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2290 E. Walnut
Chatham, IL 62629-8633
Phone: 217/483-6236
Phone: 217/691-6236
Fax: 217/483-7726
Product(s): Roadside Market & Bakery: Breads, cider, jams, jellies, honey, molasses, pasta, popcorn, muffins, and pies. Fresh fruits: apples, berries, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelons. Fresh vegetables: asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers & gherkins, cauliflower, eggplants, garlic, peppers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, turnips, gourds, and squash. Greenhouse: You name it, we have it-flowers, trees, shrubs, and mums in the Fall. Christmas trees.

1565 Barclay Boulevard
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4537
Phone: 847/520-9600
Fax: 847/520-9160
Product(s): Distributor of Domino flavored sugar, crystalline honey and crystalline fruit juice.

500 Central Avenue
University Park, IL 60484-3147
Phone: 708/534-5511
Toll Free: 800/255-3181
Fax: 708/534-0123
Product(s): Avox (TM) Antioxidants BHA, BHT, TBHQ, and/or propyl gallate-based; ProKote (R) Release Agents-Bread Pan Oils, Divider Oils, Lecithin-free, Lecithin-based, Organic Certified, Pan Greases, Specialty; ProTech (TM)-Equipment Lubricants, conventional; ProSyn (TM)-Equipment Lubricants, Synthetic; Avatar-Glycerins; ProChill (TM)-Heat Transfer Fluids, Propylene Glycol-based; ProTherm (TM)-Heat Transfer Fluid, Mineral Oil-based; Avapol (TM)-Polysorbates; Avatar-Propylene Glycols; TroKote (TM) Release Agents-Trough Greases, Conventional, Organic-Certified; Avatar-Vegetable Oils, Conventional, Organic-Certified; Avatech (TM)-White Mineral Oils, Technical; Citation (TM)-White Mineral Oils, NF/USP.

P.O. Box 5609
Vernon Hills, IL 60061-5609
Phone: 847/573-0844
Fax: 847/573-0945
Product(s): Broker of corn flour, rye flour, wheat & meslin flour, hard & soft wheat flour, corn by-products (edible), wheat by-products, and honey.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBAY VALLEY FOODS
TreeHouse Foods, Inc.
857-897 School Place (54303)
Green Bay, WI 54307-9057
Phone: 920/497-8335 Ext.393
Phone: 920/497-7131
Toll Free: 800/647-9436
Fax: 920/497-4604
Product(s): Pickles, non-dairy creamer, creaming agents, aseptically packaged cheese sauces, meat and fish sauces, aseptic sauces, pancake syrup, and ready-to-serve private label soups and broths.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBEAL'S ORCHARD
471 Jasper Road
Centralia, IL 62801-9743
Phone: 618/822-6169
Product(s): Roadside market: breads, cakes, pastries with fillings, donuts, popcorn, molasses, fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, sweet corn and turnips. Aunt Beth's brand apple butter (sweetened/unsweetened). Beal's Orchard apple cider, cherry apple cider and mulling spices. Prairie Apiaries brand honey and Larry Miles/Millsap brand sorghum.

605 Old Tippecanoe Dr.
Springfield, IL 62711-8227
Phone: 217/553-6465
Phone: 217/553-2288
Product(s): Benning Bees sells all natural 100% pure slightly strained local honey and honey comb upon request.

Benning Bees Lip Balm is available in Orange, Birthday Suite (no flavor), Two Fingers Bourbon, Emmy's Sweet Butter Rum, Whol's Rum, Sister's Cinnamon, Amaretto Makes Me Happy, Pauldy's Peppermint, Cheeky Mint, and the Big Orange Balm flavors.

We also offer Beeswax Hand Creme, unscented and Lucky Lav-O (lavendar/orange) in 2 oz. containers along with the Salve, a beeswax based healing salve in a 2 oz. tin.

P. O. Box 1497
Evanston, IL 60204-1497
Phone: 800/323-3663 Ext.31
Toll Free: 800/323-3663
Fax: 800/962-1546
Product(s): Bernard and Calorie Control brands, Sans Sucre Sugar-free mousse mix; Longhorn Grill gourmet seasonings; Sweet'N Low brand bakery mixes; Sans Sucre cinnamon sugar substitute.

2401 S. Bunn
Bloomington, IL 61704-7405
Phone: 309/828-9731
Fax: 309/821-1224
Product(s): Retail meat market and processing to area farmers. We have a fresh meat case where our cuts are cut fresh daily. Bundles, specials, over 50 flavors of brats. Ropp Jersey cheese spread. Oakland Noodles, Joe's Sauces, Sasse's Honey, Pig Chaser BBQ Sauce, other IL sauces. Beef and hogs sold by the 1/2, 1/4 or whole all locally grown. Grass fed beef from Funk Farms, Shirley, IL. Grass fed beef sold in retail (mainly ground beef), but also sold by the whole, 1/2, 1/4. Buffalo, beef summer sausage, beef snack sticks, beef jerky, pork BBQ, Heinkel hot dogs, polish sausage, and bologna. Kitchen Cooked potato chips, Amish items: peaches, pears, pickles, beets, jams. Excalibur Seasonings.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBROOM ORCHARD, INC.
12803 Broom Road
Carlinville, IL 62626-2086
Phone: 217/854-3514
Fax: 217/854-3514
Product(s): Pick Your Own, Roadside Market, and Wholesale; fresh apples, nectarines, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, and cider. Private label preserves, Amish made apple butter, Websters all fruit preserves (no sugar), popcorn, Illinois Honey, Farm Markets of Ohio Products (candy, salsa, B-B-Q sauce, etc.), peanut brittle and various crafts.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBRUSH CREEK APIARIES
1036 Knox Highway 20
Maquon, IL 61458-9312
Phone: 309/875-3208
Product(s): Honey

