta, popcorn, muffins, and pies. Fresh fruits: apples, berries, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelons. Fresh vegetables: asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers & gherkins, cauliflower, eggplants, garlic, peppers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, turnips, gourds, and squash. Greenhouse: You name it, we have it-flowers, trees, shrubs, and mums in the Fall. Christmas trees.

Apple's Bakery, Inc.
8412 N. Knoxville Ave.
Peoria, IL 61615-2032
Phone: 309/693-3522
Fax: 309/693-3555
Product(s): Apple's Gluten Free Kitchen is a facilitator of conversation with gluten free smiles made from scratch featuring the best taste in gluten free cookies, breads, and cakes. Available online or wholesale to specialty and grocery stores. Cookie flavors include: chocolate chip, coconut meltaway, lemon sugar, chocolate cherry fudge, and old fashioned molasses. Two breads available: olive oil loaf or seeded sandwich-terrific white cake with rich buttercream icing. Yes! all gluten free. Baked in a state inspected dedicated production area just for you!

439 S. Des Plaines Avenue
Forest Park, IL 60130-1763
Phone: 708/488-0800
Fax: 708/488-0894
Product(s): Silverland brand specialty brownies (various flavors), desset bars (various flavors), brownies (also fat free, sugar free, and low fat varieties), cookies, crispy rice treats and nutritional bars.

1143 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60607-1618
Phone: 312/829-2250
Fax: 312/829-2098
Product(s): Leon's, Sausages By Amylu, Slotkowski, A.K. Gourmet, and Slotkowski Naturals brand gourmet and specialty chicken sausages (several flavors); all natural sausage products; authentic cajun-style andouille sausage; polska kielbasa, kiszka, garlic sausage, polish sausage, bratwurst, meatballs (chicken) and burgers (chicken).

Illinois Products Logo MemberAUNT EM'S GOURMET POPCORN
405 E. First Ave.
Deer Creek, IL 61733-9539
Phone: 309/447-6612
Fax: 309/447-6613
Product(s): Aunt Em's brand Gourmet Popcorn: kettle corn, cheddar ranch cheesecorn, and American style cheesecorn. All available in two sizes.

3041 N Reed Station Rd
DeSoto, IL 62924-3415
Phone: 618/549-7026
Product(s): Aunt Jenny's Fudge makes approximately 60 flavors at different times of the year, available in many sizes. Company has decorative boxes for the holidays and all occasions.

Illinois Products Logo MemberAUNTIE RUTH'S GOURMET INC.
4642 S. Ellis St.
Chicago, IL 60653-3625
Phone: 773/924-9070
Fax: 773/924-9106
Product(s): All natural jellies, james and marmalades.

Illinois Products Logo MemberAVANTI FOODS CO.
109 Depot St., P.O. Box 457
Walnut, IL 61376-0457
Phone: 815/379-2155
Toll Free: 800/243-3739
Fax: 815/379-9357
Product(s): Gino's brand frozen pizza and Walnut brand cheese (cheese spread, colby longhorn, muenster, caraway, cheddars, mild brick, calico, mozzarella, provolone, american, and cheese gift boxes).

Illinois Products Logo MemberAVATAR TEAS
1312 Ballyshannon Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309/531-6091
Phone: 309/825-7636
Toll Free: 866/522-4870
Fax: 309/807-5056
Product(s): All grades of tea (both loose and 8 oz packs). Avatar Teas in Premium Black Tea (4 oz), Herbal Healing (4 oz), Premium Green Tea (4 oz) and Ginger Tea (4 oz).

Illinois Products Logo MemberB'S COUNTRY SPECIALS
976 175th Street
Abingdon, IL 61410-9203
Phone: 309/368-7176
Phone: 309/368-7176
Product(s): Farm Grown Snacks brand edible soybean snacks (10 flavors), edible corn parched ( 10 flavors), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and a variety of mixes made from above items.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBAXTERS VINEYARD
2010 E. Parley Street
Nauvoo, IL 62354-1324
Phone: 217/453-2528
Fax: 217/453-6600
Product(s): Baxter's Old Nauvoo brand wine (Concord, White Sweet, Pink Catawba, Lusty White, Brenda's Blush, Icarian Red, Nauvoo Red, and River Bend Red Wine). Pick-Your-Own, Retail (Seasonal) and Wholesale: fresh apples, grapes, and cider.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBEER NUTS, INC.
103 N. Robinson Street
Bloomington, IL 61701-5424
Phone: 309/827-8580
Toll Free: 800/233-7688
Fax: 309/827-0914
Product(s): Beer Nuts-sweet and salty peanuts, cashews, almonds, and Kettle Cooked nuts.

1910 N. Prairieton Rd.
Claremont, IL 62421-2813
Phone: 618/456-2335
Product(s): White, Red and Fruit Wines.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBLACK JEWELL POPCORN, INC.
11036 Popcorn Lane
St. Francisville, IL 62460-0059
Phone: 618/948-2302
Phone: 618/948-2303
Fax: 618/948-2505
Product(s): Black Jewell Popcorn in 2 lb. and 50 lb. bags, including microwave natural, microwave butter,and kettle corn-country jars, hexagon bottles, and square plastic jars; Crimson Jewell Popcorn (red) in 50 lb. bags, country jars, hexagon bottles, and square plastic jars.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBLACKWING QUALITY MEATS, INC.
17618 W. Edwards
Antioch, IL 60002-7206
Phone: 847/838-4888
Toll Free: 800/326-7874
Fax: 847/838-4899
Product(s): Blackwing - Solomon Kosher - Blackwing Organic. Fresh and frozen bison and ostrich meat, fresh and frozen organic beef, frozen organic chicken and free range chicken, fresh and frozen elk - venison meat, solomon kosher bison, duck, pheasant, turkey, amb, jerky, pet food, guinea hen, and quail.

600 W. Kinzie Street
Chicago, IL 60610-3912
Phone: 312/492-1309
Toll Free: 800/621-1606
Fax: 312/226-4141
Product(s): Chocolate and cocoa products: cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Distributor of food and beverage equipment.

3150 S.Rocky Comfort Rd.
Makanda, IL 62958-4062
Phone: 618/995-9463
Fax: 618/995-9763
Product(s): Blue Sky Vineyard brand (wines): Chardonnay, Vignoles, Viognier, Villard Blanc, Chambourcin Reserve, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc, Norton, Rose, Papa's Rosa, Seyval, Tramineete, Misterioso, Rocky Comfort White, Rocky Comfort Red, Chambourcin Blush, Riesling, Niagara, Concord, Norton Port, Cream Sherry.

Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.
3548 N. Kostner
Chicago, IL 60641-3807
Phone: 773/282-2900
Phone: 773/202-4475
Fax: 479/757-7513
Product(s): Bruss Company brand products including beef (fresh, frozen, portion control), and pork (fresh, frozen). Golden Trophy mail order catalog featuring the items listed above.

1489 County Rd 725 E
Sullivan, IL 61951-9803
Phone: 217/728-7993
Product(s): Buxton's Garden Farm
"The Pumpkin People"
Nearly 13 years ago we started by growing 1 acre of sweet corn and selling it from our truck. Today we have grown to 10,000 square feed of greenhouse plus annually 80 acres of produce.
Produce watermelon, cantelope, tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, onions, summer squash, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes, strawberries, peaches, and zucchini.
Grow flowers; greenhouses, annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, and herbs.
Produce jams; apple butter, butter nut butter, crush butter, pumpkin butter, and gray triplet butter.
5 acre corn maze and weekend hayrides

The seasonal sales start in march with flowers and plants and ends in november after Thanksgiving. Thru out the year we harvest fruits, vegetables and of course pumplins, lots of pumpkins.

Buxton's Garden Farm currently has 2 types of product that is grown and processed from either crops from our farm or frm other farms in Illinois. The first product line is called: "Buxton's Butters" offered in 16 flavors from apple to pumpkin. The newest addition in products is called: Buxton's Pumplin. For those who want to make homemade pumpkin pie, we now have canned pumpkin. Buxton's Pumpkin is offered in 5 different sizes from a single pie requirements to 10 pie requirements. To find us we are located in the suburbs of Dunn, Illinois on IL Hwy 121 or 3 miles west of Sullivan or 3 miles east of Bethany on IL Hwy 121.

And finally as we say "Thanks for Stopping" - Ma & Pa Buxton and all the kids (Megan, Blake, Lenny, Emily and Abbey)

151 Hastings Lane
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6554
Phone: 847/229-1011 Ext.229
Phone: 847/296-0828
Fax: 847/229-1211
Product(s): Candy Tech is an importer and distributor of gummies, novelty gummies, chocolates, chocolate bars, chocolate coins, chocolate novelties, fruit slices, licorice and sugar free gummies and hard candy. We import candy from around the world. Brands: Mentos Magic Mints, European Supreme, Gummi Lunch Box, Gummi Ghouls, Gummi Goodies, Gummi Bunny Days, and Nestle gummies.

Garrett Popcorn Holding Company
401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60611-4227
Phone: 312/943-4200
Phone: 312/494-2046
Product(s): At Garrett Popcorn Shops(R), we've maintained our dedication to fresh, delicious popcorn since we first opened at 10 West Madison Street in Chicago. We continue to use only the highest quality ingredients from local producers as we handcraft our gourmet popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles. We strive to deliver the same popcorn today that customers first talked about in 1949.

What makes Garrett Popcorn so special?
We hot air pop our signature blend of kernels, which we then mix into our secret family recipes. Every batch is handmade throughout the day and the result is an irresistible snacking sensation, which has generated lines of historic proportions outside of our retail shops for decades.

Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers' cravings for great popcorn. When local fans asked for a mixture of sweet and salty, we created the Garrett Mix(R): a blend of our famous CaramelCrisp(R) and CheeseCorn recipes. It remains our most popular flavor and a consistent favorite throughout our entire fan base. Our year round menu also includes Plain, Buttery, Cashew CaramelCrisp(R) Almond CaramelCrisp(R), Pecan CaramelCrisp(R) and Macadamia CaramelCrisp(R). Keep an eye out for our seasonal flavors from time to time as well. You never know what will pop up!

Our great taste has gone global, but hometown values guide us. Although our Popcorn has traveled to New York, Dubai and Singapore, our many Chicago locations keep us firmly grounded at home. When you visit, you can find us in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile, next to popular threater and tourist attractions, or as you catch a plane at O'Hare International Airport.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCARL BUDDIG & COMPANY
950 W. 175th Street
Homewood, IL 60430-2927
Phone: 708/798-0900
Toll Free: 800/621-0868
Fax: 708/798-3178
Product(s): Carl Buddig luncheon meats (beef, ham, turkey, chicken, turkey ham, pastrami, and corned beef). Old Wisconsin sausage items (brats, Polish sausage, summer sausage, and beef sticks).

4821 Baseline Rd.
Quincy, IL 62305-0559
Phone: 217/430-3987
Product(s): Homegrown fresh kernel popcorn.

816 West Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614-4308
Phone: 773/248-6228
Fax: 773/248-6088
Product(s): From Charlie Trotters' world-renowned restaurant comes an exciting line of all-natural and organic products. Organic Apricot-Curry Sauce, Organic Ginger-Soy-Hijiki Sauce, Organic Thai Barbecue Sauce, Organic Spicy Roasted Peanut Sauce and Organic Kalamata Olive-Caper Vinaigrette. New: Organic Mustard Steak Sauce, Organic Orange-Chipotle Marinade, Organic Tomato-Herb Finishing Sauce, Organic Yuzu-Miso Vinaigrette. Dessert toppings: Bartlett Pear-Caramel Sauce, Bittersweet Chocolate-Kona Coffee Sauce, Cinnamon Butterscotch Sauce. Seafood and caviar: Citrus Cured Smoked Salmon (kosher), Darjeeling Tea & Ginger Cured Smoked Salmon (kosher), American Sturgeon Caviar, American Salmon Roe. Duck: Curry & Fennel Duck Leg Confit, Orange & Ginger Duck Leg Confit. Coffee: Trotter's Blend coffee, Decaf Blend and Espresso.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCHOCOLATE FACTORY
990 State Hwy 146 W
Golconda, IL 62938-4211
Phone: 618/949-3829
Toll Free: 877/949-3829
Fax: 618/949-3822
Product(s): The Chocolate Factory features more than 50 varieties of specialty and traditional Gourmet Chocolate Candies and Fudge. Pick your own assortment or choose from our assorted boxes. Available in 6-piece, 1/2 #, 1#, 3#, or 5# boxes or choose a tray to take to a party. Our novelty line features 100's of molded shapes and custom designs handcrafted by our chocolate artisits. New items are personalized chocolates. The Chocolate Factory will mold chocolate that will feature your own logo or personal message. Special occasion chocolate mints are available to order for bridal, baby, anniversary, birthday, etc. Our homeade fudge is delicious and makes great gifts. The Chocolate Factory also has hand-dipped Ice Cream.

