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2260 CR 1800E
Arthur, IL 61911-6063
Phone: 217/543-2655
Toll Free: 866/913-8222
Fax: 217/543-2656
Product(s): Fresh, local produce in season. We define local as Arthur & Illinois or within 100 miles. A full variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables. Zimmermans canned vegetables, Kathy's Kitchen, Plank's Apple Butter. Baked goods. Gifts, puzzles, books, educational suppliers.

21873 U.S. Hwy 54
Pittsfield, IL 62363-9802
Phone: 217/285-4555
Fax: 217/285-4555
Product(s): Roadside Market: Fresh apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, squash, strawberries, potatoes, and sweet corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberALFELDT'S TREE FARM & NURSERY
8909 Adams Road
Oakdale, IL 62268-2721
Phone: 618/329-5256
Toll Free: 800/369-0797
Fax: 618/329-5381
Product(s): Christmas trees, pumpkins, nursery stock, and gift shop.

14510 IL Route 176
Woodstock, IL 60098-7556
Phone: 815/338-5637
Product(s): All Seasons Apple Orchard is a family friendly apple picking orchard located in Woodstock, the county seat of McHenry County, in Northern Illinois. All Seasons Apple Orchard has more than 11,000 apple trees and 12 varieties of apples, including Honey crisp and the Asian pear. They also have a pick your own pumpkin patch with six varieties of pumpkins for your decorating and baking needs. Starting Labor Day Weekend, explore their 10 acre Corn Maze with 3 miles of pathways and 2 bridges. Spend time in their petting zoo, country farm market, or Country Kitchen and Bakery which offers seasonal favorites like homemade apple donuts, apple cider, caramel apples, local honey and much more! At All Seasons Orchard, the hay ride will take you on a tour through their beautiful orchards and is essential to a complete fall season experience! Visit the petting zoo, hay maze, Cow Train, Heap of Hay or any of their other amusements for children. In their 20th year, they continue their commitment to producing the best apples in Illinois for you and your family!

43245 N GreenBay Road
Zion, IL 60099-9512
Phone: 847/872-7004
Product(s): Roadside market for fresh apples and sweet cider. Open 12:00 - 6:00 every day beginning the later part of September until approx. the end of October. No U-Pick. Cider sold by the gallon & half gallon. Cider is not pasteurized. Apples packaged in 3 lb., 5 lb., and pack bags. Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Tolman sweet, Jonalicious, Golds, and other varieties.

2290 E. Walnut
Chatham, IL 62629-8633
Phone: 217/483-6236
Phone: 217/691-6236
Fax: 217/483-7726
Product(s): Roadside Market & Bakery: Breads, cider, jams, jellies, honey, molasses, pasta, popcorn, muffins, and pies. Fresh fruits: apples, berries, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelons. Fresh vegetables: asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers & gherkins, cauliflower, eggplants, garlic, peppers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, turnips, gourds, and squash. Greenhouse: You name it, we have it-flowers, trees, shrubs, and mums in the Fall. Christmas trees.

16295 Argo Fay Rt.
Thomson, IL 61285-7669
Phone: 815/259-2132
Product(s): Farm Fresh Vegetables- Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, Cucumbers, Melons, Pumpkins, Squash, and most other vegetables. Open daily July-Nov.

12505 Springfield Rd.
Tremont, IL 61568-8869
Phone: 309/925-3206
Product(s): Pick Your Own: Fresh strawberries

Illinois Products Logo MemberBACKWOODS BERRY FARM
27244 Hettick-Scottville Road
Hettick, IL 62649-4730
Phone: 217/436-2510
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh blackberries, asparagus, blueberries and strawberries. Also prepicked by quart or pound.

6693 Highway 11
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863-4019
Phone: 618/299-7161
Product(s): Farmers Market, Roadside Market and Wholesaler of fresh apples, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, lettuce, lettuce salads, onions, peas, peppers, pumpkins, squash & gourds, radishes, spinach, sweet corn, turnips, and pecans.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBAXTERS VINEYARD
2010 E. Parley Street
Nauvoo, IL 62354-1324
Phone: 217/453-2528
Fax: 217/453-6600
Product(s): Baxter's Old Nauvoo brand wine (Concord, White Sweet, Pink Catawba, Lusty White, Brenda's Blush, Icarian Red, Nauvoo Red, and River Bend Red Wine). Pick-Your-Own, Retail (Seasonal) and Wholesale: fresh apples, grapes, and cider.

1982 State Route 82
Altona, IL 61414
Phone: 309/299-4574
Fax: 309/863-5920
Product(s): Beagle Creek Farm offers a wide variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. We sell our vegetables at farmer's markets, on-farm stand, and wholesale.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBEAL'S ORCHARD
471 Jasper Road
Centralia, IL 62801-9743
Phone: 618/822-6169
Product(s): Roadside market: breads, cakes, pastries with fillings, donuts, popcorn, molasses, fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, sweet corn and turnips. Aunt Beth's brand apple butter (sweetened/unsweetened). Beal's Orchard apple cider, cherry apple cider and mulling spices. Prairie Apiaries brand honey and Larry Miles/Millsap brand sorghum.