28354 N. Ballard Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045-4507
Phone: 847/367-8300
Fax: 847/367-8332
Product(s): Sweet cream butter powder, high/low heat non-fat dried milk, sweet dairy whey, blends of dairy items for the baker, and 26% and 28.5% whole milk.

407 Washington Boulevard, Unit D
Mundelein, IL 60060-3123
Phone: 847/837-1060
Fax: 847/837-1059
Product(s): Distributor of dried dairy products and blends. Nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, spray dried buttermilk, buttermilk product, sweet dairy whey powder, whey protein concentrate, edible grade lactose, high acid whey powder, milk protein concentrate, and butter. Casiens and caseinates, de-lactose whey powder, cultured buttermilk, cheese powders, permeate, yogurt powder. Speciality blends, cheese, de-mineralized whey powder, high acid buttermilk, nonfat solids: high & low heat.

Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
118 Iowa Avenue
Streator, IL 61364-2421
Phone: 716/673-1000
Fax: 716/673-8443
Product(s): Major Peters, Jero, State Fair, Chicken 'n Ribs, Bob White, Sauce Arturo, Robb Ross, House of Lords, Salad Premier, American Maid, Branding Iron, Pomodoro, Roadside Farms, Major Peters', Stratford Farms, Carriage House, LaJunta and Home Brand brands of: preserves, jellies, peanut butter, peanut butter/jelly combo, spoonable dressings, barbeque & sauces, Italian sauces, Mexican sauces, pourable salad dressings, table syrups, chocolate & strawberry syrups, corn syrup, cocktail mixes, bar basics, seafood cocktail sauce and chili sauce.

55 E. Euclid Avenue, Suite 410
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-0575
Phone: 847/818-1550
Toll Free: 800/369-1550
Fax: 847/818-1659
Product(s): Recycle food to blend into feed products: alfalfa products, barley products, beef,lamb & pork products, beet products, beverage industry products, buckwheat products, chicken products, canola products, citrus products, cooked products, corn products, fish products, cotton products, flax products, marine products, milk products, millet, milo, safflower & sunflower products, oat products, organic products, peanut products, poultry products, rice products, rye products, soybean products, wheat products, and other products.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCHRIST ORCHARD
4321 N. Texas Road
Elmwood, IL 61529-9778
Phone: 309/446-9751
Phone: 309/466-3324
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, cherries, jams, jellies, honey, cider, Indian corn, pumpkins, and squash.

11051 W. Addison Street
Franklin Park, IL 60131-1401
Phone: 847/455-5600
Toll Free: 800/323-8801
Fax: 847/455-5630
Product(s): Conway portion control mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, and dips.

4433 W. Ohio
Chicago, IL 60624-1054
Phone: 773/826-6000
Toll Free: 800/333-1860
Fax: 773/826-6004
Product(s): Harvest Delight brand 100 ct. black tea. Damron brand iced tea, hot tea, iced herbal tea, organic tea, flavored tea and tea concentrates. Also injection molded cutlery. Best Chef Sauces.

16678 W. Aptakisic Road
Prairie View, IL 60069-4107
Phone: 847/634-3291
Fax: 847/634-3298
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh sweet corn, eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, assorted peppers, cucumbers & gherkins, fall squash, gourds, pumpkins, and Indian corn. Pick Your Own: fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and pumpkins.

2905 S. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608-5221
Phone: 773/254-8282
Phone: 800/562-8202
Fax: 773/254-8331
Product(s): Sugar products including organic.

726 N. Bowman Avenue
Danville, IL 61832-4030
Phone: 217/446-7969
Toll Free: 888/444-2138
Fax: 217/446-8722
Product(s): Dairy, beef, horse, sheep, goat, swine, and other liquid feeds; soybean and corn oil; ingredients for pet foods.

951 S. Green Mount Road
Belleville, IL 62220-4814
Phone: 618/233-0513
Phone: 800/745-0513
Fax: 618/235-8769
Product(s): Pick Your Own, Roadside Market, and Wholesale: fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, pumpkins, apple cider, apple juice, bread products, gift and fruit baskets, bakery and restaurant.
Ag Tourism: festivals and children's rides (Fall)

Illinois Products Logo MemberEDEN PLACE FARM
Fuller Park Community Development
4911 S. Shields Ave.
Chicago, IL 60609-4538
Phone: 773/624-8222
Phone: 773/624-0407
Fax: 773/624-7222
Product(s): Produce grown includes: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, collards, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, asian greens, beets, bok choi, green beans, green onions, hot peppers, kale, lettuce, melons, microgreens, mustard greens, okra, onions, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, rhubarb, salad greens, scallions, shallots, shell beans, spinach, summer squash, sweet peppers, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watermelons, winter squash, zucchini and much more. Eden Place honey, fresh chicken and duck eggs, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