117 E. Main St.
Rochester, IL 62563-9507
Phone: 217/498-1261
Product(s): Hancrafted Cocoa Blue Chocolates: Truffles, clusters and bark, moulded chocolates, caramels, turtles, bars, custom gifts and holiday creations.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCOLLVER FAMILY WINERY
Atac Inc.
Barry, IL 62312-9749
Phone: 217/335-3279
Fax: 217/335-3379
Product(s): Collver Family Winery specializes in French-American hybrid grapes including (but not limited to) Chardonel, Vignoles, Vidal Blanc, Traminette, Chancellor, Cayuga White, and Chambourcin. Other wines include: Pike County White, Traminette, White Hen, Octoberfest, Riesling, Pike County Blush, Ramaja, Merlot, Red Rooster, Concord, Peach, Cherry, Pumpkin, Blueberry Razz, and Raspberry Razz.

P.O. Box 578127
Chicago, IL 60657-8127
Phone: 773/710-9666
Phone: 773/251-8920
Product(s): Sweet Margy Confections - Entirely Hand Made Milk and Dark Chocolate Bark'nToffee and Hand Dipped Milk and Dark Chocolate Toffee - Gluten Free; No Preservatives; Produced in small batches for that AMAZING "Melt in Your Mouth" Texture and Balance of Taste
Gift Items: 6 oz bags, 8 oz and 16 oz Gift Boxes - tied with a beautiful, brightly colored ribbon
Shipped directly from our factory to you and/or your list of recipients.

1201 E. Walnut
Oglesby, IL 61348-1344
Phone: 815/883-3331
Fax: 815/883-3332
Product(s): Estee brand cookies (13 varieties), Niki's cookies, Market Square cookies, Old Coloney cookies, Idella's cookies, Waffers, and Good Humor.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCOUNTRY BOB'S SAUCES & SEASONINGS
211 South Lincoln Blvd.
Centralia, IL 62801-9111
Phone: 618/533-2375
Toll Free: 800/373-2140
Fax: 618/533-7828
Product(s): Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce: regular and spicy hot. Country Bob's Barbeque Sauce. Country Bob's Season Salt.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCOUNTRY LIGHTS SOY CANDLES, LTD.
1997 N. 43rd Road
Leland, IL 60531-9761
Phone: 815/495-3500
Fax: 866/610-9607
Product(s): Country Lights Soy Candles Ltd. produces soy candles in over 100 fragrances and helps to coordinate corporate gifts and fundraisers within the United States. These candles are high-quality 9-ounce candles lasting over 50 hours with much less soot than traditional candles. The gift and fundraising packages are tailored to the specific needs of the organization and have proven to be very successful.

2310 S. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60623-3044
Phone: 773/277-3095
Phone: 773/277-3097
Toll Free: 866/653-2479
Fax: 773/277-7749
Product(s): Bacon, deli meats, frankfurters, luncheon meats, and sausage.

825-827 Vines Road
Cobden, IL 62920-3617
Phone: 618/893-1443
Phone: 618/697-4079
Product(s): Rancho Bella Vista is a family farm located in southern Illinois. They grow 21 varieties of specialty hot peppers, process three varieties of salsa (Poquito Caliente-Mild), (Chipotle Salsa-Medium), and Toro Bravo Salsa Caliente-Hot). Company makes six varieties of pepper jellies and jams, have a variety of fresh and dried whole peppers, and a growing selection of pepper slices, seasonings and rubs. They also have introduced the Chile Bravo-PeppersTo-Go brand. Fresh peppers are in season during July-August-September and available at the On Farm Store and at Farmers Markets across Illinois. All products are available on their web site ( and are marketed under the name Darn Hot Peppers. On Labor Day weekend a Pepper Festival which is becoming a favorite gathering event for spicy food lovers is held on the farm property. They take pride in natural farming and no harmful pesticides are ever used in growing or handling their peppers. You can be sure your order will always be fresh.

Illinois Products Logo MemberDEL'S POPCORN SHOP, INC.
213 S. 6th Street
Springfield, IL 62701-1502
Phone: 217/544-0037
Fax: 217/544-0370
Product(s): Kettle Korn, Caramel Corn (4oz, 8oz, 1lb), Cheese Corn (3oz, 7oz), Popcorn Balls (2oz), Del's Deluxe Popcorn (8oz), Caramel Corn with Peanuts (8oz), Candy Popcorn (4oz, 8oz, 1lb), Seasoned Popcorn (Sm, Med, Lg, X-Lg, Office Size), Fudge (Choc, ChocPecan, Choc Black Walnut, Vanilla Pecan, Peanut Butter and Maple Nut), Peanut Brittle (8oz, 1lb), Pecan Brittle (8oz, 1lb), Cashew Brittle (8oz, 1lb), Caramel Apples (Single Dipped, Double Dipped, Triple Dipped - with peanuts, cashews and pecans). Also gift baskets featuring Illinois products.

Illinois Products Logo MemberDIANA'S SPECIALTY FOODS, INC.
601 Sidwell Court, Unit F
St. Charles, IL 60174-3415
Phone: 630/584-5748
Product(s): "Hilltop Farm" brand herbal vinegars, light & flavorful oils (grapeseed, raspberry vinegar, walnut oil, balsamic fig vinegar, truffle oil, basil oil, and garlic oil), extra virgin olive oils, salsas, barbecue sauce, gourmet ketchups, mayonnaise, mustards, herb garlic mayonnaise, lemon dill mayonnaise, raspberry pepper champagne jam, pepper champagne jelly, roasted pepper, garlic basil parmesan and kalamata olive romano bread spread. Also, gift baskets featuring Illinois products.

3329 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657-1107
Phone: 773/281-7300
Toll Free: 800/822-8817
Fax: 773/281-6169
Product(s): Dinkel's, bakers of European style cakes and pastries, including Sip'n Whiskey cake, Famous stollen, chocolate chip butter cookies, strudels, specialty cakes and cookies.

Illinois Products Logo MemberDIVA CONFECTIONS
Skokie, IL 60077-2903
Phone: 773/467-0313
Product(s): Diva Chocolates & Confections Inc. creates, produces and sells artisan, handmade confections under its own label. Product categories include an extensive assortment of candies; white, milk, and dark chocolates; chocolate covered nuts, coffee beans and fruits; and jams and jellies. Most products are available year-round, while some products are available only on a seasonal or limited-edition basis. Custom flavor and product requests are welcome. Product package size and type varies on the basis of sales outlet (retail, wholesale, internet, custom order etc.) and customer requirements.

The company sells direct to retail customers through the internet, catered events, seasonal markets and selected business partners. It also welcomes wholesale, institutional, corporate and government acounts.

In addition to its confections, Diva Chocolates & Confections Inc. offers custom birthday and wedding cakes; traditional desserts and pastries; catered party trays and dessert tables; and private in-home instruction.

140 S. State Street
Hampshire, IL 60140-0238
Phone: 847/683-2271
Fax: 847/683-2272
Product(s): Meat processor of beef, pork, lamb, and buffalo. We make over 30 types of sausage, have a retail store, and use whole hickory and/or apple logs in our smoke house.

Illinois Products Logo MemberE. FORMELLA & SONS
411 East Plainfield Road
Countryside, IL 60525-6909
Phone: 708/598-0909
Toll Free: 877/598-0909
Fax: 708/598-4097
Product(s): Italian condiments including giardiniera, olive salad, eggplant salad, muffuletta salad, garlics, and a line of hand-stuffed olives in 18 different varieties. Both lines are available in retail and food service.

951 S. Green Mount Road
Belleville, IL 62220-4814
Phone: 618/233-0513
Phone: 800/745-0513
Fax: 618/235-8769
Product(s): Pick Your Own, Roadside Market, and Wholesale: fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, pumpkins, apple cider, apple juice, bread products, gift and fruit baskets, bakery and restaurant.
Ag Tourism: festivals and children's rides (Fall)

Illinois Products Logo MemberELI'S CHEESECAKE COMPANY (THE)
6701 W. Forest Preserve Drive
Chicago, IL 60634-1470
Phone: 800/999-8300
Fax: 773/736-1169
Product(s): Eli's Cheesecake Company cheesecakes, cakes, tira mi su, tarts, and dessert bars.

201 West Galena Street, Route 30
Big Rock, IL 60511
Phone: 630/556-9665
Product(s): Esther's Place is a place where you are warmly welcomed to learn, laugh, linger, and be inspired. Set in a restored 1890 Victorian Home in Big Rock, a rural Kane County agricultural town just west of Chicago, you have the opportunity to discover the exclusive fiber products produced by members of the Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Cooperative. You will find a large selection of custom dyed yarns, rovings, handspun yarns, and supplies for creating wet and dry felted projects. Birthday parties, wedding, baby showers, Victorian teas, gourmet luncheons and overnight retreats are also available. Classes in spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, wet and dry felting; private and custom classes available.

T.C. Bauer Co.
3333 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618-5851
Phone: 773/583-4850
Fax: 773/583-4852
Product(s): E Sutras is a brand name that guarantees pure, organic botanicals and herbs, authentic high quality beauty, health and wellness products based on traditional herbal modalities. All products are hand made in small batches in the USA. No animal testing, no chemicals, no synthetic flavors, scents or colors. We ensure all botanicals are produced ethically, fair-traded, organic yet affordable in simple packaging. We are active members of OTA, ANA, NCAP and many NGO communities worldwide. Available in retail, wholesale and bulk. Private labeling and custom blending is available. E Sutras products are currently exported to France, Germany, Taiwan, Slovenia and the U.K. Our parent company TC Bauer Company is a woman owned and family run business facility located in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg in Illinois.

Illinois Products Logo MemberEWE POO COMPOST CO.
2212 Vawter St.
Urbana, IL 61801-6944
Phone: 217/390-0214
Phone: 217/260-2341
Fax: 217/344-4630
Product(s): Ewe Poo Compost Co., 20# bag of fertilizer from locally grown grass fed sheep. Ewe Poo Wool Dryer Balls, 100% wool, sold in various colors, usually sold in sets of 3.

1800 Riverway Drive
Pekin, IL 61554-1047
Phone: 309/347-1221
Fax: 309/347-9086
Product(s): Spices, Seasoning, Marinades for meat processing. Steak sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchups, and gift packs. HACCP Design & Consulting.

3230 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647-6514
Phone: 301/979-9751
Product(s): At Scrumptious Pantry, we preserve the forgotten flavors of rare heirloom fruits and vegetables for consumers to rediscover. We do this by forming relationships with farms that grow natural American fruit and vegetable varieties. Our products are all natural and unmodified. We do not use GMO's in our products. Our products also offer transparency for our customers as they are aware of where their product comes from just by looking at the label. Our overall goal is to provide customers with natural, home cooked, unmodified flavors that they can trust.

2608 Flagstone Circle
Naperville, IL 60564-9479
Phone: 630/904-0002
Product(s): Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Pasta

Moline, IL 61266-0222
Phone: 563/359-1505
Phone: 563/505-4404
Product(s): Joy's handmade English Toffee, Irish Toffee, Sweet 'N Salty Toffee; Joy's handmade Irish candy: "On the Way to Galway Bay", "Leprechaun Lemon", "Raspberry O'Reilly"; Hot drinks: Gourmet Hot Buttered Rum, Pine Mt. Simmering Spices; Irish Tea Cakes baked in a jar!; Mrs. Flaherty's handmade fudges: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Sugar-Free.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFLESOR'S CANDY KITCHEN
101 W. Sale Street
Tuscola, IL 61953-1443
Phone: 217/253-3753
Fax: 217/253-4655
Product(s): Headquartered in Tuscola, Illinois, Flesor's Candy Kitchen is a sister-owned company specializing in hand-made, hand-dipped specialty chocolates and other confections. Flesor's also has homemade, hand-dipped ice cream, a soda fountain, and are open for lunch daily until 3:00. Normal business hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00 to 6:00, and Sunday 11:30 to 5:00. We make approximately 50 different pieces of candy for retail and wholesale markets, packaged in a variety of attractive ways - boxed or bagged. Our Swiss chocolate and natural ingredients please individual connoisseurs. Our competitive prices, customer service, and specialty services are attractive to corporate gift-givers, event planners, and fundraisers. Wholesale pricing and large order discounts are available. Candy making demonstrations are available by reservation. Tour planners are welcome to contact us for their group outings.

