July 26, 2012


Quincy, Ill. -Illinois Department of Agriculture Acting Director Robert Flider, local dignitaries and business owners from the western part of Illinois took the Buy Illinois Challenge and unveiled the department's newly-designed Illinois Product logo at Prince Agri Products Inc., in Quincy.

The Buy Illinois Challenge encourages every Illinois household to dedicate $10 of their weekly grocery budget to the purchase of Illinois products.  If every household made this pledge, it would generate more than $2.4 billion a year for the Illinois economy.  Residents can go online at to take the pledge today.

The newly-designed Illinois Product logo now is available from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  Any Illinois food or agribusiness company that processes, produces, packages, distributes or is headquartered in the state qualifies to use the logo.  Retail establishments and restaurants that carry Illinois product(s) may also use point-of-sale material. 

Today's event was the fourth of five events happening around the state to promote the Buy Illinois Challenge and newly-designed Illinois Products Logo.  Each event focuses on a different element of the Illinois food and agribusiness industry to give consumers a wide range of opportunities when choosing Illinois products.

Prince Agri Products, Inc., based in Quincy, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of trace mineral premixes, trace minerals and nutritional supplements for the dairy, beef, swine, poultry and pet food industries in the United States. Their Illinois operations employ more than 90 associates, and over 175 overall, including executive management, sales and marketing, customer service, laboratory, quality control, manufacturing, warehousing and administration and have been headquartered in Quincy since 1960.

"Agribusinesses play a large role in the Illinois economy and Prince Agri Products Inc. has a long standing relationship in Illinois," Acting Director Flider said.  "I appreciate Prince Agri Products and these local business owners pledging to not only take the challenge themselves but to help us educate consumers on the importance of buying Illinois food and agribusiness products and supporting those businesses that buy local."

For more information about the Illinois Product logo visit

A few stats about the economic importance of the Illinois food processing industry:

*Illinois ranks 1st among all states with $162 billion in food processing sales
(Source:  Dunn & Bradstreet Market Insight, April 2012)

*Illinois ranks 3rd among all states with 82,540 food processing employees and 77,500 food manufacturing employees
(Source:  Dunn & Bradstreet Market Insight and CES, April 2012)

*Illinois ranks 6th among all states with 2,514 food processing establishments
(Source:  Dunn & Bradstreet Market Insight, April 2012)


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