401 7th Avenue
Erie, IL 61250-0648
Phone: 309/659-2233 Ext.330
Toll Free: 800/447-1887
Fax: 309/659-7270
Product(s): Erie Foods International Inc. is an international supplier of milk protein ingredients as well as a custom manufacturer of ingredients and granulated calcium carbonate. In addition to our current line of fresh curd caseinates, caseins, whey protein isolates, and milk protein concentrates, Erie now offers lactoferrin, glycomacropeptide, colostrum, and milk calcium. Contract manufacturing options include agglomeration, extrusion, fluid bed drying, instantizing, blending and grinding. A new pilot fluid bed agglomeration system has been added to run both batch and continuously and is scalable up to either of Erie's larger high-volume production operations. In-process and post-process lab support include microbial capabilities and kosher supervision. Packaging in 40 lb. bags, supersacs, fibre drums, shrink wrapping, and full palletizing is also available. A new distribution center at the Rochelle facility provides variable square footage rates for consignment material, WMS capabilities and inventory reports to help manage customer-owned material. Located one mile from the Pacific Global III Intermodal Railroad, the center provides cost savings on shipping directly out of Rochelle versus in and out of Chicago.

Illinois Products Logo MemberESSEN NUTRITION
1414 Sherman Road
Romeoville, IL 60446-4046
Phone: 630/739-6700
Fax: 630/739-6464
Product(s): Essen brand instant pudding mixes, low-calorie and low-sodium portion control dressings and syrups, low gluten flours, low gluten bread mix, low gluten potato pancake mix, clam tomato cocktail, instant powder drinks, pasta salad sauce, hot cocoa mix, whipped topping, low calorie-low sodium all natural dressings, low calorie syrup, reduced calorie-low sodium barbecue sauce, low sodium baking powder, mayonnaise (low sodium), pancake mix (low sodium), reduced calorie custard and mousse mix, low calorie gelatins, pickles and pickle products and Hispanic foods. Essen White - A healthy alternative to bi-sulfites as a potato whitener and vegetable crisper. Veggie burgers (soy protein product) and cutlets.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFLAVORCHEM CORPORATION
Spicery Shoppe
1525 Brook Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515-1024
Phone: 630/932-8100
Phone: 630/932-8104
Toll Free: 800/323-1301
Fax: 630/932-4626
Product(s): Spicery Shoppe brand pure vanilla and other extracts.

Flavorchem Corporation, founded in 1973, is a rapidly growing flavor company located in Downers Grove, IL and San Clemente, CA. Our technical staff of flavor chemists, home economists, and laboratory technicians create flavor systems for use in confectionary, bakery, dairy, beverages, and retail home use products. We are also home to the Spicery Shoppe flavoring and extract line. Spicery Shoppe's all natural alcohol-free flavors are formulated specifically for use in a variety of applications including baking products, smoothies, ice cream, beverages, and more.

Bakery & confectionary flavors, frozen dessert flavors, dairy & non-dairy flavors, snacks & nutritional foods, and pure vanilla extract.

1068 Thorndale Avenue
Bensenville, IL 60106-1142
Phone: 630/860-7100
Phone: 708/825-4363
Fax: 630/860-7400
Product(s): Fortune Fish Company is a wholesale seafood distributor and processor dedicated to providing the highest quality fresh fish and seafood to the Midwest United States. Fortune Fish Company offers an extensive selection of fresh and frozen seafood, live shellfish, custom smoked fish, imported and domestic caviar, as well as numerous specialty products from our Fortune Gourmet Foods Division. As leaders in the seafood industry, this company finds it their responsibility to provide, promote and market environmentally friendly wild fisheries and aquaculture.

5257 Old Route 66
Funks Grove, IL 61772-9601
Phone: 309/874-3360
Fax: 309/874-2302
Product(s): Funks Grove pure maple sirup, maple candy, and maple cream.

1709 2000th Avenue
Beason, IL 62512-9700
Phone: 217/447-3409
Product(s): Over 50 varieties of pumkins and gourds, apples (single to bushel), cider (pt, 1/2 gallon, gallon), Nate's honey (liquid and creamed), donuts (single to 1/2 dozen), cookies (single), coffeecakes, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, Amish jams & jellies (Barb's), and Amish apple butter & mustards (Plank's) 1/2 pints, pints, and quarts.

311 South Main Street
Galena, IL 61036-2228
Phone: 815/777-9625
Product(s): Gourmet Chef blends, rubs and seasonings. Artision sea salts. World fresh olive oils. Aged balsamics.

1728 N. Main
Dupo, IL 62239-1045
Phone: 618/286-4844
Fax: 618/286-3444
Product(s): Gateway vegetable oils and corn syrups.

