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The Illinois Department of Agriculture works to protect plants and crops from harmful insects and diseases. The department also protects consumers and businesses against unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of agricultural, household, commercial lawn care, and athletic turf fertilizer, soil or plant additives and agricultural lime and to prevent certain hazards to persons, property, and the environment.

Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Welders
Welders certified to repair NH3 pressure vessels, facilities and systems.

Cover Crops
To disseminate information to the agricultural community and the general public on the benefits of cover crops, and partner with agencies, organizations and corporations to showcase the environmental and economic benefits of cover crops. Cover crop information on the website is found through news items, event notices, photographs, resource listings and directories, producer experiences and much more.

Fertilizer Program
Manufacturers, labelers and distributors of fertilizer products are required to be licensed and product labeling must be approved and/or permitted before being distributed into the state. The department inspects fertilizer blending facilities and collects and analyzes samples in order to ensure that the products meet their label guarantees.

Greenhouses and Nurseries
The nursery program inspection staff of the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Environmental Programs inspects and certifies nearly 1,200 nurseries in Illinois each year. The inspection of these plants and plant products benefit both consumers and growers by ensuring pest-free plant stock.

Inspects and Pest
The Illinois Department of Agriculture works to control major plant pests (insects and diseases) that threaten Illinois' crops, forests and plant communities.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program
The Department of Agriculture is charged with registering and regulating the 22 cultivation centers.

Mycotoxin Survey
This survey report shows the range of detection levels of aflatoxin, fumonisin and vomitoxin found in corn during the harvest season.

It is recognized that pesticides are valuable and necessary to Illinois' agricultural production and to the protection of man and his environment from pests, but it is essential to our general health and welfare that they be regulated to prevent adverse effects on man and his environment.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture test seed products to ensure they meet advertised quality and quantity specifications, examine seed samples for purity, noxious weed content, germination and suitability for distribution and analyze seed quality for individual producers for a small fee.

Soybean Rust
Soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) is a fungal disease that attacks the foliage of a soybean plant causing the leaves to drop early, which inhibits pod setting and reduces yield. The amount of damage depends on how early in the growth of the soybean plant the infection occurs.