675 Wrights Crossing Road
Cobden, IL 62920-3466
Phone: 618/893-2397
Product(s): Pick your own and prepicked roadside market: fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Route 71, P.O. Box 155A
Granville, IL 61326-0155
Phone: 815/339-2245

15565 McGirr Road
Hinckley, IL 60520-6088
Phone: 320/217-9253
Product(s): Even though the business started in 2011, Bountiful Blessings brings a lot of experience to the table. The Wielert family has been involved in agriculture and horticulture for four generations. Ranging from cattle production, greenhouse operation and vegetable farming over the years, the Wielerts have been described by friends and neighbors as quality growers. Located five miles north of Hinckley, IL on McGirr Road, Wielert's Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce is situated on some of Illinois' most bountiful farm land. In the spring of 2011, after being prompted by his father, Jeff Wielert opened Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce to provide locally produced food in the local market. Jeff's parents, Allan and Bette Wielert help him to produce a top quality vegetable crop available on the farm and at other local sites. Their goal is to bring a healthy, delicious product to your table at an affordable price.

In 2013, Bountiful Blessings will be adding another High Tunnel Greenhouse to meet the needs of the local area. With over 10 acres of sweet corn and 10 acres of vegetables and pumpkins, Bountiful Blessings will continue to offer top quality, locally grown food products at affordable prices. Be sure to visit the farm or one of their stands this spring!

We sell herbs, sweet corn, asparagus, beets, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and much more.

Illinois Products Logo MemberBROOM ORCHARD, INC.
12803 Broom Road
Carlinville, IL 62626-2086
Phone: 217/854-3514
Fax: 217/854-3514
Product(s): Pick Your Own, Roadside Market, and Wholesale; fresh apples, nectarines, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, and cider. Private label preserves, Amish made apple butter, Websters all fruit preserves (no sugar), popcorn, Illinois Honey, Farm Markets of Ohio Products (candy, salsa, B-B-Q sauce, etc.), peanut brittle and various crafts.

1489 County Rd 725 E
Sullivan, IL 61951-9803
Phone: 217/728-7993
Product(s): Buxton's Garden Farm
"The Pumpkin People"
Nearly 13 years ago we started by growing 1 acre of sweet corn and selling it from our truck. Today we have grown to 10,000 square feed of greenhouse plus annually 80 acres of produce.
Produce watermelon, cantelope, tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, onions, summer squash, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes, strawberries, peaches, and zucchini.
Grow flowers; greenhouses, annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, and herbs.
Produce jams; apple butter, butter nut butter, crush butter, pumpkin butter, and gray triplet butter.
5 acre corn maze and weekend hayrides

The seasonal sales start in march with flowers and plants and ends in november after Thanksgiving. Thru out the year we harvest fruits, vegetables and of course pumplins, lots of pumpkins.

Buxton's Garden Farm currently has 2 types of product that is grown and processed from either crops from our farm or frm other farms in Illinois. The first product line is called: "Buxton's Butters" offered in 16 flavors from apple to pumpkin. The newest addition in products is called: Buxton's Pumplin. For those who want to make homemade pumpkin pie, we now have canned pumpkin. Buxton's Pumpkin is offered in 5 different sizes from a single pie requirements to 10 pie requirements. To find us we are located in the suburbs of Dunn, Illinois on IL Hwy 121 or 3 miles west of Sullivan or 3 miles east of Bethany on IL Hwy 121.

And finally as we say "Thanks for Stopping" - Ma & Pa Buxton and all the kids (Megan, Blake, Lenny, Emily and Abbey)

3753 N. 1100 Avenue
Lynn Center, IL 61262-9538
Phone: 309/476-8796
Fax: 309/944-7900
Product(s): Farmers Market and Orchard: apples, blackberries, peaches, raspberries, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, sweet corn, and pumpkins.

55 E. Euclid Avenue, Suite 410
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-0575
Phone: 847/818-1550
Toll Free: 800/369-1550
Fax: 847/818-1659
Product(s): Recycle food to blend into feed products: alfalfa products, barley products, beef,lamb & pork products, beet products, beverage industry products, buckwheat products, chicken products, canola products, citrus products, cooked products, corn products, fish products, cotton products, flax products, marine products, milk products, millet, milo, safflower & sunflower products, oat products, organic products, peanut products, poultry products, rice products, rye products, soybean products, wheat products, and other products.

4459 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL 60651-1631
Phone: 773/772-5858
Fax: 773/772-5860
Product(s): Wheatgrass Trays
Sundlower Greens Tray
Peashoots Tray
Pet Grass Cup
Pet Grass Case (9cups)
Adzuki Bean 6 oz bag
Alaskan Pea 6oz bag
Garbanzo 6oz bag
Lentil 6oz
Soy Bean 6oz
Wheatberry 6oz bag
Mixed Bean 6oz
Stir Fry 6oz
Spring Salad 6 oz
Sprout Salad 6 oz
Mixed Greens 4 oz
Radish 4oz
Red Clover 4oz
Alfalfa 4oz
Wheatgrass/cut 2oz bag
Wheatgrass/cut 1/2lb bag
Wheatgrass/cut 1lb bag
Broccoli 2oz bag
Onion 2oz bag
Sunflower Greens 2oz
Peashoots 2oz bag
Special Notes: All products can be packaged in 1# or 2# increments

Illinois Products Logo MemberCHRIST ORCHARD
4321 N. Texas Road
Elmwood, IL 61529-9778
Phone: 309/446-9751
Phone: 309/466-3324
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, cherries, jams, jellies, honey, cider, Indian corn, pumpkins, and squash.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCOUNTRY CORNER
5333 US Highway 150
Cambridge IL, IL 61238-9246
Phone: 309/629-2359
Phone: 309/337-6714
Fax: 309/629-2359
Product(s): Farm Market Agritourism Working Farm offering:
Farm fresh vegetables - asparagus, cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes, summer squash, winter squash, gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn
Fresh fruits - strawberries, blackberries, red raspberries
Country Corner has over 40 acres of home-grown produce and offers u-pick strawberries, blackberries, red raspberries and pumpkins.