1037 State Street
Chester, IL 62233-1657
Phone: 618/826-2361
Fax: 618/826-2973
Product(s): Private label baking mixes (cakes, brownie, muffin, etc.), ready-to-spread frosting, pancake mixes, potato products, dinners, ready-to-spread frosting, pancake mixes, popcorn, macaroni and cheese items, pasta, drink mixes, cocoa products and chocolate syrups, marshmallows, and ready to eat cereals.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGREEN SHADOWS FARM
1802 N 29th St.
Decatur, IL 62526-5412
Phone: 217/864-3223
Fax: 217/846-3223
Product(s): Straw; Pick Your Own: Fresh Green Beans; Roadside Market: Apple cider, apple butter, fresh apples, tomatoes, honey, asparagus, broccolli, cucmbers, squash, Indian corn, sweet corn, pumpkins, gourds, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, Peppers- white, green, red, yellow. edible soybeans.

3940 Porett Dr
Gurnee, IL 60031
Phone: 847/816-6225
Fax: 847/816-6238
Product(s): Distributor/ Broker of canned & frozen mushroom, freeze dried vegetables & herbs, I.Q.F. herbs, grape juice concentrates, tea, beverage bases, spices and seasonings.

7461 N. 400th St.
Altamont, IL 62411-2323
Phone: 618/322-6124
Product(s): Syrup is sold in pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallons. Honey is sold in pounds and 2 pounds. Honey straws are available in the flavors of: watermelon, grape, honey, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, apple and cherry. Honey candy are available in the flavors of: apple, grape, honey, lemon, orange, and strawberry. We will do special order containers for weddings or any other special occasion.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHOMESTEAD HARVESTS
14861 Enterprise Road
Heyworth, IL 61745-0109
Phone: 309/287-7933
Product(s): Homestead Harvest Honey, Apples, grass-fed beef, and hazelnuts.

11802 Charles Road
Woodstock, IL 60098-8764
Phone: 815/338-7443
Product(s): Homestead Orchard is a quiet place in the country to pick 14 varieties of apples, pie cherries, pears, and red raspberries. Come and sit under one of the oldest and largest maple trees in McHenry county. Relax, see and hear nature all around you. Come inside the 1880s horse barn, which is the company's store, and find hand crafted items, glassware, and maybe some antique furniture for sale. Company also sells their own honey from their own bee hives along with beeswax candles made one at a time.

11747 Waterman Road
Waterman, IL 60556-7185
Phone: 815/264-3337
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, respberries, pumpkins, apple cider, donuts, pies, candy, honey and squash. Soy Candles

J. Stewart & Co.
1130 West Lake Cook Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-1976
Phone: 847/419-9595
Fax: 847/419-9547
Product(s): Nutritional Products: "LaCal" Milk Calcium, Natural Dairy Calcium, "CalMal" Calcium Malola, Soluble Calcium, Calcium Citrate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Nicacin, Niacinamide, Ascorbic Acid, Amino Acids, Nutritional Blends.

Food Chemicals: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Monosodium Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Fumaric Acid, Malic Acid.

Food Ingredients: Dehydrated Potato-dices, slices, shreds, granules, powders; Dehydrates Carrots-cross cuts, dices, granules, powders; Gurna-xanthan, tara, guar; Proteins-dairy, fish; Dairy Products-whey, concentrates.

Flavors: HVP, Yeast extracts, Spices and Seasonings.

760 Lakeside Drive, Unit C
Gurnee, IL 60031-9166
Phone: 847/855-7400
Fax: 847/855-7408
Product(s): IFI imports and distributes a carefully selected collection of gourmet brands, assuring our customers of only the highest quality products from reliable, innovative producers. Our product range incorporates a combination of unique specialty ingredients, basic ingredients, semi-finished convenience items and a wide variety of tools and utensils-giving our professional customers access to a broad range of high quality products from a single, dependable source.

Illinois Products Logo MemberIVAN'S FARM MARKET
10620 N. Baileyville Road
Baileyville, IL 61007-9722
Phone: 815/938-3649
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, melons, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes, watermelons, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, onions, peppers, potatoes, radishes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and turnips. Also jams, jellies, honey and pickled products.

Illinois Products Logo MemberKATHY'S KITCHEN
201 N. Pitt Street
Virginia, IL 62691-1000
Phone: 217/452-3035
Fax: 217/452-3035
Product(s): Kathy's Kitchen brand bread & butter pickles, blue ribbon sweet pickles, beet pickles, dilled asparagus, dilled jalapeno slices, sweet jalapeno slices, jalapeno relish, chili sauce, chow chow, corn relish, lime pickles, salsa, hot salsa, Mexican salsa, green tomato pickles, inferno relish, onion relish, red cinnamon pickles, sweet basil peppers, zucchini pickles, zucchini relish, sweet pepper relish, apple butter, blackberry jam and jelly, black raspberry jam and jelly, grape jelly, jalapeno jelly, sweet pepper jelly, onion jelly, pumpkin butter, red raspberry jam and jelly, red tomato preserves and honey.

Illinois Products Logo MemberKLOEPPER APIARIES
5320 Lemen Road
Waterloo, IL 62298-3320
Phone: 618/792-1700
Product(s): Kloepper Apiaries (Waterloo, Illinois - 30 Minutes SE of St. Louis MO), sells locally produced, hybrid hygienic Italian honey bees, queens, and nucs (nucleus colonies). Nucs are primarily sold to beginning beekeepers and also for increase and replacement. Hives are inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture annually. Ken Kloepper, beekeeper and proprietor, also sells local honey (primarily from Monroe and /or St. Clair Counties) in Illinois. Local honey is available in 1 or 2 pound jars, and is also available in case quantities and gallon containers.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLA CRIOLLA, INC.
907-09 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607-2207
Phone: 312/243-8882
Phone: 847/372-2410
Fax: 312/243-8698
Product(s): La Criolla, Inc. is our brand and it was established in 1957 in Chicago's West Loop. Product categories include the following, which are sold in a variety of sizes at the wholesale level and are sold at regional retailers, and in bulk to food service operators: spices, olives and cooking oils, legumes and canned goods, flours and pastas, and honey.