18165 N. 4th Ave.
Coffeen, IL 62017-2402
Phone: 217/534-6347
Phone: 217/246-5404
Product(s): Forsee Vineyards, Inc. is an Illinois-based winery and vineyard. We produce our own fruit as well as purchase grapes or juice from other Illinois producers. Wine tasting is available and encouraged. Sales are by the glass, bottle or cases. Accompaniments include cheese, crackers & sausage baskets / warm french bread / locally made chocolate / and specialties offered as events, such as a "steak fry". We have red angus steaks produced from our farm, fresh and tender.

We are an example of sustainable agriculture, networking with U of I Extension, local schools and organiaations, as well as local businesses to encourage consumers to accept weekend packages that will benefit not ony our business but the local area as well.

Hours: Thursday-Sunday from noon-until 10 p.m. year round or by appointment.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFORTELLA COMPANY, INC.
216 W. 26th Street
Chicago, IL 60616-2204
Phone: 312/567-9000
Product(s): Fortella brand of fortune cookies and almond cookies.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFRANK FARMS, INC.
16717 State Highway 29
Athens, IL 62613-9308
Phone: 217/636-8112
Phone: 217/636-8590
Fax: 217/636-7125
Product(s): Pick your own roadside market; fresh asparagus. Choose and cut fir and pine trees. Hand crafted wreaths and roping. Mail order wreaths and fir trees. Whole Hog sausage during the Christmas tree season.

449 N. Clark Street, Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60654-4500
Phone: 312/595-1624 Ext.191
Toll Free: 800/559-4441
Fax: 312/595-1625
Product(s): Frontera Foods markets an extensive line of gourmet salsa, dips, tortilla chips and frozen pizzas. In addition, the company has a pantry line which includes BBQ sauces, hot sauces, cooking sauces, soups, and chili mix. All of the products are sold under the Frontera brand.

The company also has a line of salsas unser the Salpica brand and soups and frozen pizzas under a brand called red pork.

Frontera has co-packing relations in Illinois, Texas, and California to produce their product offering.

895 Northpoint Blvd.
Waukegan, IL 60085-8277
Phone: 847/688-1200
Toll Free: 800/253-0550
Fax: 847/688-1206
Product(s): Three lines of gourmet soup mixes which includes 33 varieties with 3 brand new "whole grain" soups: 1. Hearty Originals, 2. Homemade In Minutes, 3. Whole Grain. Our soup mixes contain no salt, MSG, preservatives, or trans fat.

5257 Old Route 66
Funks Grove, IL 61772-9601
Phone: 309/874-3360
Fax: 309/874-2302
Product(s): Funks Grove pure maple sirup, maple candy, and maple cream.

120 E. Clark Street
Freeport, IL 61032-3328
Phone: 815/235-6151
Toll Free: 800/435-5104
Fax: 815/232-9845
Product(s): Swine, dairy, beef, sheep, horse, premix and mineral products; silage additives; other animal products; brewers grain; by-product commodities and manufactured animal supplements. Terrapin Ridge brand mustard; McNess brand spices and seasonings, flavors, extracts and drink mixes.

P.O. Box 4934
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4934
Phone: 847/634-6976
Toll Free: 877/772-2155
Fax: 847/634-0976
Product(s): Futters Nut Butters is a family owned business that produces all natural and certified organic nut butters. Futters Nut Butters products include almond butter, cashew butter, pistachio butter, hazelnut butter, pumpkin butter, sunflower butter, brazil butter , macadamia butters, walnut butter, pecan butter, and chocolate nut butters. Most varieties of nuts made into nut butters without anything but the whole farm fresh nut. Others are designer varieties such as chocolate almond espresso, chocolate walnut and cinnful pecan. All natural and organic. Use as spreads, ingredients or eat off the spoon. No peanuts, not soy.

515 S. Main Street
Galena, IL 61036-0207
Phone: 815/777-3330 Ext.204
Toll Free: 800/397-9463
Fax: 815/777-3335
Product(s): Galena Cellars Vineyard & Winery and Lawlor Family Wineries' grape and other fruit wines.

311 South Main Street
Galena, IL 61036-2228
Phone: 815/777-9625
Product(s): Gourmet Chef blends, rubs and seasonings. Artision sea salts. World fresh olive oils. Aged balsamics.

411 Stone Drive
St. Charles, IL 60174-3301
Phone: 630/762-8880
Fax: 630/762-8881
Product(s): Hot sauces: Endorphin Rush hot sauce, Pyromania hot sauce, Brutal Cajun hot sauce, Cafe Louisiane Hotter n' Hell hot sauce, Mango hot sauce, Tongues of Fire hot sauce, Cayenne sauces, and BBQ sauce. El Primo Giardiniera and spices.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGENKOTA WINERY, LTD.
301 N. 44th Street
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864-8943
Phone: 618/246-9463
Fax: 618/246-9465
Product(s): GenKota Winery brands; Chambourcin dry red/ oak aged, Canoe semi-sweet red, Vignoles semi-dry white, Chardonnay dry white, Three Dog White semi-sweet white, Casey Creek blush, Catawba sweet, Thunder Chicken Apple, Chardonel dry white, Vidal Blanc dry white, Merlot dry red, Cabernet Sauvignon dry red, and Chambourlin Port Dessert. Gift Baskets featuring Illinois Products.

P.O. Box 3541
Oakbrook, IL 60522-3541
Phone: 708/246-5261
Product(s): Northern Italian products. Gourmet sauces including cacciatore, bolognese, marsala, and sauces that contain wine. All items are good over chicken. Also, lasagne, tiramisu, biscotti, and cream puffs.

Gindo's Spice Of Life, LLC
143 Randall Rd., #119
Batavia, IL 60510-9209
Phone: 310/266-9394
Toll Free: 855/444-6367
Product(s): Gindo's makes a line of hand crafted, artisanal, award winning hot sauces with a commitment to using the highest quality and locally grown whenever possible, fresh peppers. We have 3 year round sauces and a new small batch limited release sauce every week, totaling over 150 flavors.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGRAFTON FUDGE & ICE CREAM
321 E. Main Street
Grafton, IL 62037-2471
Phone: 618/786-3700
Product(s): Fudge; Eddy's ice cream.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGRAND RIVER SPIRITS
428 Wood Road
Carbondale, IL 62901-5403
Phone: 618/503-9050
Phone: 618/534-0614
Product(s): Grand River Spirits is a craft distillery making whiskey under two brand names: Red Eye Corn Whiskey and Grand River Whiskey. Local and natural ingredients from our "backyard" are the heart of our handcrafted spirits. All of our corn is from Illinois and is not genetically modified. Our bottles are packed with Illinois-raised fruit and grain with every opportunity. Our local producers are a vital link in our making of our award-winning spirits.

Red Eye Corn Whiskey is designed to be fun and friendly as flavor-forward spirits, and are excellent introductory whiskeys. Again, the bounty of Southern Illinois and Midwestern fruit is packed into each bottle. Our flavors include:

Red Eye Corn Whiskey is designed to be fun and friendly as flavor-forward spirits and are excellent introductory whiskeys. Again, the bounty of Southern Illinois and Midwestern fruit is packed into each bottle. Our flavors include:
Red Eye Pie-Sassy apple pie
Red Eye Lemonade-Quenching tart and sweet
Red Eye Cherry-Surprisingly fruity
Red Eye Hot-Spicy cinnamon
Red Eye Original-Super smooth unaged corn whiskey

Grand River whiskey is our house brand for our barrel aged whiskey. All of our barrels are charred, white oak barrels. Our straight bourbon (minimum of 2 years old) will be released in 2016. We currently offer exceptional young whiskey.
Our Grand River brand includes:
Grand River Baby Whiskey-With barley and corn, this whiskey is 8 months old and aged in a 30 gallon barrel. This is perfect for making cocktails, especially Manhattans and Old Fashioned.
Grand River Baby Bourbon-This is a rare 100% corn grain bill that's garnered acclaim on its own and anticipation for our new products. This bourbon is aged 5 months in a 15 gallon barrel. It's caramel and butterscotch notes are followed with a slight cedar kiss and surprising smoothness.

Hogan Walker LLC
110 S. 2nd St.
Watseka, IL 60970-1509
Phone: 815/432-6319
Toll Free: 888/432-6319
Fax: 815/432-6424
Product(s): At we offer the largest selection of Officially Licensed John Deere merchandise found anywhere. Kids of all ages have enjoyed shopping our site since its inception in May of 2000, with John Deere collectibles for every age and taste. Our specialty may be John Deere clothing, John Deere hats, and John Deere toys by Ertl, but we have thousands of other quality John Deere licensed products in stock and ready to ship. Our diverse product offerings range from items as small as John Deere decals and stickers, up to quality John Deere Handheld Products like trimmers and chain saws, with most everything in between.

31 Emerson Drive
Decatur, IL 62526-1970
Phone: 217/433-8470
Product(s): H-Z Theatres LLC is a privately held company based in Illinois. We produce and sell Custom Gourmet Popcorn Tins and several branded items to companies for gifts, wholesale them to specialty stores and retail them direct to consumers:

*Custom Logo Tins for Promotional Products, Corporate and Customer Gifts - We can put your Company / Team / Group logo on the lid of any of our Limited Edition or Special Order Lithographed Tin Designs. With many unique designs to choose from and sizes ranging from 10 Gallon to 6'' #Cookie-size# Round Tins, you are sure to find the perfect promotional product to brand your company -- with your marketing message right on it. Imagine Your Logo or Artwork Atop Our Many Tin Designs filled with delicious Heart Theatre Gourmet TM Flavored or YummyCorn TM Caramel Popcorn.

*Full-Color Custom Tin Creations TM - ONE-OF-A-KIND tins custom styled with an image of a company building, team, loved one, family, house, car, landmark, etc. or ANYTHING are available. You can even have your own or a child's artwork made into a tin of Heart Theatre Gourmet TM Flavored or YummyCorn TM Caramel Popcorn.

*Hometown Heirloom Treasures TM Tins Featuring Illinois Landmarks Including: The Transfer House in Central Park, Decatur, IL; A Big Blue Tin with the Campus of Millikin University, Decatur, IL; Central Park Fountain, Decatur, IL; The Avon Theatre, Decatur, IL; An Abraham Lincoln Historical Tin, The Heart Theatre, Effingham, IL; The Fountain on the Square, Highland, IL; The Circle Fountain, Belleville, IL and the Gateway Arch and Riverfront, St. Louis, MO.

*Pet Pics TM Tins - Tins with your favorite pictures of you pet. One on the front and a different one can be put on the back. They are filled with homemade pet treats,
*The Man Can TM - A 'plain good and manly' tin with 5 Quarts of Yummy Corn TM Caramel in our black-&-white-labeled tin can. It#s Staunchly Manly and Rightly Good. For the guy who has everything (except maybe over a gallon of Caramel Corn.) 5 Quarts of Yummy Corn TM goes a long way toward easing his hunger (and getting things crossed off the Honey-Do-List.) 5 Quarts of Yummy Corn TM in THE MAN CAN! 5 Quarts of oil in that Sports Car Engine-Coincidence? We think not (besides Caramel Corn tastes much better than motor oil. Easy-Carry-Handle can be removed for those men looking for a challenge (No one can call it a pail, if it doesn#t have a handle, right?)

*Bulk Popcorn - Heart Theatre Gourmet TM Flavored or YummyCorn TM Caramel Popcorn in bulk (without a tin purchase) for you as a consumer or to retail, or package.

*Empty Tins in Bulk - All of our tins are available filled with our own delicious Heart Theatre Gourmet TM flavors or YummyCorn TM Caramel popcorn or in bulk as empty tins for you to package your own products in our tins, even with your logo on them.

*Packaging - Tin are available in many sizes and shapes. Our Steel and Other Packaging is perfect for your products.

*Fundraising - Our tins make great fundraising items with or without a custom logo on the lid. These tins come filled with our delicious gourmet Heart Theatre Gourmet TM flavors or YummyCorn TM Caramel popcorn. All your organization has to do is decide which designs and flavors you#d like to carry. After you take your orders, we ship the tins to your location, and your organization delivers them. Your organization can make several dollars per tin. Our tins are also available in bulk as empty tins for fundraising, with or without a custom logo on the lid. You can purchase bags, dividers, boxes#all the supplies to fill the tins on your own. This even includes bulk caramel corn and popcorn flavoring such as Gold Medal Corn Treats Savory shake-on flavors. If your organization is hands-on and would like to maximize its fundraising income, this option is perfect for you.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHANNAH'S GRANNA'S
720 "E" Street
Charleston, IL 61920-1840
Phone: 217/487-2235
Product(s): Hannah's Granna's brand zucchini relishes-8 & 16 oz. jars (sweet, zesty, and hot) and Hannah's Granna's brand cinnamon apple spread-8 & 16 oz. jars.