10396 E2100 N. Rd.
Carlock, IL 61725-9683
Phone: 309/376-5281
Phone: 309/825-6743
Product(s): Strawberries, kohlrabi, broccoli, eggs, jams, pickled items, popcorn, kale, geraniums, tomatoes, lettuce, hanging baskets, herb plants, tomato plants, rhubarb, onions, and asparagus.

Illinois Products Logo MemberCURTIS ORCHARD, LTD.
3902 S. Duncan Road
Champaign, IL 61822-6702
Phone: 217/359-5565
Fax: 217/359-5475
Product(s): Escape to the country at Curtis Orchard. This Champaign-area farm features apples, pumpkins and a large country store. Shop for specialty food items and take home the farm's fresh apple cider. Try their famous donuts & pies, along with great meals in September & October.

The orchard offers free admission & parking. Entertainment options for a fee include a giant slide, obstacle course, corn maze, gem mining & pony rides. Free activities include a maze, playground & petting zoo. Pick-your-own apples and pumpkins are purchased in the store.

For directions, call (217)359-5565 or go to

Illinois Products Logo MemberDANIKEN TREE FARM
781 IL Rt 140, Pocahontas, IL 62275
Greenville, IL 62246-1939
Phone: 618/664-4067
Phone: 618/410-9701
Product(s): 60 acre christmas tree farm. We specialize in choose and cut trees plus a large selection of pre cut trees. We also sell B&B landscape trees year round. We offer chistmas trees in the wholesale marketplace as well. We ship in and broker trees grown in MI, NC, and OR. We offer several wreath fundraisers as well. In the fall we have a 2 acre U-pick pumpkin patch and a 2 acre corn maze. We provide hayrides to and from the patch. Our extensive gift shop is open Sept. 15- Oct. 31 and Nov. 20- Dec. 20.

Illinois Products Logo MemberDE JONG BROS FARMS, INC.
18377 Stony Island Ave.
Lansing, IL 60438-0700
Phone: 708/474-0991
Fax: 708/474-6330
Product(s): DeJong Bros brand cello spinach (available in 10 oz, 2 1/2 lb. & 5 lb sizes), DeJong brand 16 oz Turnip Greens, 16 oz Mustard Greens, 16 oz Collard Greens, and 16 oz Kale. Bunched radishes (20's or 24's/carton), bunched green onions (48/carton), bunched turnip greens (24/carton), bunched mustard greens (24/carton), bunched collard greens (24/carton), bunched kale (24/carton), bunched red beets (12/carton), loose red beets (25 lb/bag), leaf lettuce (20 lb/carton), and bibb lettuce (5 lbs/carton).

Illinois Products Logo MemberDEL MONTE FRESH PRODUCE, INC.
14 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901-8946
Phone: 815/936-7400
Fax: 815/936-7409
Product(s): Fresh cut fruits and vegetables, whole produce, prepared salads, prepared fruits and vegetables, snacks, fresh fruit and vegetable vending line.

16678 W. Aptakisic Road
Prairie View, IL 60069-4107
Phone: 847/634-3291
Fax: 847/634-3298
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh sweet corn, eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, assorted peppers, cucumbers & gherkins, fall squash, gourds, pumpkins, and Indian corn. Pick Your Own: fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and pumpkins.

273 West Point Road
Ava, IL 62907-2318
Phone: 618/559-9302
Phone: 618/426-3386
Fax: 618/426-3468
Product(s): Dierks Farms Grass Fed Beef and Produce offers 100% grass fed beef direct to consumer. We sell through farmers markets, bulk orders to consumer, meat markets and online. We sell by the half, whole and by the cut. All meat is shipped using dry ice or delivered within a designated delivery area. Our meat is processed by Wenneman's Meat Company in St. Libory, IL. which is a federally inspected facility to be able to market across state lines. We have been inspected by the Illiinois Department of Agriculture and have received our license. Our license number is 5623. We are licensed as a meat and poultry broker.

We will also market fresh produce such as tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs such as oregano, dill, mint, basil, etc. We will market our produce through the farmers markets.

7502 W. Hansel Road
Channahon, IL 60410-9412
Phone: 815/467-6766
Fax: 815/467-6858
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and squash. Also has entertainment; hay rides, train rides, and a haunted barn. The third weekend of October, the farm holds a Civil War re-enactment.

4140 Dutch Ridge Rd
Carbondale, IL 62903-7521
Phone: 618/684-2471
Phone: 618/687-2833
Fax: 618/687-2833
Product(s): Wholesale: Echo Valley brand fresh apples, peaches, strawberries, and tomatoes.