3401 W. Cermak Road
Chicago, IL 60623-3240
Phone: 773/762-1500
Fax: 773/762-1569
Product(s): Manufacturer of Laredo chorizo, Spanish-style tomato sauce, spices & herbs and corn oil.

Distributor of bottled water, fruit punch & juice, herbal tea, Mexican candy, chocolate and other cocoa products, cocoa powder, ice cream, Mexican cheeses, rice flour, pasta, corn oil, olive oil, beet sugar, brown and cane sugar.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLAWRENCE FOODS
2200 Lunt Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5685
Phone: 847/437-2400
Toll Free: 800/323-7848
Fax: 847/437-2567
Product(s): A family business run with pride: Traditions of quality and service have made Lawrence Foods a preferred supplier to in-store and retail bakeries, foodservice operators and commercial manufacturers throughout the country for over 75 years. Today, Lawrence Foods is one of the bakery industry's leading ingredients suppliers. Company occupies a technologically advanced facility in suburban Chicago and manufacture the finest fruit fillings and toppings, icings, glazes, jellies, preserves, dry mixes and specialy items.

Only the finest ingredients: Unlike many of the company's domestic and foreign competitors, they do not own interests in orchards or agricultural processing plants. This allows them to buy in the geographic regions offering the finest fruit from season to season. They demand the best to ensure that their customers get the best.

Technical support: Their technical staff includes a senior research scientist, food technologists and master bakers who are all dedicated to helping customers achieve their unique business objectives. With a working baking environment operating as part of their laboratory, they can better understand their customers' challenges and develop ingredient solutions for them,

Expanding customer horizons: Company listens carefully to their customers because what they tell them is their primary source of information in developing innovative product and packaging concepts for them. That's why they serve the largest to the smallest retail bakery operations, commercial manufacturers and foodservice operators and distributors across the country.

2713 State Highway 14
Mulkeytown, IL 62865-2818
Phone: 618/724-2786
Product(s): Leedle Houme Apairy sells and raises Golden Italian honey bees. They sell honey from the bees in 1,2, and 3 pound packages. They also sell packages of honey bees, honey bee nucs, queens, and equipment and medication necessary to raise honey bees. They teach and help beginning beekeepers get started.

3925 S Illinois Ave
Carbondale, IL 62903-7941
Phone: 618/549-1263
Product(s): Roadside Market: Lipe Orchards brand of cider, apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, tomatoes, pumpkins and squash and other fruits and vegetables.

680 IL Rt. 130
Greenup, IL 62428-3201
Phone: 217/923-3736
Product(s): 100 + apple varieties (many heirloom), 30 + varieties of peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, blueberries and blackberries - jams, jellies, butters, salsa, chow, honey and sorghum. Many vegetables in season including sweetcorn, tomatoes, squash, melons and more. Pumpkins, squash, gourds, Indian corn, and other fall decorative items. Mums and Astors. Weekend snackbar with pies, cobblers, real ice cream, other bakery items, BBQ (our own) and other sandwiches. Apple cider and 4 varieties of slushies. Nature trails, barnyard animals, maizes, orchard tours and kiddie train by appointment or by chance. Potted plants and trees, custom grafting of your favorite tree.

Illinois Products Logo MemberMACKINAW VALLEY APIARIES, INC.
P. O. Box 274
Mackinaw, IL 61755-0274
Phone: 309/359-8600
Product(s): Mackinaw Valley Apiaries pure local natural honey.

612 Mills Road
Joliet, IL 60433-2843
Phone: 815/722-2475
Phone: 815/722-3021
Fax: 815/722-1302
Product(s): Producer of Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses. Distributor of; flour, pasta, corn, olive, and cooking spray oils; spices and seasonings, cane sugar and yeast; frozen pizza, quiche and edible ice; frozen cuts of chicken, deli meats, frankfurters, frozen ham and sausage; tomato sauce, various canned and fresh vegetables, dried garlic and potato chips. Gift baskets featuring some Illinois Products. Pizza Supplies.

14489 Springfield St.
Grafton, IL 62037-2127
Phone: 618/786-2060
Product(s): Mason Hollow maple syrup.

33 N. Dearborn, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60602-3100
Phone: 312/840-5397
Fax: 312/840-5397
Product(s): Sugar substitutes: aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, stevia, non-GMO stevia, monk fruit; sugar and sugar blends: raw cane sugar, turbinado sugar, stevia and turbinado sugar blend.

103 W. Main
Princeville, IL 61559-7511
Phone: 309/385-1035
Fax: 309/385-1036
Product(s): Broker of various food and feed ingredients.

150 Millers Country Lane
Ava, IL 62907-2054
Phone: 618/426-3108
Phone: 618/426-3939
Fax: 618/426-1110
Product(s): Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Marmalades, Honey & Sorghum.