817 W. Florence Avenue
Peoria, IL 61604-1412
Phone: 309/360-0660
Phone: 309/360-4134
Product(s): Soy Candles, Soy lotion and Soy soap.

76 Woodberry Rd.
Deer Park, IL 60010-3641
Phone: 847/382-3230
Phone: 847/828-2017
Toll Free: 800/984-0000
Fax: 847/382-3231
Product(s): HealthWise Gourmet Coffees are exceptional coffees, low in acid, high in mineral and micro-nutrient content, without bitterness or harshness. Roasted through an all-natural process, coffees in 12 ounce cans include regular, swiss water decaffeinated, hazelnut and french vanilla.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHEARTLAND MEATS, INC.
204 E. US Hwy 52
Mendota, IL 61342-9613
Phone: 815/538-5326
Fax: 815/538-5326
Product(s): All cuts of Piedmontese frozen beef products, all natural raised on our century-old family farm without the use of added hormones. We wet-age our steaks and process our beef in our USDA inspected processing facility. Our beef is fresh-frozen and vacuum packaged.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHERBALLY YOURS
409 Forest Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480-1421
Phone: 708/839-8969
Fax: 708/839-8969
Product(s): Herbal Vinegars; Herbally Yours brands of Apple Cider Vinegar, Basil Oregano Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Cilantro Vinegar, Dill Vinegar, Flower Power Onion Garlic Vinegar, Red Wine Garlic Vinegar, Raspberry Vinegar, Thai Hot Pepper Vinegar and Tarragon Vinegar. (All 12 oz.) Grower of herbs and edible flowers used in manufacture of herbal vinegars.

P.O. Box 8415
Northfield, IL 60093-8415
Phone: 847/446-5620
Phone: 847/912-9412
Fax: 847/446-5622
Product(s): Gourmet, all natural easy to use pasta sauces, marinating sauces, barbecue sauces, grilling sauces, salsa, finishing sauces, soups/stews, salad dressings, jams, pestos, dessert toppings, spreads/toppings, and three drink mixes.

23753 Lounsberry Rd.
Oakford, IL 62673-9708
Phone: 217/635-9900
Fax: 217/635-9905
Product(s): Wine.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHODGSON MILL, INC.
1100 Stevens Ave.
Effingham, IL 62401-4218
Phone: 217/347-0105
Toll Free: 800/347-0105
Fax: 217/347-0198
Product(s): Hodgson Mill brand whole grain, stone ground flours, cornmeals, cereals, baking mixes (breads, muffins, brownies), pancake mixes, whole wheat pastas, whole flax seed and garlic & basil with milled flaxseed, organic whole wheat pastas with milled flax seed, organic flours and cornmeal, yeast, vital wheat gluten, and corn starch. Don's Chuck Wagon brand mixes (onion ring, fish & chips, mushroom batter, all purpose batter, chicken bake and fry, fish, buckwheat pancake). Kentucky Kernal brand seasoned flour (10 oz.), economy (22 oz.), and bulk (25 lb.) sizes, sweet cornbread mix, biscuit mix and Vidalia sweet onion ring mix. Also private label and co packing available.

114 W. Market
Taylorville, IL 62568-2222
Phone: 217/287-1130
Phone: 217/820-1130
Fax: 217/824-9223
Product(s): What began as a special treat for her boys' grade school teachers has become the owners passion. Caramels are the cornerstone of the business and the special recipe is used in a number of the confections. Only the best ingredients are used in the In Good Taste line of chocolates to guarantee that the highest standards are met. They are made in small batches and are dipped and wrapped by hand.

The original soft, rich, buttery vanilla caramel is slow cooked to perfection. The vanilla caramel is the base for many of our other confections and is also hand-dipped in milk and dark chocolates. The popular cinnamel is a vanilla caramel covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Caramel pretzel is the signature confection of In Good Taste. It is a crisp bavarian pretzel filled with vanilla caramel and hand dipped in silky milk chocolate.

Snappers are a true candy classic. The perfect combination of pecans and caramel, hand-dipped in fine milk chocolate.

Creme clusters are a creamy center enrobed in salted peanuts and silky milk chocolate.

Weddings, receptions, graduations, customer appreciation . . .you name it we will provide the finishing touches to every celebration. Personalized candy bars are a unique addition for your wedding reception, shower, baby announcement or business promotion. Mints can be added to compliment your special day; a vast array of shapes are available to match your colors and theme.

2023 W. Carroll, Suite 263C
Chicago, IL 60612-1961
Phone: 312/661-1550
Fax: 312/661-1523
Product(s): Certified Organic premium quality whole leaf teas packaged in a unique infuser; green tea organic beer.

7107 West Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707-2806
Phone: 773/622-1400
Fax: 773/622-6829
Product(s): Our specialties are Italian Sausage, Ground Beef, Hamburgers, and turkey patties made fresh daily in our USDA certified plant. We also specialize and produce a full line of tenderizeed steaks such as t-bone, porterhouse, ribeye, and bone-in or boneless strip steak. We also custom cut a full line of USDA Prime and Choice products to our customer requests.

Global Perspectives, Inc.
979 Clocktower Drive
Springfield, IL 62702-1303
Phone: 217/698-9727
Toll Free: 888/477-9727
Fax: 217/698-9735
Product(s): Gift baskets featuring Illinois products.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJ. R. KELLY COMPANY, INC.
703 S. Bluff Road
Collinsville, IL 62234-1339
Phone: 618/344-2910
Toll Free: 888/344-4392
Fax: 618/344-2297
Product(s): Horseradish Roots; Kelly's Pride Sampler Pack, which contains one 8 ounce jar each of prepared horseradish, horseradish sauce, cocktail sauce and horseradish mustard.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJ.D. MULLEN COMPANY
211-215 S. Main St.
Palestine, IL 62451-1266
Phone: 618/586-2727
Fax: 618/586-2718
Product(s): Mullen's French Dressing (available in 12/8 oz. and 12/16 oz. sizes-all natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives), Imitation French Dressing (available in 12/8 oz., 12/16 oz. 12/32 oz. and 4/1 gal. sizes-all natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives. Called imitation because it has about 1/2 the oil necessary to be a "regular" french dressing. Mr. Mullen's original "French Sauce".), Creamy Italian Dressing (available in 12/16 oz. and 4/1 gal), Special Salad Dressing (available in 12/16 oz. and 4/1 gal-all natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives. Good on salads, in potato salad, and deviled eggs), Bar-B-Que Sauce (available in 12/16 oz., 12/32 oz., and 4/1 gal-base for their sauce in their own Imitation French Dressing . . . no cheap fillers) and Apricot Ham Glaze (available in 12/8 oz. and 12/16 oz.-great for basting a ham when baking, on a ham steak cooked on a grill, in stir fry, over fresh pork, or even over a ham loaf or meat loaf).

Illinois Products Logo MemberJAVA & CO.
303 Market Street
Henry, IL 61537-1530
Phone: 309/361-3276
Product(s): JAVA & Co. Signature Coffee-Infused Syrups featured in five flavors: Original, Original DARK (espresso), French Vanilla, JAVA Nut (hazelnut) and TiRUMisu (dark Jamaican rum & coffee infusion). And 100% DECAF 100% Original- void of caffeine. Syrups are available in the signature flask glass bottle in both 6.8 ounce and 16 ounce sizes. Samplers and Starter Gift Crates showcase a variety of the 5 ounce glass bottles.

Biscotti (handmade, hand cut): Twice baked toasted biscotti in three flavors: vanilla spiced with white chocolate, dark chocolate orange (made with real oranges), and lemon iced biscotti (made with real lemons).

JAVA Snack Bars: A combination between a wholegrain oat bar and a rice krispy bar. Made with flax, whole grain oats and fresh roasted coffee beans. Currently offered in three flavors: Tuxedo Bean (white and dark chocolate covered espresso bean), Cappuccino Almond, and Cinnamon Hazelnut Protein with Soy.

JAVA Spice Meat and Seafood Rub: Five spices blended with freshly roasted coffee. Ideal for beef, chicken, duck, wild game, pork, lamb and seafood. Currently available in 1.5 ounce packets.

Gourmet Gift Crates: Handcrafted, custon wood gift crates showcasing our most popular JAVA & Co. combinations.

JAVA Pink! Campaign: Specialty food products designed for JAVA Pink! A portion of each JAVA Pink! purchase will be donated to breast cancer awareness and research at the end of the year.

JAVA JAX: Hearty, dry pancake mix featuring wholesome ground flax, cinnamon, and whole grain oats.

Whole Bean Coffee: Fresh roasted whole coffee beans from Chicago Coffee Roasters, re-packaged for the consumer in 1/2 pound JAVA kraft bags.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJELLY BELLY CANDY COMPANY
1501 Morrow Ave
North Chicago, IL 60064-3200
Phone: 707/428-2800
Fax: 707/399-2363
Product(s): Jelly Belly jelly beans, Jelly Belly candies, Jelly Belly Confectionery hard-panned, soft-panned, chocolated panned, jells and Mellocreme candies. Products are available in bulk, single-serve packages, gift boxes, tins, jars and dispensers.

11777 Riverhills Parkway
Rockton, IL 61115-2618
Phone: 815/636-7712
Fax: 800/717-5043
Product(s): "Award-Winning" Gourmet Barbecue Sauces: Big Papas Original, Big Papa's Sweet Heaven, Big Papa's Fire Inside; pre-packaged smoked meat line packed with sauce - beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork; seasoned meat rubs.

24748 Reddish Road
Fieldon, IL 62031-1816
Phone: 618/376-6772
Phone: 618/498-6951
Product(s): Pick-your-own, roadside market, and wholesale: cider, fresh apples, apricots, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes, watermelons, honey, sorghum, jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades, pecans, cider, onions, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and turnips. Illinois Products gift baskets available.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJOHN B. SANFILIPPO & SON INC.
1703 North Randall Road
Elgin, IL 60123-7820
Phone: 847/289-1800 Ext.4542
Toll Free: 800/323-6887
Fax: 847/289-1843
Product(s): John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. processes and packages retail: Fisher branded and private label snack, baking nuts, peanut butter, and extruded snacks; industrial ingredients for bakeries and dairies; food service: snacking and baking nuts; airline catering: U.S. and international carriers, lounges, & in-flight kitchens.

2386 S. Blue Island Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608-4228
Phone: 773/847-0700
Toll Free: 800/923-4267
Fax: 773/847-6707
Product(s): John Hofmeister & Son Inc. produces a full-line of cooked ham products in varying flavors, weights, shapes and sizes. Their four main categories are smoked hams, cooked hams, ham loaves, and specialty items. They have their own brands and private label. Their smoked hams target the food service and consumer direct markets. The products they carry for this sector are their Pitt Ham (boneless, whole muscle, smoked, ready-to-eat, ave. 14 lbs.), Roll Ham (boneless, whole muscle, smoked, ready-to-eat, ave. 8-10 lbs.), Semi-Boneless Ham (skinless, shankless, water added, traditional Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving dinner ham, varying sizes available), "Ham du Jour" (Trademarked)(boneless, water-added, 97% fat free, black forest ham) and Bone-In Ham (restaurant style ham, full bone-in, smoked, 22-26 lbs.).

Their cooked hams target the retail, food service and deli market categories. Their cooked products range in many varying sizes, shapes, and flavors. Their highest end product is their brand named "Old Warsaw" Natural Juice Ham (contains no/limited added water)-97% fat free and then ranges down to their more economical 30% water added ham. Their products can range from a retail application (3-5 lbs.) to a deli application (6-14 lbs.) to their food service slicing logs (20+ lbs. available in round, 4X4 and 4X6 faces).

Their ham loaves are targeted towards the deli category. Their loaves category includes chopped ham and spiced ham loaf, which vary in sized from a 5 lb. to 14 lbs. These are more economical hams and tend to round out the deli case.

Their specialty products are their largest and fastest growing category segment. The customers they target with this product category are food service, retail, and deli customers. They utilize the most advanced and newest technology in the industry to fulfill many different customer demands and specifications. Products in this category include baked hams, black forest, buffet style, ham capicolla, diced/cubed ham, canadian style bacon, and cell-net hams (casing technology that enhances product characteristics, safety, and consistency). These products range in many different weights, sizes, and flavors. Custom formulations are also an option.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJULIE'S CORNER STORE
233 5th St.
Lacon, IL 61540-1207
Phone: 309/246-2262
Phone: 847/337-1027
Product(s): Julie's Corner Store Fudge available in 8 oz., 16 oz., and 6 lb. bulk slabs. Varieties of fudge include: chocolate, chocolate walnut, vanilla, vanilla nut, chocolate peanut butter, peanut butter, orange cream, chocolate orange, vanilla praline, chocolate mint, amaretto, sugar free varieties and many more. Company also makes fudge turtles, fudge marshmallow pops, fudge pretzels, and more.
Additional website to purchase

1531 W. McClure Avenue
Peoria, IL 61604-3212
Phone: 309/868-7400
Fax: 309/868-7400
Product(s): Kens Gourmet Chili uses premium beef with low fat content. All of my ingredients are natural. At this time my chili is available as a frozen product in plastic containers and bags. Available in single-serve (microwavable) 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz. Also comes in one gallon plastic tubs.

