September 7, 2001


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Department of Agriculture today established a new quarantine for the Asian Longhorned Beetle covering the southern half of O’Hare Airport and part of Bensenville.

The new quarantine does not reflect any new beetle finds. The quarantine area covers acreage around the site where infested trees were found south of O’Hare in November of 2000. All of the affected trees were destroyed following the find and no other evidence of Asian Longhorned Beetles has been found in the area in subsequent inspections.

“We are confident that our eradication efforts kept this isolated infestation from spreading, so we did not initially impose an additional quarantine at the time,” said Warren Goetsch, Division Manager of Environmental Programs. “This new quarantine is in compliance with U.S. Department of Agriculture Guidelines and places all current beetle finds under quarantine.”

The description of the new quarantine area is as follows:

The area in DuPage and Cook Counties bounded on the west from the intersection of Supreme Drive and Thomas Drive in the Village of Bensenville, south on Thomas Drive to its end, then on a line southwest to Church Road, continuing south on Church Road to Jefferson Street; bounded on the south from the intersection of Jefferson Street and Church Road, east on Church Road to the Cook and DuPage County Line, continuing east on a line through the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad yards to the intersection of Waveland Avenue to Mannheim Road in the Village of Franklin Park, continuing east on Waveland Avenue to Mannheim Road in the Village of Franklin Park; on the east from the intersection of Waveland Avenue and Mannheim Road in the Village of Franklin Park, north on Mannheim Road to Interstate 190, west along Interstate 190 to Bessie Coleman Drive, continuing north on Bessie Coleman Drive to a point in line with Runway 27 Right of O’Hare International Airport; on the north from a point on Bessie Coleman Drive in line with Runway 27 Right, west following Runway 27 Right on the grounds of O’Hare International Airport to its end, continuing west on a line parallel with the runway past the Cook and DuPage County line until the line intersects York Road, north on York Road to Supreme Drive, west on Supreme Drive to Thomas Drive in the Village of Bensenville;

The area in the Village of Bensenville identified as the Redmond Recreational Complex and the property located at 545 John Street.

A map of the quarantine area is available on the Illinois Department of Agriculture website at

The new quarantine area is added to existing Asian Longhorned Beetle quarantines in Chicago’s Ravenswood and Kilbourn Park neighborhoods, Addison, Summit and an unincorporated portion of Cook County near Park Ridge.

The quarantines prohibit the removal of any Asian Longhorned Beetle host material, including nursery stock, logs, green lumber, stumps, roots, branches and debris of a half inch or more in diameter from the quarantine area. Host species include Maple, Horse Chestnut, Apple, Chinaberry, Mulberry, Poplar, Cherry, Pear, Locust, Willow, Elm and citrus.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle inspection program, a joint venture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the City of Chicago Bureau of Forestry and the Illinois Department of Agriculture, has not found any live beetles this summer, indicating that beetle eradication efforts have been effective. Chicago-area residents are still encouraged to look for signs of the Asian Longhorned Beetle, including sawdust at the base of trees or on the top of branches and dime-sized holes in trees. Anyone seeing evidence of the Asian Longhorned Beetle should call 1-800-641-3934, or in Chicago call 312-742-3385.

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