3322 Newport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-5510
Phone: 773/463-3000
Fax: 773/463-3181
Product(s): Manufactures, produces, and distributes a full line of ingredients and bakery goods. They carry private label Nebro Brand flour, sugar, shortening and other bakery supplies. Specialize in honey that is processed on site and we import all exotic spices that are milled and ground to individual specification. Flavorings, emulsions, and extracts are designed by us to enhance particularized formulas.

2520 S. Grand Ave. East
Springfield, IL 62703-5613
Phone: 217/391-0091 Ext.11
Toll Free: 800/238-8090
Fax: 217/391-0096
Product(s): Nexcel offers non-GMO and/or organic soybean oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, canola oil, and safflower oil; no trans fat oils and shortening products (natural frying and salad oils), non-GMO liquid oils, organic liquid oils, solid shortening products and specialty oils); Nexsoy solvent-free soy protein products (low fat soy flour, low fat soy grits, textured soy protein, soy protein concentrate, soy/rice nuggets); Solo lower-sodium sea salt. Sweet *10 Liquid Sweetener (saccharin), Sprinkle Sweet "Spoon-for-Spoon" Sugar replacement, Superose Sugar Subsitute (saccharin).

Gust- John Foods And Products Corporation
1350 Paramount Parkway
Batavia, IL 60510-1461
Phone: 630/879-8700
Fax: 630/879-8708
Product(s): Northern Pines pancake, waffle, and muffin mixes for food service and retail. Northern Pines syrup variety includes maple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry as well as sugar maple and blueberry available in 12 oz. bottles, gallons, and 1 oz. single serve.

NOW Health Group
395 S. Glen Ellyn Road
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-2176
Phone: 630/545-9098
Phone: 888/669-3663
Fax: 630/545-9080
Product(s): Now brands of vitamins, multi-vitamins, minerals, special formula products, herbs, sports nutrition and aromatherapy.

1554 Barclay Blvd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4530
Phone: 847/714-9955
Phone: 800/952-5130
Fax: 847/714-9457
Product(s): FLAVOUR CREATION brand coffee flavoring tablets are non-nutritive and contain no sugar, fat, calories or dairy. They are packaged in an attractive "retro" tin dispenser containing 48 tablets and are suitable for use at home or away. Choose from eight flavors; Almond Amaretto, Caramel, Cinnamon Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Crème and White Chocolate Raspberry.
NECTA SWEET brand is a brand of saccharin tablets used as a calorie free sugar substitute. The tablets are available in three sweetening strengths; one teaspoons, two teaspoons, and four teaspoons of comparable sugar sweetness.
INSTA SWEET brand is a brand of sugar substitute that uses aspartame as the intense sweetening agent. This tablet product is available in pocket/purse-sized dispensers in one teaspoon of sugar sweetness equivalent. Both sweetener brands are available for private label packaging for export purposes.

Illinois Products Logo MemberNYMAN'S HARVEST CORNER
R.R. 8, 390 Knox County, Maquon, IL
Galesburg, IL 61401-3021
Phone: 309/342-5059
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh blueberries, asparagus, honey and popcorn. Variety of vegetables.

175 N. CR 525 E.
Arcola, IL 61910-3782
Phone: 217/268-4933
Product(s): Apple Butter. Mustards; jalapeno (hot & mild), habenero, honey-mustard, roasted garlic, dill, horseradish, and tangy mustard sauce. 14 fruit butters and 6 flavors of pancake syrups.

5403 Brubaker Road
Salem, IL 62881-4839
Phone: 618/548-1604
Product(s): Honey, molasses, sorghum, apple butters and jellys.

Premium Ingredients Group
285 E Fullerton Avenue
Carol Stream, IL 60188-1886
Phone: 630/868-0300
Phone: 630/868-0388
Fax: 630/868-0310
Product(s): Distributor of food and nutritional ingredients: acidulants, amino acids, aroma chemicals, antioxidants, colors, flavor enhancers, gums, nutritional supplements, phosphates, preservatives, specialty chemicals, sweetners, vitamins, and misc (caffeine anhydrous USP, caseinates, fruit powders, garlic powders, non dairy creamer, peanut butter stearates, and vegetable powder). Distributor of liquid coffee flavoring: apple, grape, grapefruit, lemon, orange, pineapple, tomato and other fruit juices; mixture of fruit juices; whey; posato and tapioca flakes; lecithin; dried/dehydrated bananas; coconuts and tomatoes; honey; ice cream toppings; and dried/dehydrated vegetables.

1755 Park St., Suite 200
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630/428-2386
Fax: 630/527-9905
Product(s): Distributor of food ingredients such as extracts, flavorings, preservatives, antioxidants, acidulants, gums and artificial sweetners; canned pineapples, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots; pork by-products; mushrooms.

621 E. Schaumberg Road
Schaumberg, IL 60194-3538
Phone: 847/524-5296
Fax: 847/524-5309
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, blueberries, grapes, melons, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn and sweet potatoes.