951 S. Green Mount Road
Belleville, IL 62220-4814
Phone: 618/233-0513
Phone: 800/745-0513
Fax: 618/235-8769
Product(s): Pick Your Own, Roadside Market, and Wholesale: fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, pumpkins, apple cider, apple juice, bread products, gift and fruit baskets, bakery and restaurant.
Ag Tourism: festivals and children's rides (Fall)

Illinois Products Logo MemberEDEN PLACE FARM
Fuller Park Community Development
4911 S. Shields Ave.
Chicago, IL 60609-4538
Phone: 773/624-8222
Phone: 773/624-0407
Fax: 773/624-7222
Product(s): Produce grown includes: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, collards, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, asian greens, beets, bok choi, green beans, green onions, hot peppers, kale, lettuce, melons, microgreens, mustard greens, okra, onions, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, rhubarb, salad greens, scallions, shallots, shell beans, spinach, summer squash, sweet peppers, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, watermelons, winter squash, zucchini and much more. Eden Place honey, fresh chicken and duck eggs, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

1628 Edgewood Orchards Lane
Quincy, IL 62305-0694
Phone: 217/223-2208
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples and apple cider.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFIRST FRUITS FARM
422 Olde Cabin Road
Greenville, IL 62246-3428
Phone: 618/664-9547
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins.
Farmers market: All the above plus more varieties of vegetables.

8760 Old Highway 51 North
Cobden, IL 62920-3089
Phone: 618/893-4241
Fax: 618/893-4323
Product(s): Roadside Market and Wholesale: Fresh apples, peaches, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, peppers, summer squash, strawberries, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, hard squash, and winter squash; Flamm brand fruits and vegetables; wholesale and retail.

Roadside Market open May - November.

1343 S. Main Street
Monmouth, IL 61462-2607
Phone: 309/221-3549
Product(s): Company makes and wholesales Linda's Salsa. Size: 16 oz. jars. Salsa is available in mild, medium, hot, and black bean and corn. Product is sold in local grocery stores and convenience stores. Company also grows hydroponic tomatoes that are wholesaled and used to make salsa.

1068 Thorndale Avenue
Bensenville, IL 60106-1142
Phone: 630/860-7100
Phone: 708/825-4363
Fax: 630/860-7400
Product(s): Fortune Fish Company is a wholesale seafood distributor and processor dedicated to providing the highest quality fresh fish and seafood to the Midwest United States. Fortune Fish Company offers an extensive selection of fresh and frozen seafood, live shellfish, custom smoked fish, imported and domestic caviar, as well as numerous specialty products from our Fortune Gourmet Foods Division. As leaders in the seafood industry, this company finds it their responsibility to provide, promote and market environmentally friendly wild fisheries and aquaculture.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFRANK FARMS, INC.
16717 State Highway 29
Athens, IL 62613-9308
Phone: 217/636-8112
Phone: 217/636-8590
Fax: 217/636-7125
Product(s): Pick your own roadside market; fresh asparagus. Choose and cut fir and pine trees. Hand crafted wreaths and roping. Mail order wreaths and fir trees. Whole Hog sausage during the Christmas tree season.

Illinois Products Logo MemberFREY PRODUCE LLC
Route 1, Box 89
Keenes, IL 62851-9744
Phone: 618/835-2536
Phone: 812/874-3373
Product(s): Frey Farms is a year-round supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables. We are a family of dedicated growers, packers, shippers and marketers who specialize in the production and distribution of watermelons, cantaloupes, pumpkins and fall ornamentals.

4370 Rock Castle Road
Steeleville, IL 62288-2838
Phone: 618/965-3800
Fax: 618/965-3231
Product(s): Daylilies, bedding plants (perennials & annuals), and mums; Pick Your Own: blackberries; Wholesale: decorative corn, gourds, and mums; Retail: blackberries, black and red raspberries, greenbeans, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, gourds, Fall decorations, and hard shell gourds.

1709 2000th Avenue
Beason, IL 62512-9700
Phone: 217/447-3409
Product(s): Over 50 varieties of pumkins and gourds, apples (single to bushel), cider (pt, 1/2 gallon, gallon), Nate's honey (liquid and creamed), donuts (single to 1/2 dozen), cookies (single), coffeecakes, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, Amish jams & jellies (Barb's), and Amish apple butter & mustards (Plank's) 1/2 pints, pints, and quarts.

311 South Main Street
Galena, IL 61036-2228
Phone: 815/777-9625
Product(s): Gourmet Chef blends, rubs and seasonings. Artision sea salts. World fresh olive oils. Aged balsamics.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGEIL HOMESTEAD, LTD.
2060B Co. Rd. 125 East
Mahomet, IL 61853-9778
Phone: 217/586-3895
Fax: 217/586-3895
Product(s): Plants, Herbs, Perennials, Water Plants, Koi fish and Christmas trees. Hay and Alfalfa.

Sullivan, IL 61951
Phone: 217/543-5140
Product(s): Vegetable plants, flowers; corn, green beans, pickles, watermelons, radishes, broccoli, rhubarb, and tomatoes.

Illinois Products Logo MemberGREEN SHADOWS FARM
1802 N 29th St.
Decatur, IL 62526-5412
Phone: 217/864-3223
Fax: 217/846-3223
Product(s): Straw; Pick Your Own: Fresh Green Beans; Roadside Market: Apple cider, apple butter, fresh apples, tomatoes, honey, asparagus, broccolli, cucmbers, squash, Indian corn, sweet corn, pumpkins, gourds, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, Peppers- white, green, red, yellow. edible soybeans.