2401 E. Devon Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-6213
Phone: 773/292-4567
Fax: 773/326-0869
Product(s): Kernel Season's brand gourmet shake on seasoning in ten different flavorings: apple cinnamon, white cheddar, southwest cheddar, sour cream and onion, ranch, parmesan and garlic, jalapeno, cajun, BBQ and chocolate marshmellow.

632 N. Main St.
Farmington, IL 61531-0295
Phone: 309/245-2191
Fax: 309/772-3778
Product(s): Kitchen Cooked potato chips, BBQ chips, ripple chips, Louisiana Style (hot sauce flavored) Chips, Kitchened Cooked exclusive - Kettle Kurls, Kettle Pops Kitchen Cooked Assorted - cheese popcorn, crunchy curls, caramel kettle pops, caramel corn, chili to beans, Kitchen Cooked tortillas, pork rinds, pretzel twists, cracklin and cinnamon churro.

1422 5th Avenue
Moline, IL 61265-1334
Phone: 309/764-1814
Fax: 309/736-5423
Product(s): Lagomarcino's brand homemade chocolates, pecan dainties, English toffee, sponge candy, hand rolled creams, barks, chocolate covered marshmellows, fudge, peanut and coconut brittles, molded chocolate items, chocolate eggs, dipped fruits and white frosted pretzels

14245 W. Rockland Rd.
Libertyville, IL 60048-0520
Phone: 847/362-4636
Phone: 847/990-3797
Fax: 847/362-6319
Product(s): Lambs Farm brand preserves, jams, jellies, condiments, chocolate specialties, fresh baked goods, salsa and pasta sauces

Illinois Products Logo MemberLASATA WINES, L.L.C.
R.R. #2 Hwy 33
Lawrenceville, IL 62439-9802
Phone: 618/884-1200
Fax: 618/884-1203
Product(s): We currently produce 12 varieties of Illinois Wines.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLIL' RED ROASTER COFFEE COMPANY
315 Walnut Street
Waterloo, IL 62298-0484
Phone: 618/939-3354
Phone: 618/975-4740
Product(s): Lil' Red Roaster Coffee Company-various blends of fresh roasted whole bean coffee. Also single origins such as Kenya AA, Columbia Supremo, etc. Roasted fresh as needed, packaged in 1/2 lb or 1 lb compostable tin tie bags (will grind if needed. Also will offer small coffee grinders for sale to promote freshness of coffee, meaning, coffee stays fress longer in whole bean form.) These are specialty coffee beans roasted fresh as needed. Will deliver free within a 25 mile radius of Waterloo, IL. Extremely small micro-roasting offering opportunity for purchase of an amount to be used in 1 to 2 weeks, to insure the freshest taste.

3925 S Illinois Ave
Carbondale, IL 62903-7941
Phone: 618/549-1263
Product(s): Roadside Market: Lipe Orchards brand of cider, apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, tomatoes, pumpkins and squash and other fruits and vegetables.

4664 N Lowell Ave
Chicago, IL 60630-4263
Phone: 800/548-3562 Ext.110
Toll Free: 800/548-3562
Fax: 773/427-5174
Product(s): Lobster Gram and are the company brands. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and have a warehouse in Maine. They offer live lobsters, lobster tails, shrimp, crab, chowders and steaks.

333 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6934
Phone: 800/373-3102
Fax: 847/459-4871
Product(s): Long Grove Confectionery Company brands of chocolate specialty products, boxed chocolates, bulk chocolates, molded chocolates and custom molded chocolates.

Railyard Food & Beverage Corporation
2513 Chapel Hill Road
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: 217/787-1432
Product(s): Lonzerotti's Italian (fat free) and sweet Italian dressings, available in pints, 16 oz., or gallons; Lonzerotti's marinara sauce; Lonzerotti's italian seasoning. Vodka supremo pasta sauce.

680 IL Rt. 130
Greenup, IL 62428-3201
Phone: 217/923-3736
Product(s): 100 + apple varieties (many heirloom), 30 + varieties of peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, blueberries and blackberries - jams, jellies, butters, salsa, chow, honey and sorghum. Many vegetables in season including sweetcorn, tomatoes, squash, melons and more. Pumpkins, squash, gourds, Indian corn, and other fall decorative items. Mums and Astors. Weekend snackbar with pies, cobblers, real ice cream, other bakery items, BBQ (our own) and other sandwiches. Apple cider and 4 varieties of slushies. Nature trails, barnyard animals, maizes, orchard tours and kiddie train by appointment or by chance. Potted plants and trees, custom grafting of your favorite tree.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLOUIE'S SEASONING COMPANY
506 Water Ave.
Johnston City, IL 62951-2501
Phone: 618/983-7566
Fax: 618/983-7566
Product(s): Louie's Italian Beef Seasoning, Louie's Wild Game Seasoning, sandwich toppers (muffuleta, giardinera, and olive salad), and BBQ sauce.

Naperville, IL 60540
Phone: 630/248-6334
Product(s): Lu Ann Specialties is a corporate and personal gift business. They source products made by artisans and small businesses in the Midwest, mainly Illinois.

The themed gift collections are assembled and shipped by the clients at Abilities Plus, a non-profit organization in Kewanee, Illinois that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. They are proud to support their mission to promote opportunities that result in greater independence for people with disabilities and their families.

In the spirit of minimizing their impact on the environment, they package their gifts with recyclable material.

IL made products in their gift collections include: Handmade pottery from artists in both Bishop Hill & Geneseo; hand turned wood bowls made by a master woodworker in LaFayette; metal products made by two different small businesses in Galva; all natural honey collected and bottled in Cambridge, salsa originating from a recipe in Cambridge; fudge from a small business in Kewanee; coffee roasted in small batches by an artisan coffee roaster in Kewanee; granola from the Bishop Hill; swedish-style rusks made by the same bakery in Galva for the past 80 years; fabric creations from women in Galva and Geneseo; popcorn from Alpha; tea that is imported from around the world, but blended in Batavia. They also use products from other Midwestern states.

They are rapidly expanding and adding products to their collections. In the next year, they will add 15-20 more gift collections to meet the interests and needs of many more corporations or individuals.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLYNFRED WINERY, INC.
15 S. Roselle Road
Roselle, IL 61072-2027
Phone: 630/529-9463
Toll Free: 888/248-9463
Fax: 630/529-4971
Product(s): Lynfred Winery grape and fruit wines, jellies, jams, fresh breads, and Lynfred Bed/Breakfast.

6807 Roosevelt Road
Berwyn, IL 60402-0573
Phone: 708/724-4810
Toll Free: 800/778-3934
Fax: 866/401-1077
Product(s): Majave Habanero Hot Sauce, available in 5 oz. glass bottles Also available as a gift item.

612 Mills Road
Joliet, IL 60433-2843
Phone: 815/722-2475
Phone: 815/722-3021
Fax: 815/722-1302
Product(s): Producer of Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses. Distributor of; flour, pasta, corn, olive, and cooking spray oils; spices and seasonings, cane sugar and yeast; frozen pizza, quiche and edible ice; frozen cuts of chicken, deli meats, frankfurters, frozen ham and sausage; tomato sauce, various canned and fresh vegetables, dried garlic and potato chips. Gift baskets featuring some Illinois Products. Pizza Supplies.

Chicago, IL 60607-4425
Phone: 312/939-2855
Phone: 847/816-2602
Fax: 312/939-2855
Product(s): Manny's brand cornbeef hash, bacon, salami, pastrami, roast brisket, pickled tongue, potato pancakes, horseradish mustard, prepared meal (corned beef hash) and blintzes etc.

526 Dudleyville Road
Greenville, IL 62246-3801
Phone: 618/664-1110
Product(s): Farmstead Cheeses 6 oz. (Gouda, Havarti, Just Jack, Pepper Jack, Tomato Basil Jack, Smoked Gouda, Farmhouse Cheddar); Cave Aged Cheeses 4 oz. (Tomme, Alpine, Cheddar, and Heritage); Fresh Cheeses (Plain Cheese Curds, Garlic Herb Cheese Curds, Taco Cheese Curds, Mozzarella, and Quark); Ice Cream (Our super skinny ice cream is sold in half pint, pint, and quart containers. Flavors are seasonal and rotate on a weekly basis. Ice cream flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, black raspberry pomegranate, chocolate peanut butter cup, mud pie, key lime pie, bubble gum).

475 Keller Drive
Park City, IL 60085-4787
Phone: 847/599-6070
Toll Free: 800/232-2299
Fax: 847/831-3533
Product(s): Market Square's all natural animal cracker snack products available in vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon graham (1 oz., 2 oz., 3 oz., 10 oz., 11 oz., 16 oz., 40 oz.).

14489 Springfield St.
Grafton, IL 62037-2127
Phone: 618/786-2060
Product(s): Mason Hollow maple syrup.

4474 N. Harlem Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706-4745
Phone: 708/456-6500
Phone: 905/943-4934
Fax: 708/456-6552
Product(s): Maurice Lenell brand cookies. Packaged cookies, cookies in tins, and cookies in bulk.

414 State St.
Calumet City, IL 60409-2618
Phone: 708/862-0830
Phone: 708/259-1208
Toll Free: 800/434-2079
Fax: 708/868-3626
Product(s): Meats by Linz is a third generation family owned and operated meat purveyor. They have been in business for more than 40 years. What started as a neighborhood butcher shop, has expanded into one of Chicagoland's premier portion control pork, beef, lamb, and veal providers. Servicing the finest hotel's, white table cloth restaurants, country clubs, and casinos throughout America.

Meats by Linz is a full service meat purveyor, supplying aged boxed beef, custom cut beef, pork, poultry, sausages, hams, lamb and veal. They take pride in their exclusive line of "Steakhouse Preferred" custom cut, portion control steaks and chops!

727 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60661-1009
Phone: 312/454-5514
Fax: 312/454-5515
Product(s): Mello's brand popcorn (various flavors); Mello's brand peanuts (various flavors); and candies; some private label.

7606 Industrial Court
Spring Grove, IL 60081-0460
Phone: 815/675-0088
Toll Free: 800/334-6485
Fax: 815/675-3166
Product(s): Gourmet coffee (fresh-roasted coffee for retail, food service, office and vending; whole bean or ground, their label or private label. Bulk, valve bags, or perfect potful packets); Ashbys Gourmet Teas (loose leaf, retail packages, tea bags; classic varietals, herbals, and flavors); Ashbys Gourmet Instant Iced Teas (fat free and cholesterol free instant iced teas); Cider House Gourmet Ciders (Farm-fresh apples are transformed into four of the most delicious and comforting flavors of hot cider-available in serving size packets, food service bags, and gift pack); Bella Crema Cappuccino creamy cafe style cappuccino available in single serve packets, resealable containers, and food service-private label available); Cocoa Amore (original gourmet cocoa in 17 rich and creamy flavors; single serving packets, resealable containers, gifts and food service-private label available); Gift Packs (coffee, tea and cocoa gift packs available for retail, fundraisers, and private label).

2501 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647-2003
Phone: 773/227-1115
Fax: 773/227-2031
Product(s): Candy gifts & baskets containing some Illinois products.

6740 N. Edgebrook Terrace
Chicago, IL 60646-2703
Phone: 773/716-9001
Phone: 773/594-0975
Toll Free: 877/977-3663
Fax: 773/594-0925
Product(s): Mullen's Chicago's finest applesauce. The best applesauce on the market today. Thick and chunky; you could pour it into a pie crust and bake it. Available in 16 oz. jars. All natural applesauce and bulk/packaging. Like apple pie without the crust.

12550 W Norris Ln
Galena, IL 61036-9023
Phone: 815/777-4273
Phone: 815/541-4274
Product(s): Our greenhouse/garden center produces and sells hundreds of varieties of perennials including over 100 Hosta varieties. We also grow specialty annuals, vines, a vast variety of shrubs, roses, trees, native plants, water plants, 35+ herbs, heirloom vegetables, hanging baskets and containers. Most perennials and annuals are propagated on site in our 7 greenhouses.