15908 Hebron Road
Harvard, IL 60033-9357
Phone: 815/648-2084
Phone: 815/648-4141 Ext.22
Fax: 815/648-4821
Product(s): Pick Your Own: apples, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pumpkins, and peaches. Roadside Market: Royal Oak apples, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pumpkins, honey, cider (1/2 and 1 gallon), apple pies, apple cider donuts and fudge.

5251 Kell Road
Kell, IL 62853-1843
Phone: 618/822-6637
Product(s): Pick your own: Fresh blackberries and strawberries. Roadside Market: Fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes and sweet corn. Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, jams, molasses, etc.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSASSE'S APIARY
1070 2000th Ave.
Chestnut, IL 62518-6037
Phone: 217/615-8511
Product(s): Sasse's Apiary local honey: comb, creamed and liquid honey in many sizes.

3422 W. Touhy Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60712-2707
Phone: 847/329-2080
Fax: 847/329-2090
Product(s): Sethness caramel color and caramelized sugar syrup. Sethness provides the world's largest variety of liquid and powdered caramel colors.

17250 Weber Road
Lockport, IL 60441-6525
Phone: 815/741-2693
Fax: 815/729-2693
Product(s): Roadside Market; Sweet corn, fresh melons, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, cucumbers & gherkins, and peppers. A garden center consisting of annuals, perennials, rose bushes,shrubs, trees, pond plants, lawn and garden care. Siegel's Family Fall Fest; pumpkins, 3-Acre corn maze, climb around Fort Cottonwood and Vegi-Land, pet the animals and stroll through our haunted barn.

2520 S. Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62708-6338
Phone: 217/528-5621
Fax: 217/528-6247
Product(s): Sweet *10 # Liquid Sweetener (saccharin), Sprinkle Sweet # "Spoon-for-Spoon" Sugar Replacement, Superose # Sugar Substitute (Saccharin), Sweet Sprinkles Sugar Substitute (saccharin), Superose # Plus Aspartame Sweetener, Sweet *10# Plus Aspartame Sweetener, Sweet Sprinkles Aspartame Sweetener, Sweet Lite # Fructose (Crystalline & Liquid HFcS), Ultra Diet Quick Diet Meal Replacement (powdered). Private label dehydrated foods - noodles/rice and sauce mixes, ice tea mix, sugar based drink mixes, cocoa, bouillon, soups, instant and single cups, instant yeast, flavored coffees and creamers.

650 N. Raddant
Batavia, IL 60510-4207
Phone: 630/377-0608
Fax: 630/406-1936
Product(s): Distributor

Brewster Dairy, Inc.
300 W. Railroad Avenue
Stockton, IL 61085-1545
Phone: 815/947-3361
Toll Free: 800/728-0111
Product(s): Swiss Cheese products: regular, baby, and 2% low fat; Sweet/Whey cream mix; Whey concentrate.

207 E. Third Street
Gridley, IL 61744-7715
Phone: 309/747-2125
Fax: 309/747-2127
Product(s): Sweet Treat Supply is a retail and wholesale outlet supplying homemakers, retail bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries, cake and candy shops, and families. We offer high quality candy making supplies to our customers, including candy molds, premium chocolate confectionery melts, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, caramel, cocoa powders, candy making accessories, chocolate molds, hard candy molds, cake mixes, icings, sanding sugars, edible glitters, cake pans, cake decorating supplies and accessories, exclusive freeze-dried yogurt snacks, licensed products, edibles, wedding ornaments and accessories, lollipop and sucker sticks of all sizes, treat bags, decorative twist tie wraps and much, much more.

Sweet Treat Supply is dedicated to providing quality, top-of-the-line products to our customers. Our dedication continues to make our customers' products the most desirable and memorable in the market today by providing the best quality and value in creative and innovative tools delivered with exemplary service. You'll soon find out why. The line includes wedding ornaments and accessories, cake decorations of all types (both everyday and seasonal), scores of licensed properties, edibles, candles, bakery tools, and equipment. We also offer a wide selection of everyday and holiday products. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know, and we will obtain it for you!


Brookfield, IL 60513-1529
Phone: 708/588-8400
Toll Free: 888/784-2799
Fax: 708/588-8460
Product(s): Sweetener Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients with two manufacturing facilities in the Chicago area. Each of our production facilities feature state of the art manufacturing capabilities offering the highest quality products availbale today. For use in a wide range of application including: confections, prepared foods, baked goods, beverage, dairy, and non-food applications. The Sweetener Supply family of products includes: Sur Sweet Invert Sugars, Ambersweet Liquid Sugar, Delicious Granulated Sugar, Delicious Powdered Sugar, Delicious Brown Sugar (dark and medium), Delicious Molasses (Blackstrap, Cane Juice, Refiner's Molasses), Perfecto Baking Powders, Ridgeland Cellulose Fibers, Ridgeland Sugarcane Fibers, Ridgeland Oat Fiber, Ridgeland Anti-Caking Blends, Ridgeland Confectionery Moulding Starch, Ridgeland Dusting Starch.

740 State Rt. 40
Speer, IL 61479-9515
Phone: 309/493-5442
Fax: 309/493-5741
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market; fresh apples, jams, taffy apples, and cider. Roadside Market; fresh cucumbers & gherkins, and sweet corn.