2314 Big Island Road
Milan, IL 61264-2100
Phone: 309/786-4607
Product(s): Wholesale: fresh beans, broccoli, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, peppers, sweet corn, cabbage, tomatoes, squash (zuchinni and yellow), winter squash, hot peppers and turnips.

Rural Route 1, Box 28
St. Elmo, IL 62458-9708
Phone: 618/292-0984
Phone: 618/322-6831
Product(s): We provide a variety of types of sweet corn, green beans, pumpkins, gourds, and squash. We offer hay rides, corn/straw mazes, and variety of activites and events for all ages. We also have a nature walk, corn box, fire pit, and rustic pavillion.

4062 S Rodden Rd
Hanover, IL 61041-9649
Phone: 815/591-3645
Phone: 773/398-3567
Product(s): Black Angus Grass-fed Beef: Harvest Hills Farm offers direct-to-consumer sales of Black Angus beef cattle, sold by the side or full steer. Their cattle are fully grass-fed, free range, and antibiotic- and hormone-free. They are proud members of both the American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved groups that together promote the highest standards for grass-fed beef. They can deliver live steer to a consumer's processor if it is "Animal Welfare Approved".

Vintage Wine Grapes: Their vineyard is in development and will produce six varieties of wine grapes for future sale, 3 reds: Chelois, Noiret, Frontenac and 3 whites: LaCrescent, St. Pepin, Seyval. Wine grapes will be available for home winemakers in Fall 2012. Contact Karen O'Mara by e-mail for invitation information.

Their herbs will be available in products on their internet site in Fall 2012.

Illinois Products Logo MemberHINKLE PRODUCE
1690 E. 500 North
Cissna Park, IL 60924-0218
Phone: 815/457-2650
Fax: 815/457-2400
Product(s): Wholesale pumpkins and sweet corn.

9415 IL Route 125
Beardstown, IL 62618-7870
Phone: 217/323-4166
Fax: 217/323-4166
Product(s): Wholesale pumpkins of all sizes, squash, decorative gourds. Largest area wholesale shipper, wholesale only!

416 North 1st (route 97)
Kilbourne, IL 62655-0108
Phone: 309/538-4296
Phone: 309/538-4207
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, melons, peaches, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, cucumbers, gherkins, eggplants, peppers and sweet corn.

11802 Charles Road
Woodstock, IL 60098-8764
Phone: 815/338-7443
Product(s): Homestead Orchard is a quiet place in the country to pick 14 varieties of apples, pie cherries, pears, and red raspberries. Come and sit under one of the oldest and largest maple trees in McHenry county. Relax, see and hear nature all around you. Come inside the 1880s horse barn, which is the company's store, and find hand crafted items, glassware, and maybe some antique furniture for sale. Company also sells their own honey from their own bee hives along with beeswax candles made one at a time.

11747 Waterman Road
Waterman, IL 60556-7185
Phone: 815/264-3337
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, respberries, pumpkins, apple cider, donuts, pies, candy, honey and squash. Soy Candles

2850 N 1000 East Road
Mechanicsburg, IL 62545-8010
Phone: 217/676-2722
Phone: 217/820-1496
Product(s): Premium certified Red Angus and diversified row crop and cow/calf operation.

Illinois Products Logo MemberIVAN'S FARM MARKET
10620 N. Baileyville Road
Baileyville, IL 61007-9722
Phone: 815/938-3649
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, melons, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes, watermelons, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, onions, peppers, potatoes, radishes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and turnips. Also jams, jellies, honey and pickled products.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJ. R. KELLY COMPANY, INC.
703 S. Bluff Road
Collinsville, IL 62234-1339
Phone: 618/344-2910
Toll Free: 888/344-4392
Fax: 618/344-2297
Product(s): Horseradish Roots; Kelly's Pride Sampler Pack, which contains one 8 ounce jar each of prepared horseradish, horseradish sauce, cocktail sauce and horseradish mustard.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJAB PRODUCE
2404 South Wolcott
Chicago, IL 60608-5300
Phone: 312/226-7805
Fax: 312/226-5154
Product(s): Produce: fruits, vegetables and nuts that include lettuce (green, red leaf, and romaine), green onions, curly and plain parsley, collards, mustards, turnip tops, beets, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, kohlrabi, spinach, knob onions, carrots, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, green-red-yellow-orange peppers, green beans, swiss chard, pickles, mint, arrugula, basil, cucumbers, seedless cucumbers, zuccinni, yellow squash, cilantro, dill, parsley root, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, eggplant, acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, mushrooms, jalepenos, yellow hot peppers, habanero pepper, asparagus, boston lettuce, green and red cabbage, savoy cabbage, endive, escarole, fennel, leek, okra, watercress, almonds, pecans, filberts, brazil nuts, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and apples.

1016 Jefferies Road
Springfield, IL 62707-7641
Phone: 217/487-7582
Phone: 217/487-7545
Product(s): In season fresh fruits and vegetables sold retail and wholesale; Apples, blueberries, cherries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, and sweet corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJERRY'S BERRY FARM
2507 N. Rock City Road
Ridott, IL 61067-9743
Phone: 815/449-2660
Fax: 815/397-5089
Product(s): Roadside market: fresh asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, green beans and strawberries.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJIM GORMAN VEGETABLES
30643 S. Route 53
Wilmington, IL 60481-9411
Phone: 815/476-7514
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, melons, watermelons, sweet corn and pumpkins. Roadside Market and U-Pick: Tomatoes, plum tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, sweet gypsy peppers, hot hungarian wax peppers, finger hots, jalapenos and egg plant.