Our produce farm/shop features produce grown on premises using sustainable and organic practices: tomatoes (many heirlooms), peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes, squash, gourds, pumpkins and more. Local sculpture and garden decor items. Display gardens.

Gust- John Foods And Products Corporation
1350 Paramount Parkway
Batavia, IL 60510-1461
Phone: 630/879-8700
Fax: 630/879-8708
Product(s): Northern Pines pancake, waffle, and muffin mixes for food service and retail. Northern Pines syrup variety includes maple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry as well as sugar maple and blueberry available in 12 oz. bottles, gallons, and 1 oz. single serve.

38 W 061 Tanglewood Dr.
Batavia, IL 60510-9532
Phone: 866/506-6387
Phone: 630/677-6406
Product(s): Octavia Tea offers gourmet teas both bulk by the pound and in elegant retail tins. We offer both whimsical flavors and traditional favorites. Teapots and accessories are also available. We specialize in certified organic and natural teas with a focus on wholesale to businesses.

Illinois Products Logo MemberONE HOT COOKIE
1928 Logan
Murphysboro, IL 62966-1753
Phone: 618/997-7877
Phone: 618/521-9702
Product(s): One Hot Cookie is a one of a kind, unique cookie shop located in Murphysboro, Illinois. After brainstorming the comfort foods that people crave and researching the busy life - COOKIES, good down-home grandma's recipes were just the answer to a new business. Our goal now is to share those great homemade cookies and treats. Since opening the doors in December 2004, we have provided local families and businesses with delicious, fresh, homemade cookies and desserts at affordable prices. All of our cookies and bakery treats are made from scratch and baked fresh daily. We were located in the St. Louis area for 3 years where we received the honor of being chosen Show ME St. Louis' TOP 10 Valentine Gifts in the City of St. Louis. Relocating closer to home in Marion , IL we added a coffee shop and a lot of new customers. We have recently moved back home to Murphysboro but we continue to serve the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois with delivery and catering service. We ship throughout the US and to APO Boxes.

We are committed to providing our customers with unique and tasty gifts as well as assisting other businesses with creative and cost effective marketing tools.

Napco, Inc.
1141 N. Raddant Road
Batavia, IL 60510-4214
Phone: 630/406-1100
Toll Free: 888/727-2645
Fax: 630/406-0904
Product(s): PapaNicholas Premium Coffees: Roasters and manufacturers of premium coffees. Specializing in food service/brewing equipment, office coffee, co-packing, coffee ingredients and fundraising.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPASTA ALLEY
5310 East William Street Road
Decatur, IL 62521
Phone: 217/422-6361
Fax: 217/422-6365
Product(s): Pasta Alley brand herb pastas (17 flavors in fettucini or linguini); angel hair (Nancy's Special recipe, garlic pepper, sweet basil herb, zesty chili pepper); pasta sauces (10 flavors of dry sauces); Homemade egg noodles (thick or thin style); breads and biscuits (focaccia bread, jalapeno cheese focaccia bread, chedder garlic biscuits, Nancy's hot buttery roll mix, cinnamon streusal coffee cake mix); soups (Nancy's chicken noodle, cheesy broccoli, potato dill, Nancy's chili babies mix- mild or hot); whole wheat pastas-no eggs/no salt (Italian herb, garlic & herb, and sweet basil herb); gourmet foods: Pepper Springs dip mixes, Loving Garden gourmet tea mixes, Granny M's glaze and jelly, Austin Slow Burn salsa, J.W. Jim's smoked seasoned salt.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPASTA BY SUE
1120 South Main
Belvidere, IL 61008-5321
Phone: 847/707-5523
Product(s): Discover pastas with robust aromas, cold infused extra virgin olive oils, savory flavored pasta sauces, inspired by the bounty of an Italian Harvest. The perfect accompaniment to every meal and a healthy alternative to traditional side dishes. My low-fat, almost egg and oil free pastas, will make your meals the centerpiece of dinner conversation. We add no salt or sugar to our products. Good Eating! Sue

1450 Bowes Road
Elgin, IL 60123-5118
Phone: 847/741-1900
Toll Free: 800/323-0775
Fax: 847/741-2805
Product(s): Ingredients: gourmet nuts, dried fruits, chocolate coated items, and packaged items.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPEASE'S INC.
4753 Jeffory
Springfield, IL 62703-5377
Phone: 217/529-2912
Fax: 217/391-0168
Product(s): Premium chocolates, roasted nuts and homemade candies.

905 Northwoods Drive
Deerfield, IL 60015-2222
Phone: 847/317-0913
Phone: 847/302-0906
Fax: 847/317-0913
Product(s): Pelago Valley introduces Authentic Italian Seasonings which come in 7 varieties: Chicken Vesuvio-Pollo Vesuvio, Steak Florentine-Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Italian Roast-Arrosto Italiano, Mild Seafood-Frutti di Mare Piccante, Spicy Seafood-Frutti de Mare Piccantissimo, Garlic Blend-Aglione, and Italian Dipping Herbs-Sapori d'Italia. Based on authentic time honored family recipes, Pelago Valley has introduced fabulous spice blends to assist both the novice and the seasoned cook to add fabulous flavor to their home cooked meals. Using only natural herbs and spices along with salt and pepper, these seasonings add true excitement to any meal. We use no MSG, sugar or preservatives. Use our authentic Italian flavor for chicken, beef, or seafood. Our Italian dipping herbs and garlic blend are wonderful accents for fresh, crusty, Italian bread.

4315 Sage Road
Rochester, IL 62563-8355
Phone: 217/416-2624
Product(s): Process wool-llamas, including Lockerhooked items, cards and rugs

14931 State Hwy 37
Whittington, IL 62897-1208
Phone: 618/629-2302
Fax: 618/629-1822
Product(s): Pheasant Hollow is a wine manufacturer/retailer. We are currently branding Pheasant Hollow, but have several wines that are self branded, i.e. Black and Blue (trademarked), Red and Blue (trademarked), and Midnight Medley.

175 N. CR 525 E.
Arcola, IL 61910-3782
Phone: 217/268-4933
Product(s): Apple Butter. Mustards; jalapeno (hot & mild), habenero, honey-mustard, roasted garlic, dill, horseradish, and tangy mustard sauce. 14 fruit butters and 6 flavors of pancake syrups.

13970 W. Laurel Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045-4533
Phone: 847/362-0028
Toll Free: 800/216-0235
Fax: 847/362-9680
Product(s): Popcorn: caramel, almond pecan, cinnamon, butter, cheese, white cheddar, fat free caramel, sugar free caramel, macadamia nut caramel, and jalapeno. Gift baskets also available.

2411 S. Wallace Street
Chicago, IL 60616-1855
Phone: 312/949-0404
Toll Free: 888/767-7431
Fax: 312/949-0508
Product(s): Poppie's Cookies brand of cookies: chocolate chip, chocolate chip pecan, chocolate macademia, milk chocolate lace, chocolate chunk, cookies and cream, butterscotch pecan, oatmeal raisin, cinnamon crisp, lemon coconut, peanut butter, sugar, rainbow candy crunch, cranberry white chocolate, chocolate cherry, key lime, toffee crunch and milk chocolate kisses.

Harvard, IL 60033-2387
Phone: 815/943-8144
Fax: 815/943-8187
Product(s): Private label baked pet snacks such as: Pampered Pet, Kookies, Enrico

Illinois Products Logo MemberPRAIRIE PURE CHEESE, LLC
P.O. Box 805
Belvidere, IL 61008-0805
Phone: 815/568-5000
Toll Free: 866/924-3393
Fax: 815/568-6360
Product(s): Prairie Pure Cheese, LLC ButterKase Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Feta Cheese, Blue Cheese, Swiss Cheese. Available in 1/2 pound and 1 lb. packages. We can also offer the ButterKase in a 5 pound block.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPRAIRIE STATE WINERY
217 W. Main Street
Genoa, IL 60135-1145
Phone: 815/784-4540
Fax: 815/784-4540
Product(s): Established in 1988, our family winery produces many award winning wines. Our wines, made exclusively from Illinois grape varietites, include those grown in our own vineyard. From dry reds to sweet whites to traditional fruit wines, we have something to please every palate.

We offer complimentary sampling daily of all our wines. Stop in, view the production area from our "scenic overlook", browse our tasting room gift shop for a great Illinois product and enjoy a glass of locally grown and locally made Illinois wine!

Illinois Products Logo MemberPRINCE MEAT COMPANY
239 Canal St.
Lemont, IL 60439-3601
Phone: 815/729-2333
Toll Free: 888/838-3839
Fax: 815/730-1133
Product(s): Beef, chicken, frankfurters, lamb, sheep, pork, ham, turkey, veal and seafood.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPUCKERED PICKLE COMPANY
5610 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60644-5507
Phone: 773/379-4748
Fax: 773/379-4738
Product(s): Refrigerated pickles, relishes, peppers and condiments.

2929 S. 25th Ave.
Broadview, IL 60155-4529
Phone: 708/344-8884
Fax: 708/344-8703
Product(s): Mrs. Pure's and Funsnax brand cookies; some private labels; cookies come in 7-12 oz. boxes, 100 count trays, 16 oz. tubs; flavors include: chocolate chip, iced strawberry, iced raspberry, butter, coconut; animal cookies; alphabet cookies; vanilla wafers

1215 Mulholland
Nauvoo, IL 62354-0003
Phone: 217/453-6389
Fax: 217/453-2113
Product(s): R. Spencer Pratt's Fudge Factory brand fudge, caramels and brittle.

R. Whittingham & Son's Meats Inc.
4134 West 127th St.
Alsip, IL 60804-1925
Phone: 708/371-1650
Phone: 847/997-8456
Product(s): Full line of protein and grocery-beef, veal, lamb, pork, and chicken.

Illinois Products Logo MemberRAY'S BRAND CHILLI, INC.
788 N. Sunnyside Road
Decatur, IL 62525-0793
Phone: 217/422-6153
Phone: 217/454-5216
Product(s): Ray's Original Chilli With Beans, Ray's Reduced Fat (only 10 grams of fat per serving) Chilli with Beans, Ray's Coney Hot Dog Sauce (chili no beans), Ray's 100% Pure/All natural spices and seasoning blends

Illinois Products Logo MemberREID FOODS, INC.
1012 N. Boulevard View Avenue
Gurnee, IL 60031-3700
Phone: 847/625-7912
Toll Free: 888/295-8478
Fax: 847/625-7913
Product(s): Reid Foods, Inc. purveyor of Maria's style products. Reid Foods prides itself on catering to the gourmet connoisseur by blending the freshest fruits and vegetables to create jams, salsas, pasta sauces, soups and dips. Products versatile enough to grace dishes both grand and satisfying simple. Their products are a favorite of gift basket and gourmet shops. All natural, no preservatives, ADA approved, private label, co-packing, custom packaging, and custom formulation.

Illinois Products Logo MemberREINNECK RANCH INC.
6305 Highbanks Rd
Mascoutah, IL 62258-4001
Phone: 618/910-1390
Phone: 618/210-2310
Product(s): Reinneck Ranch's Salsa named Salsa Rose: Salsa Rose salsa 16 oz. hot or mild, Salsa Rose salsa 32 oz. hot or mild, Salsa Rose salsa 1 gallon hot or mild, Salsa Rose Snack Sticks 1 oz., Salsa Rose Snack Sticks 8 oz., Salsa Rose Jerky 3 oz., Salsa Rose gift sets, Reinneck Ranch Zesty B&B Pickles 18 oz., and Reinneck Ranch Zesty B&B Pickles 37 oz.

23 Lake St.
Danville, IL 61832-6101
Phone: 217/304-4938
Product(s): reMARKable caramels- 3 varieties- plain, with pecans, with walnuts. Caramel sauce for dipping, ice cream, etc. Working on turtle type candy- pecans layered with caramel topped with milk chocolate.

Illinois Products Logo MemberRENDLEMAN ORCHARDS, INC.
9680 St. Rt. IL 127 North
Alto Pass, IL 62905-0159
Phone: 618/893-2771
Phone: 618/697-0420
Fax: 618/893-2370
Product(s): Rendleman Orchards Grown Fresh: Apples, zucchini squash, yellow squash, cucumbers, peaches, nectarines, green beans. All grown to be sold at our retail market or wholesale. Processed Products: Rendleman Orchards brand apple butter, sugar free apple butter, pecan apple butter-16 oz. jar, apple sauce made from Jonathon apples-32 oz. jar, apple sauce made with Suncrisp apples-32 oz. jar, sugar free apple sauce made with Golden Delicious apples-32 oz. jar.

Company offers seasonal items: blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and gourds, mums, cider, cider donuts, jams/jellies, baking mixes, dip mixes, soup mixes, nuts, salsas & pasta sauces, snack mixes, pickled items, salad dressings, candies, peach smoothies, cider slushes, gourmet coffees, candles, linens, gift baskets and apple gift boxes.