Tate & Lyle
2200 E. Eldorado Street
Decatur, IL 62525-1578
Phone: 217/421-3395
Phone: 217/421-2765
Fax: 217/421-2859
Product(s): Sweetners, food ingredients, industrial starches, proteins, animal feed ingredients, ethanol, fructose or fructose syrup, glucose, corn starch, maltodextrins, and polydextrose.

4300 W. Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60624-1051
Phone: 773/638-5310
Fax: 773/638-9170
Product(s): Manufacturer and distributors of soup bases, mayonnaise and salad dressings, flour mixes and syrups and sauces under the following brand names: Golden Bear, Golden Cakes, Maple 22, Dimitra, All Seasons, Variety, Mr. Lee's Kentucky Brand, and Tec Foods label.

2129 N. 15th Ave
Melrose Park, IL 60160-1400
Phone: 708/681-3660
Phone: 708/486-0296
Toll Free: 800/536-8663
Fax: 708/681-2368
Product(s): Manufacture and privatel label: sauces, marinades, and beverage bases (juice concentrate, beverage concentrate, fountain beverages, liquid tea concentrate). Bonnie 7+1 Syrups- 11 flavors in 4/1 gallon, 5 flavors in 5 gallon bag-in-box; Rainbo Rich 5+1 Syrups-16 flavors- 4/1 gallons-3 and 5 gallon bag-in-box; Sno Bal 5+1 Sno Cone syrups- 20 flavors-4/1 gallon case; Balboa Bay Cocktail Mixes; Balboa Bay fruit smoothies; Balboa Bay cappuccinos; Timber Tail maple syrup; & Evon's cocktail mixes.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTWIN SPRINGS SORGHUM
3432 KK Road
Waterloo, IL 62298-6502
Phone: 618/458-7727
Product(s): Twin Springs brand pure sorghum syrup.

Illinois Products Logo MemberUNITED FOOD GROUP
1925 Holmes Road
Elgin, IL 60123-1204
Phone: 847/622-1803
Phone: 800/366-3595
Fax: 847/622-1713
Product(s): Victorian Inn brand cocoas, teas, Chai teas and cappuccino; artificial sweetner and dry soup mixes. Perfect Servings brand machines and powdered food & beverage products. Herico Horchata, Limonada, Tamarindo, Jamaica. Cool Cafe brand smoothies and iced beverages.

2186 Arcadia Road
Jacksonville, IL 62650-6082
Phone: 217/452-3388
Fax: 217/886-2584
Product(s): US Wellness Beef is a group of beef producers that produce and market grass finished beef with no hormones or antibiotics. The product is marketed in assorted box sizes and shipped frozen next day; Pasture poultry; Grass fed lamb; Bison; Natural pork, and grass fed butter & cheese.

2222 West Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 800/989-8482
Fax: 312/738-3215
Product(s): Product(s): Vita Herring, Smoked Salmon, Frozen Salmon Burgers & Frozen Salmon; Jim Beam Seafood, Sauces & Condiments; Budweiser BBQ & Wing Sauces; Dr Pepper, A&W and Orange Crush Dessert Toppers, Marinades and BBQ Sauces; Biltmore Salad Dressings & Marinades; Jelly Belly Dessert Toppers & Breakfast Syrups; Margaritaville BBQ Sauce, marinades, salad dressing and rubs; Sauza Dips, Agave Nectar & Sauces; Scorned Woman Hot Sauces; Virginia Brand Salad Dressings; Variety of Gift Packs

3615 S. Jasper Place
Chicago, IL 60609-1303
Phone: 773/254-5000
Fax: 773/523-7445
Product(s): Bakery and candy ingredients, ice cream toppings and cake decorating piping gel.

2350 Ravine Way
Glenview, IL 60025-7621
Phone: 847/498-0240 Ext.201
Phone: 847/904-5201
Toll Free: 800/669-8346
Fax: 847/498-1903
Product(s): Carbotrol is a leading packer and manufacturer of natural juice pack canned fruits, fruit cups, puddings, gelatins, whipped toppings, pureed fruits, low calorie syrups, nutritional supplements, ready to serve juices in cups and boxes in a variety of flavors and sizes. All products are shelf stable, require no refrigeration, kosher certified, and especially flavored for restricted and non-restricted diets. The products contain no sugar, but maintain a unique quality taste. The other main product is a full variety of bar mixes and new bag in box juice container.

2011 Swanson Court
Gurnee, IL 60031-1221
Phone: 847/625-8600
Fax: 847/625-5050
Product(s): Woodland Foods D'Allansandro brand specialty gourmet ingredients: mushrooms and truffles; rices; chilies (powders & processed); grains, flours and meals; beans, lentils & peas; herbs & spices; sun-dried tomatoes, couscous, polenta & orzo; dried fruits, nuts, seeds and corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberWRIGHTS HONEY
306 S. Franklin Street
Kansas, IL 61933-0083
Phone: 217/948-5353
Product(s): Wrights Honey brand of honey: Liquid, comb, chunk and (spun) creamed.

14643 State Route 38
De Kalb, IL 60115-8448
Phone: 815/756-6005
Fax: 815/756-5048
Product(s): Bedding plants, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, melons, tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, peppers, sweet corn, apples, amish made jams, jellies, mustards, pie fillings, salsas, pickled products, local honey, also pumpkins, gourds and fall squash