24748 Reddish Road
Fieldon, IL 62031-1816
Phone: 618/376-6772
Phone: 618/498-6951
Product(s): Pick-your-own, roadside market, and wholesale: cider, fresh apples, apricots, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes, watermelons, honey, sorghum, jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades, pecans, cider, onions, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and turnips. Illinois Products gift baskets available.

Illinois Products Logo MemberJOHN BROWN MELONS
1014 E. Main Street
Carmi, IL 62821-4619
Phone: 618/382-5890
Phone: 618/384-8355
Product(s): My family has grown melons in White County since 1876. We have for sale in season: watermelons (seeded & seedless), cantaloupe, sweet corn, tomatoes, all grown to be the best and sweetest the customer has tasted. We have a variety of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, ect. I pick varieties that have the best flavor, not ones that yield the most. Melons are picked the way my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Father tought me. I pick melons individually for the peak of ripeness and flavor, not by size as many large commercial growers have adapted. My neighbor grows fresh herbs, and will sell them at my east main location. All products are available as they come in season, usually June thru October. Sales personel available 8am - 8pm "we trust you put money in box" at other times.

31 Westgate Dr.
Swamsea, IL 62226-1629
Phone: 618/235-6125
Product(s): Pumpkins, okra, asparagus, sweet corn, squash, gourds and Indian corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberKAP FARMS, INC
117 S. Cook St
Barrington, IL 60010
Phone: 847/293-9344
Phone: 815/520-5951
Fax: 847/297-4234
Product(s): Products: asparagus, herbs-misc, beans, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, collards, corn, cucumbers-slicers, cucumbers-pickling, eggplant, kale, kohlrabi, leek, melons, mustard, okra, onions, parsley, parsnips, peas, peppers, pumpkins, potatoes, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, squash-pan, squash-summer, squash-winter, gourds, tomatoes, turnips, lettuce, romaine, peaches, parsley root, pears, swiss chard, garlic, shallots, dill, fennel, plants-misc, berries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, dandelion greens, strawberries, apples

Illinois Products Logo MemberKELLER FARMS, INC.
435 South Bluff Road
Collinsville, IL 62234
Phone: 618/344-8623
Fax: 618/344-8623
Product(s): Sweet Corn (White, Yellow, and Bi-Color).

2914 Airport Road
Godfrey, IL 62035-3062
Phone: 618/446-3576
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, berries, cherries, melons, peaches, pears, raspberries, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, cucumbers, eggplants, onions, peppers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, turnips, and apple juice.

1N318 Watson Road
Maple Park, IL 60151-9033
Phone: 815/827-5200
Fax: 815/827-4100
Product(s): 230 acres of fall festivities on the farm! The season begins each Labor Day weekend when the orchard opens for apple picking. Each Saturday & Sunday through October, customers can pick their own fresh, crisp apples right from the tree while the aroma of fresh apple cider and doughnuts, home-baked pies, fudge, pasteurized apple cider and hand-spun caramel apples from the Orchard Shop and Bakery (open Mon-Sun) lingers in the air. Browse the many specialty food and gift items, too. Mid-September the west side of the farm opens for some down-on-the-farm fun like the Maize Corn Maze: 5 acres of Illinois corn now boasts over 2 miles of twists, turns and clues. Stop by the Pumpkin Farm for hayrides, farm animals, a haunted forest, tractor tire mountain, peddle tractor derby, nature walk, jumping pillows, pumpkin picking and much more. Visit the Barn Store and Cafe, too. November and December at the farm is dedicated to the holidays with pies and specialty foods for entertaining, unique gifts for giving, and, of course, pre-cut or cut your own Christmas trees. Visit their website for exact dates, times, coupons and additional information:

992 Gilead Church Rd.
Vienna, IL 62995-2341
Phone: 618/658-5100
Product(s): Strawberries, tomatoes, beans, peppers, sweet corn, and sweet potatoes.

3925 S Illinois Ave
Carbondale, IL 62903-7941
Phone: 618/549-1263
Product(s): Roadside Market: Lipe Orchards brand of cider, apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, tomatoes, pumpkins and squash and other fruits and vegetables.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLIVING WATER FARMS, INC.
29695 East 100 North Road
Strawn, IL 61775-4006
Phone: 815/848-2316
Product(s): Living Water Farms is a small family farm in Central Illinois. They operate year-round, growing a large variety of different greens in a 8,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse. Their products are chemical free and sustainably grown. Their markets are upscale restaurants, wholesale, and retail.

Their product line has shifted and changed over the years. They started with various lettuce greens, tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers. They currently are growing: various lettuce greens, upland cress, arugula, basil, mesclun blend, kale, and a number of micro-greens varieties.

Their packaging is determined by the market the product is being grown for. It will range from individual (for retail, CSA's, wholesale) to bulk cases (for restaurant, wholesale, colleges).