1865 2200th Street
Atlanta, IL 61723-9125
Phone: 309/830-4361
Phone: 309/824-2492
Product(s): Since 1948, our commitment to quality products has been unfailing. Using only the finest ingredients available, we continue to strive for perfection. Blommer Chocolates, premium Grade AA butter, farm-fresh 100% cream from the dairy next door, we guarantee the finest candies available for the discerning chocolate lovers everywhere. The candies we cook are made from recipes found in a book last published in 1908. We use only the simple ingredients required to make a candy the way it used to be made - without preservatives or modern chemistry. We offer you "regular old candy". Current product line includes: Carmels, Cinnamon-Sugared Pecans, Peanut Brittle, Peppermint Bark, Pretzels, R.G.W. Mints, Toffee, Toffee Crunch Bark, Caramel Apples (plain, nut, chocolate) seasonal, Snow Caps ( Chocolate-covered Strawberries) seasonal. Candy demonstrations and tours available. Perfect birthday party outing for kids! Contact us today for your Corporate gift-giving needs or fund-raising events.

Illinois Products Logo MemberRILEY'S SEASONING, INC.
PO Box 321
Pittsfield, IL 62363-0321
Phone: 217/285-1504
Toll Free: 800/690-7720
Fax: 217/285-4474
Product(s): Riley's All-Purpose brand seasonings and spices; 100% salt-free all-purpose seasoning (2 3/4 oz., 10 oz., 1 gallon); all-purpose seasoning (3 1/2 oz., 12 oz., 1 gallon); salt-free Premium Cajun (2 3/4 oz., 10 oz.); Premier Cajun (3 1/2 oz., 12 oz., 1 gallon); Cafe Grind Black Pepper (2 1/4 oz., 8 oz.); Butcher Black Pepper (2 oz., 7 oz.); 1/4 Cracked Black Pepper (2 1/2 oz., 8 oz.); Lemon Pepper (3 oz., 9 oz.); Garlic Pepper (3 oz., 10 oz.); Granulated Onion (3 oz.); Granulated Garlic (3 1/2 oz.); Garlic Powder (3 oz.); #1 Korintje Cinnamon (2 1/2 oz., 8 oz.); Minced Onion Flakes (2 oz., 8 oz.); Hickory Smoked Salt (4 1/2 oz., 16 oz.); Celery Salt (5 oz., 16 oz.); Garlic Salt (4 oz., 16 oz.); Mild Chili Seasoning (2 1/4 oz., 9 oz.); sage; paprika; sweet basil; oregano. Illinois Product Gift Packs available: small standard size bottles of All Purpose, Premium Cajun, Cafe Grind Pepper, Granulated Garlic, and Korintje Cinnamon seasonings. Tame the Game Pack available: small standard size bottles of All Purpose, Premium Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Pepper, and Butcher Grind Pepper seasonings.

940 Madison Street
Oak Park, IL 60302-4430
Phone: 708/383-1333
Phone: 708/383-8452
Toll Free: 800/836-6750
Fax: 708/383-8922
Product(s): Charlie Robinson's brand mild BBQ sauce, hot BBQ sauce, Cajun Louisiana style, buffalo wing, classic sugar and gourmet sauces, meat seasoning and spices (black pepper, Italian, garlic, parsley flakes, sage and crushed pepper)

Illinois Products Logo MemberROPP JERSEY CHEESE, LLC
2676 Ropp Rd.
Normal, IL 61761-9323
Phone: 309/452-3641
Fax: 309/376-4104
Product(s): Ropp Jersey Cheese: over 40 different varieties of cheddar cheese, muenster cheese, brick cheese, hand-dipped ricotta cheese and cheddar bleu cheese available in 1/2 lb to 40 lb packages.

2100 Valencia Drive, Apt 216 B
Northbrook, IL 60062-7075
Phone: 847/480-8936
Product(s): Food brokers.

65 S. Barrington Road
Barrington, IL 60010-9508
Phone: 847/381-5700
Toll Free: 800/323-7363
Fax: 847/381-9424
Product(s): Rose, Millrose, and Northwoods brands of Canadian Style bacon; hams: buffet and sliced, smoked bone-in, bavarian and pit, and spiral sliced; ethnic sausages; back ribs: fresh, cooked and boneless; pork sausage: fresh and fully cooked; fresh pork: pork chops, loin centers, boston butts, tenderloins and boneless backs; fully cooked hoagies; pizza toppings and meatballs

495 Central Ave.
Northfield, IL 60093-1225
Phone: 847/441-0440
Toll Free: 800/941-0440
Fax: 888/941-4030
Product(s): Nuts: almonds, cashews, macadamia, mixed, pecans, pistachios; Gift baskets (featuring Illinois Products), specialty candy and personalized labeling available.

590 W. Crossroads Parkway
Bolingbrook, IL 60440-3554
Phone: 630/378-0000
Toll Free: 800/656-8884
Fax: 630/378-0001
Product(s): Dell'Alpe brand pasta and sauces: Italian pastas (fettucini, linguini, capelli, spaghettini, spaghetti, rigatoni, fusilli, penne, penne regate, and farfalle); flavored pastas-homemade style egg noodles (arrabbiata hot fettucini, egg fettucini, tri-color fettucini, spinach fettucini, basil and garlic linguini, basil and tomato linguini, parsley and parmesean linguini, lemon pepper linguini, egg angel hair, spinach and egg angel hair); sauces: (marinara, tuna, five cheese, alfredo, marsala, hot and spicy arrabbiata sauce); tortellini (Italian, spinach, tri-color, pesto, Italian raviolini, basil sauce and red pesto sauce); oil & vinegar: olive oil, vinegar, and water; tomatoes and linguria products; rice and polenta: arborio rice and polenta (regular, basil and garlic, sun dried tomato, onion, hot and mild peppers); cheeses and spices: cheese wedges (asiago, fontina, pecorina, romano, aged provolone, mild provolone, parmesean); grated cheeses (parmesean, romano, parmano); giardiniera and condiments

124 Madison Street
Oak Park, IL 60302-4206
Phone: 708/848-5552
Toll Free: 800/327-9273
Fax: 708/386-5959
Product(s): Sahagian & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1971 and is a manufacturer of Candy and Snack Foods which are marketed & sold Nationally and Internationally. Sahagian owns the Trade Marks: "THE WHOLE NINE YARDS"; "A YARD OF"; "A FOOT OF";" 2 FEET OF" Product Packaging & Designs. Sahagian products include: Bubblegum Balls, Licorice Sticks, Sour Sweets, Jelly Beans, Salt Water Taffy, Caramel Corn, Popping Corn (Red, Black, Yellow), Candy Coated Chocolates & other popular Edibles. Full Seasonal and Everyday product and packaging Designs are available. Programs are available for Brokers, Distributors, Agents. Sahagian Products & packaging are made with pride in the USA.

3605 North 3300 East Road
Farmer City, IL 61842-8304
Phone: 309/530-7904
Phone: 309/722-3516
Fax: 309/722-3516
Product(s): Alpaca livestock, breeding, raw alpaca fiber, processed alpaca yarn, finished products (such as teddy bears, scarves, hats, gloves, etc), educational seminars.

1032 S. Library Street
Waterloo, IL 62298-1498
Phone: 618/939-3174
Fax: 618/939-8609
Product(s): Wines, "Pick Your Own" grapes (retail) or large quantities (wholesale).

1942 Copple Road
Centralia, IL 62801-6821
Phone: 618/532-8058
Phone: 618/266-7756
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, blueberries, peaches, pears, strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes, pumpkins, applecider, honey, molasses and apple butter.

P.O. Box 199361
Chicago, IL 60619-9361
Phone: 773/994-8889
Fax: 773/994-8974
Product(s): Mumbo brand bar-b-q sauce (original, hickory smoke and tangy) in 8 oz. bottles and 1 gallon jugs.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSONOMA FARM
1025 W. End Ave.
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Phone: 708/755-5900
Toll Free: 866/365-0550
Fax: 773/650-0556
Product(s): Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Infused Olive Oil, Lime Infused Olive Oil, Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil, Garlic Infused Olive Oil, Rosemary / Basil Infused Olive Oil, Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil, Dipping Oil Infused, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Lemon Olive Oil, Organic Lime Olive Oil, Organic Garlic Olive Oil, Organic Rosemary / Basil Infused, Organic Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil, Organic Dipping Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Soup: Creamy Portabella Mushroom, Creamy Tomato & Roasted Garlic, Italian Minestone Soup, Italian Wedding Soup, Soup Pumpkin (spicy); Olives: Ascslano Organic Olives, Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Dried Black Olives, Feta Stuffed with Oregano Olives, Italian Deli Mix, Late Harvest Olives, Parmesan / Romano Suffed Olives, Roman Salad Mix; Specialty Collection: Asiago / Parmesan Dip, Asiago Cheese Pasta Sauce, Bell Pepper Olive Spread, Brussel Sprouts (spicy), Garlic Glove (Sweet / Hot), Giardinera Mild, Giardiniera Hot, Green Beans (Hot), Olive Country Spread, Spinach Artichoke Dip (Spicy), Sweet Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Tapenade Anchovy and Garlic, Tapenade Black Olive, Tapenade Green Olive; Gift Items; Grape Seed Oil; Bulk Items.

630 Indian Road
Glenview, IL 60025
Phone: 847/971-3859
Fax: 773/751-2281
Product(s): Garlic salts.

Illinois Seasoning Merchants, Inc.
1941 Central Street
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 847/328-3711
Fax: 847/328-3631
Product(s): The largest selection of spices, herbs and seasonings in the Midwest. 500 items to choose from, all spices and seasonings hand ground and blended on the premises. For holiday gift giving, choose from 30 varieties of themed gift boxes including ethnic Chicago neighborhood blends, Barbecue box, Butchers' Rubs Box, Fisherman's Box, Baker's Box, Salad Seasonings Box, Etc. Free catalog upon request.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSS BACKWARDS LONGHORNS
34716 Sanders Road
Medora, IL 62063-3021
Phone: 618/729-2004
Phone: 618/946-9679
Product(s): Lean Texas Longhorn Beef is the beef just for those healthy-conscious consumers. Longhorn beef is leaner than that of other breeds and is also lower in saturated fats and has less cholesterol and calories than chicken. Longhorn meat nutritional content (3.5oz. serving): Calories: 140, Protein: 25.5, Fat: 3.7, Cholesterol: 61.5. Grass Fed, Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Meats; all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics grass fed Texas Longhorn Beef; eggs

Longhorn beef is sold in bulk (1/4, 1/2 or whole beef) or individual packages. We also have lean ALL beef sticks in 3 flavors: Teriyaki, Regular or Jalapeno.

During spring/summer months I sell these products at the local Farmers Markets in Alton, Brighton and Jerseyville, IL.

Starship, Inc.
7618 W. Madison
Forest Park, IL 60130-1403
Phone: 708/771-3016
Phone: 708/387-7681
Fax: 708/771-7276
Product(s): Starship "Jerk Marinade" zesty blend of citrus and spices for chicken, pork, or beef. (16 oz jar) Starship "Cajun Sauce" pour over or simmer sauce add your favorite meats or seafood to create jambalaya; (16 oz jar). Starship "Paprika Sauce" pour over or simmer sauce, use on chicken or pork (great gravy on pasta & potatoes, 16 oz jar). Starship "Gumbo Sauce" dark roux with vegetables and spices; add your favorite meats or seafood to create down-home gumbo.

5100 Winghill Road
Cobden, IL 62920-3211
Phone: 618/893-9463
Fax: 505/212-4909
Product(s): StarView Vineyards is a family operation. Kate and Scott Sensmeier bought an existing vineyard and with the help of family and friends have expanded the vineyard built a new retail building to host events and to sell their new wines in. Six varieties of grapes grow on just under 6 acres at StarView vineyards: Norton, Chambourcin, Niagara, Chardonel, Vignoles, and Concord. Each vine is meticulously pruned by hand and the vines are individually nurtured to produce the highest quality of fruit. At harvest time, only the most perfect grapes are harvested by hand. Our hand crafted wines are blended onsite we hope you have an opportunity to sample them all.

1033 W. Van Buren, 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60607-2919
Phone: 312/275-9000
Fax: 312/275-9024
Product(s): Tuscany Brand pasta sauces; Itailian specialty items (giardiniera, giardiniera relish, artichoke and olive spread, sun-dried tomato spread, muffuletta salad, artichoke spread fire roasted red peppers, pepperoncini peppers, pizza toppings "hot and spicy", grated romano & parmesan cheese; frozen entrees (pizza-sausage, cheese, and roasted veggie; lasagna, sausage and peppers) and gift sets.