680 IL Rt. 130
Greenup, IL 62428-3201
Phone: 217/923-3736
Product(s): 100 + apple varieties (many heirloom), 30 + varieties of peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, blueberries and blackberries - jams, jellies, butters, salsa, chow, honey and sorghum. Many vegetables in season including sweetcorn, tomatoes, squash, melons and more. Pumpkins, squash, gourds, Indian corn, and other fall decorative items. Mums and Astors. Weekend snackbar with pies, cobblers, real ice cream, other bakery items, BBQ (our own) and other sandwiches. Apple cider and 4 varieties of slushies. Nature trails, barnyard animals, maizes, orchard tours and kiddie train by appointment or by chance. Potted plants and trees, custom grafting of your favorite tree.

Illinois Products Logo MemberLYNFRED WINERY, INC.
15 S. Roselle Road
Roselle, IL 61072-2027
Phone: 630/529-9463
Toll Free: 888/248-9463
Fax: 630/529-4971
Product(s): Lynfred Winery grape and fruit wines, jellies, jams, fresh breads, and Lynfred Bed/Breakfast.

Weigel Lane
Golden Eagle, IL 62036-9709
Phone: 618/883-2556
Product(s): Roadside Market and Wholesale: Fresh blackberries, peaches, and plums.

7738 Dobson Lane
Newark, IL 60541-9654
Phone: 630/553-9924
Product(s): Company sells a variety of farm grown produce, gourdcrafts, annuals, perennials, and are designers of container arrangements. Produce includes: carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, zucchini, cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, melon, okra, onions, peas, peppers, radish, summer squash, winter squash, watermelon, arugula, spicy mesclun, spinach, lettuce and chard.

612 Mills Road
Joliet, IL 60433-2843
Phone: 815/722-2475
Phone: 815/722-3021
Fax: 815/722-1302
Product(s): Producer of Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses. Distributor of; flour, pasta, corn, olive, and cooking spray oils; spices and seasonings, cane sugar and yeast; frozen pizza, quiche and edible ice; frozen cuts of chicken, deli meats, frankfurters, frozen ham and sausage; tomato sauce, various canned and fresh vegetables, dried garlic and potato chips. Gift baskets featuring some Illinois Products. Pizza Supplies.

Illinois Products Logo MemberMARY'S BERRIES
9495 East 1500 N. Road
Momence, IL 60954-3341
Phone: 815/472-6015
Product(s): Roadside Market or Pick Your Own: Strawberries.

78 Oak Ridge Lane
Carbondale, IL 62903-7540
Phone: 618/687-3563
Fax: 618/687-3497
Product(s): Spring bedding plants. Wholesaler: Wine grapes.

28 Mileur Orchard Road
Murphysboro, IL 62966-4800
Phone: 618/687-3663
Product(s): Family-owned orchard offering peaches, white peaches, nectarines, white nectarines, donut peaches (white, yellow and green), apricots, plums, pluots, and Lodi, Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Mutsu, Braeburn and Fuji apples in season.

Farm Market opens July-December for retail sales Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 12pm-5pm offering cobblers, pies and crisps and homemade ice cream and candies Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Apple butters, applesauce, peach butter, peach jam and plum jams also available.

2833 S. 48th Street
Quincy, IL 62305-6011
Phone: 217/222-8430
Fax: 217/223-9368
Product(s): Pick Your Own: strawberries. Roadside Market and Wholesale: asparagus, sweet corn, pumpkins and strawberries. Family entertainment including wagon rides and corn maze.

Illinois Products Logo MemberMILLS APPLE FARM
11477 Pocahontas Road
Marine, IL 62061-1247
Phone: 618/887-4732
Phone: 618/654-1037
Fax: 618/654-4176
Product(s): Christmas Trees and Christmas greens. Pick Your Own, Roadside, and Wholesale; Fresh apples and peaches, dried apples, apple butter and apple cider. Also apple pies and bakery products.

16164 CR 2500E
Easton, IL 62633-9753
Phone: 815/953-1485
Product(s): Produce includes: watermelon, cantaloupe, cabbage, sweet corn, turnips, indian corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccolli, eggplant, onions and green beans.

Company also has seed corn, grass hay (small bales), straw, vetch, rye and cover crops.

16164 CR 2500E
Easton, IL 62633-9753
Phone: 815/953-1485
Product(s): Seasonal produce wholesale and at farmers market: Watermelons, cantaloupe, assorted squash, pumpkins (including Dickinson variety for pies), cabbage, sweet corn, green beans, popcorn, turnips, cucumbers, other vegetables, potatoes (generally white, occasionally other variety), usually unwashed and always bulk packaging potatoes.

Illinois Products Logo MemberMONTEREY MUSHROOMS
27268 US Hwy 6
Princeton, IL 61356-8959
Phone: 815/875-4436 Ext.238
Fax: 815/879-4001
Product(s): Monterey Mushrooms.

2807 E 300 N Rd
Wellington, IL 60973-6010
Phone: 815/474-7762
Product(s): Moraine View Farm grows and sells a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables including many heirloom varieties of tomatoes, squash, melons, popcorn, garlic, specialty greens, and herbs. These products are available for purchase at the Market at the Square in Urbana, IL, Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, IL, and through direct contract with the farm.