4110 W. Wrightwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639-2127
Phone: 773/489-2500
Toll Free: 800/654-2862
Fax: 773/489-2148
Product(s): Stewart's blend brand coffee and tea (decaffeinated, flavored, and regular); beverage bases, other preparations and liquid coffee flavoring for flavorings and concentrates. Limited reserve coffees, precision ground flavored coffees, whole bean flavored coffees, Red Eye serious brew "coffee with an attitude", and gourmet portion pack. Also gift baskets featuring Illinois Products.

619 Chaddick Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090-6053
Phone: 800/451-8199
Phone: 847/537-9988
Fax: 847/537-1367
Product(s): Stiglmeier Sausage Company brand german style sausage products.

340 N. Oakley Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60612-0450
Phone: 800/621-1119
Fax: 312/733-0738
Product(s): Stockyards Packing Company products including aged sub primal and portion cut Choice and Prime beef. Also lamb Special fed veal and U.S. #1 pork.

The French Confectionery, LLC
573 Heritage Dr.
Barrington, IL 60011-0070
Phone: 847/567-6314
Phone: 630/301-2345
Product(s): Sulpice Chocolat artisan hand-painted chocolate bars.

3.25 oz: Amande (milk chocolate with salt and almonds)
Au Lait (41% milk chocolate)
Chai (milk chocolate with chai spice)
Epice (dark chocolate with cinnamon, cayenne, and chipotle chiles)
Gingembre (dark chocolate with ginger and lemon)
Menthe (dark chocolate with mint and cocoa nibs)
Moka (milk chocolate with espresso and cocoa nibs)
Noir (70% dark chocolate)
Noisette (milk chocolate with hazelnuts)
Pistache (dark chocolate with pistachios orange and cardamom)

2.3 oz. salt and almonds (milk chocolate with salt and almonds)
Sweet and Spicy (dark chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne)
Ginger Lemon (dark chocolate with ginger and lemon)
Sea Salt (70% dark chocolate with sea salt)
Cake Batter (white chocolate with cake batter)

North Lawndale Employment Network
3726 W. Flournoy Street
Chicago, IL 60624-3612
Phone: 773/638-1814
Phone: 773/540-4977
Product(s): Sweet Beginnings, LLC makes the Beelove (R) family of products-an all natural line of raw honey and honey-infused body care products. Body care products include natural lip balm, shower gel, body cream, body lotion, body balm, sugar scrub, and gift sets.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTALLGRASS PRAIRIE FARMS
18328 State Highway 97
Petersburg, IL 62675-6694
Phone: 217/632-2220
Phone: 217/341-3738
Product(s): Tallgrass Prairie Farms include grass fed Lowline Angus beef, all natural salsa and spices. Company carries whole, half, package and single packed beef. We are state and federally inspected so it can be sold locally or nationally.

Halve and Whole beefs are cut and processed to the customers exact standards. Our packages include our Prairie Sampler and Tallgrass Grillin' Package, which include hamburgers, steak and roasts. Our single packaged beef is set in hamburger, steaks (Ribeye, T-Bone, Sirloin), roasts (Tenderloin, Sirloin Tip, Arm, Chuck, Heel, Rump), Brisket and more.

Our salsa and seasonings are prepackaged and come in various sized and flavors (some seasonal).

Illinois Products Logo MemberTAYLOR'S MEXICAN CHILI
116 S. West Street
Carlinville, IL 62626-1758
Phone: 217/854-8713
Phone: 800/382-4454
Product(s): Taylor's Mexican Chili Co. Inc. brand canned chili.

651 S. 8th Street
West Dundee, IL 60118-2106
Phone: 847/851-8775
Fax: 847/851-8785
Product(s): The Cocoa Cabana is a small, gourmet chocolate manufacturer with a retail storefront. We specialize in toffee, caramels, pudgies (trurtles), chocolate covered potato chips, & chocolate dipped glace fruits. Other chocolates that we make include creams, marshmallow, carmel marshmallow bars, peanut butter cups, toasted coconut clusters, nut clusters, caramel pretzels, turtle pretzels, a variety of dark chocolate barks with fruits and nuts, 70% dark chocolate, & other miscellaneous chocolate items. We sell wholesale, bulk & packaged, & create wedding items, corporate gifts, anniversary chocolates, etc.

581 Bonner Rd
Wauconda, IL 60084-1103
Phone: 847/526-0700
Fax: 847/526-4093
Product(s): The Nut and Candy House is a retail operation in Wauconda, Illinois of nuts, snacks, and candies.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTOOHILL SEED & BEEF SERVICE, LLC
13681 Imperial Rd.
Heyworth, IL 61745-8826
Phone: 309/261-3602
Product(s): Providing Beef, Pork and Chicken. Currently all items frozen. GIft certificates for Christmas.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTOP HAT COMPANY, INC.
PO Box 66
Wilmette, IL 60091-0066
Phone: 847/256-6565
Fax: 847/256-6579
Product(s): Top Hat brand hand-made, all natural dessert sauces (hot fudge, mocha fudge, mint fudge, raspberry fudge, cream caramel, real butterscotch, mayan legacy, southern sin, prince of orange, bittersweet chocolate sauce) and double chocolate fondue. Also available privately labeled. Package sizes: 10 oz., 17 oz., 20 oz., and bulk.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTORKELSON CHEESE
9453 Louisa Road
Lena, IL 61048-9656
Phone: 815/369-4265
Fax: 815/369-2302
Product(s): Brick, Muenster, Quesadilla and Asadero Cheeses. Also process cheese by-products.

648 Wheeling Road
Wheeling, IL 60090-5707
Phone: 224/676-1070
Fax: 224/676-1071
Product(s): TruSweets owns the Surf Sweets' brand, a natural and organic line of gummy candies and jelly beans. All of the company's products are made with organic sweeteners, fortified with Vitamin C and made with natural colors and flavors. Surf Sweets' are also produced in a facility free of the 10 most common allergens. The company's products are available in retail packages and in bulk.

1598 Bow Trail
Wheeling, IL 60090-5108
Phone: 847/818-8987
Phone: 312/490-6200
Fax: 847/818-8987
Product(s): Uncle Mel's brand dressings, condiments, sauces, BBQ (mild, spicy, & hot), sweet & sassy marinate/wing sauce and gourmet seasoning sauces (mild, hot, and XXhot). Southern original and hickory pit BBQ sauces. Fully cooked and seasoned baby back pork ribs cooked over natural hardwood (for retail and food service). Special order BBQ pork, BBQ beef brisket, cooked rib tips, and brisket bones. Uncle Mel's uses real spices not artificial flavors.

Illinois Products Logo MemberUNITED FOOD GROUP
1925 Holmes Road
Elgin, IL 60123-1204
Phone: 847/622-1803
Phone: 800/366-3595
Fax: 847/622-1713
Product(s): Victorian Inn brand cocoas, teas, Chai teas and cappuccino; artificial sweetner and dry soup mixes. Perfect Servings brand machines and powdered food & beverage products. Herico Horchata, Limonada, Tamarindo, Jamaica. Cool Cafe brand smoothies and iced beverages.

4241 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60613-1849
Phone: 877/827-7423
Fax: 773/528-9533
Product(s): Urban Accents spice-blends individual and custom; Bloody Mary mix.

Illinois Products Logo MemberV. FORMUSA COMPANY
2150 Oxford Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60018-1920
Phone: 847/813-6040
Toll Free: 888/536-7627
Fax: 847/813-6042
Product(s): Marconi brand vegetable oils, salad dressings, giardiniera, hot peppers, canned olives, pickled products, Italian olive oils, corn oils, spices, tomatoes, vinegars and pastas.

2501 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647-2101
Phone: 773/435-2213
Fax: 773/409-2371
Product(s): Vienna Beef LTD processed meats include sausage in bulk and in retail as well as muscle meats such as corned beef and pastrami. Halal, bulk, and retail minaret hot dogs.

Vienna Beef LTD condiments include bulk pack and retail refrigerated pickles as well as mustard, relish, etc. We also market this line under the brand Chipico.

Vienna Beef LTD soups and chili are packed in bulk as well as retail and are marketed under the name Vienna Beef Chili Co. as well as Bistro Soups.

2222 West Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 800/989-8482
Fax: 312/738-3215
Product(s): Product(s): Vita Herring, Smoked Salmon, Frozen Salmon Burgers & Frozen Salmon; Jim Beam Seafood, Sauces & Condiments; Budweiser BBQ & Wing Sauces; Dr Pepper, A&W and Orange Crush Dessert Toppers, Marinades and BBQ Sauces; Biltmore Salad Dressings & Marinades; Jelly Belly Dessert Toppers & Breakfast Syrups; Margaritaville BBQ Sauce, marinades, salad dressing and rubs; Sauza Dips, Agave Nectar & Sauces; Scorned Woman Hot Sauces; Virginia Brand Salad Dressings; Variety of Gift Packs

1309 Sadler Road
Pomona, IL 62975-2554
Phone: 618/893-4500
Phone: 618/893-4600
Fax: 618/893-4500
Product(s): Von Jakob Vineyard has two locations: Pomona, IL and Alto Pass, IL. Wines available for sale: Red Wines-Chateau Red (Dry), Cabernet Sauvignon (dry), Chambourcin (Dry), American Chambourcin (Dry), Country Red (Semi-Sweet), Ridge Red (Semi-sweet). White Wines-Chardonel (Dry), Hllside White (Semi-dry), Traminette (Semi-dry), Traminette (Semi-sweet), Little Grand Canyon Gold (Semi-sweet), Jonathan Apple (Sweet), Late Harvest Vidal (Sweet), Cave Creek (bone dry). Blush Wines-White Chambourcin (medium sweet), Kroshenfeler (sweet). Honey Mead Series Wines-Honey Blush (semi-sweet), Honey Peach (semi-sweet), Honey Raspberry (American sweet). Port Wines-White Oak Port (sweet), Red Oak Port (sweet), She's A Peach (sweet). All of their wines are made at their original location in Pomona. Von Jakob Brewery; hand crafted beers. On top of all the wines, they have multiple items in their gift shops at both locations. Gift baskets are available at any price range, you can choose from one of their baskets that are already made or ask to have one custom made for that special person. Please check out their web site for a complete list of upcoming events. They offer murder mystery dinner theaters, romantic dinners for Christmas and Valentine's Day, Family Christmas Buffet with Santa, Easter and Mothers Day Buffet. Weekend music series throughout the year and several festivals including "Vonjakobville", which features "The Boat Drunks" twice a year. Von Jakob also has a bed and breakfast. If you have any questions, please feel free to call either of their locations and one of their wine specialists will be glad to help!

Beverage Art, Inc.
10033 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60643-1925
Phone: 773/233-7579
Phone: 773/881-9463
Product(s): Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery was founded to produce the finest honey wines (known as meads) in the midwest. We are Chicago's first winery and Illinois' only meadery with a full array of meads. We are especially proud to utilize local honey we produce in Illinois and in the Chicago area. We also hold wine making classes and have a full line of supplies for the home wine makers, and home brewer. We are suppliers of both Illinois fruit and California grapes.

Illinois Products Logo MemberWILLETT'S WINERY & CELLAR
105 East Market Street
Manito, IL 61546
Phone: 309/968-7070
Fax: 309/968-7360
Product(s): Willett Winery is located within a renovated late 1800 building in a small town in central Illinois. They offer free tastings of Illinois grown grape wines and fruit wines. The winery also features wine related gifts and custom-made or ready-made gift baskets.

4801 S. Lawndale Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632-3062
Phone: 773/847-4600
Toll Free: 800/366-2462
Fax: 773/847-7804
Product(s): Cook Chocolate brands of cocoa powder, chocolate and cocoa flavored curly cues, Cook-Etts (sprinkles), and Cocoa brown Nibs. World's Finest brand chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, caramels, chocolate mint melt-aways, milk chocolate bars with almonds, Imperial almonds, and milk chocolate with almonds and toffee.

Illinois Products Logo MemberYING'S KITCHEN, INC.
Gurnee, IL 60031-0188
Phone: 847/403-7078
Fax: 847/403-7078
Product(s): Asian cooking products including Chinese cookbook, Asian cooking instruction DVDs, Asian sauces and batter mix. Gift set is also available.

Illinois Products Logo MemberZILLIONS CHILI BOWL CHILI
3535 E. Cook St., #73
Springfield, IL 62703-2158
Phone: 217/789-7285
Phone: 217/280-0008
Product(s): Zillions Chili Bowl Chili Seasoning that has won first place three times. Chili seasoning is made by owner in an approved kitchen. Company is looking for a distributor.