Company will be expanding their line of products to include locally produced, grass-fed and free range animal products: including eggs, turkeys, beef, and dairy

1096 County Road 500 E.
Trilla, IL 62469-2121
Phone: 217/895-3408
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, peaches, plums, strawberries, pumpkins, gourds, squash, and indian corn. Fresh apple cider and cider slushies.

23520 Old McHenry Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047-8989
Phone: 847/438-1994
Phone: 847/438-5315
Fax: 847/438-5009
Product(s): We grow and sell microgreens, tomatoes, beans, peppers, beets, lettuce, squash, chives, basil, thyme, native and blooming plants

Illinois Products Logo MemberNORTHTOWN FARMS
1123 E. Cruger Rd.
Washington, IL 61571-9605
Phone: 309/306-1376
Product(s): In September and October we offer a wide selection of Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins, gourds, mums, straw bales, and corn stalks.

In July and August we offer fresh produce including sweet corn, tomatoes, multiple kinds of peppers, and zucchini. Our produce is grown without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Year round we offer multiple cuts of farm fresh pork and beef. The meat is flash frozen by a USDA certified butcher to preserve freshness. All meat is grown without the use of dangerous antibiotics or hormones.

39W369 Route 64
St. Charles, IL 60175-7635
Phone: 630/377-8118
Fax: 630/584-9191
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh melons, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and gherkins, eggplants, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, and sweet corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberNYMAN'S HARVEST CORNER
R.R. 8, 390 Knox County, Maquon, IL
Galesburg, IL 61401-3021
Phone: 309/342-5059
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh blueberries, asparagus, honey and popcorn. Variety of vegetables.

HC 82 Box 93A
Brussels, IL 62013-0112
Phone: 618/883-2265
Phone: 314/960-7760
Product(s): Berries, peaches, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, squash/gourds.

Illinois Products Logo MemberOKAW VALLEY ORCHARD
724 CR 1750
Sullivan, IL 61951-9431
Phone: 217/728-8269
Product(s): Roadside Market: Fresh cider, apples, plums, jams, jellies, peaches, pies, dumplings, and donuts.

Illinois Products Logo MemberOLGA VALLEY FOODS
1329 Lama Lane
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-1869
Phone: 847/297-7604
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh melons, tomatoes, watermelons, canteloupe, beans, beets, and peppers.

7104 E 2480 St.
Kewanee, IL 61443-9276
Phone: 309/853-5449
Phone: 309/333-0815
Product(s): Asparagus and fresh garden produce.

3732 S. 8500 East Road
St. Anne, IL 60964-4157
Phone: 815/427-6348
Fax: 815/427-6059
Product(s): Wholesale: fresh melons, watermelons, cucumbers & gherkins, egg plants, cabbage, peppers and pumpkins.

Illinois Products Logo MemberPUMPKIN WORKS
21788 E. Terre Haute Road
Paris, IL 61944-6165
Phone: 217/275-3327
Fax: 217/275-3310
Product(s): "Family Fun on the Farm": 9 mazes, Haunted Dungeon, Pumpkin Sling Shot, Hayrides through 100 acres of woods offered on weekends (Nature rides in afternoon & nightime spooky rides), Private weiner roast fires, Pumpkins, Gourds, Squash, Indian Corn, Popcorn, General Store. 11 miles southeast of Paris on the Lower Terre Haute Road. Pumpkins - 42 varieties; Gourds - 50 varieties; Squash - 21 varieites; dried gourds. All produce is grown on our farm.

25963 St. Hwy. 3
Dow, IL 62022-3202
Phone: 618/466-8110
Product(s): Livestock: beef, poultry, and swine. Eggs. Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: certified organic melons, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplant, lettuce, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, spinach, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and turnips

621 E. Schaumberg Road
Schaumberg, IL 60194-3538
Phone: 847/524-5296
Fax: 847/524-5309
Product(s): Roadside Market: fresh apples, blueberries, grapes, melons, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers & gherkins, eggplants, garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn and sweet potatoes.

Birdhouses By Walls
2869 Woodson Franklin Rd.
Franklin, IL 62638-5140
Phone: 217/370-7456
Product(s): On farm sales and farmers market: tomato plants, various sizes and broccoli plants, tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, broccoli and carrots. Large selection of african violets, ivy and aloe vera plants.

Illinois Products Logo MemberREINHARDT'S BERRY PATCH
7508 Kerin Road
Alhambra, IL 62001-1136
Phone: 618/633-2888
Product(s): Pick Your Own/U-Pick: fresh berries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries; squash, pumpkins, gourds, ornamental Indian corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, fresh cut sunflowers and dried sunflower heads for bird seed, and dried hard shelled gourds for crafting.

Illinois Products Logo MemberRENDLEMAN ORCHARDS, INC.
9680 IL 127 North
Alto Pass, IL 62905-0159
Phone: 618/893-2771
Fax: 618/893-2370
Product(s): Wholesale: R-O brand fresh apples, peaches, cucumbers and gherkins, squash and nectarines.
Retail: Farm Market - our own apples, peaches, cucumbers, squash, nectarines as well as others' produce such as corn, tomatoes, blueberries, melons, pumpkins, mums. Also, we have a large line of specialty food items for example baking mixes, jams, jellies, pickles, salsas, syrups, cider, soups, dips, snack mixes, candies - most of which are made by other family farmers like ouselves.

2799 N. 1700 East Road
Martinton, IL 60951-6046
Phone: 815/428-7382
Phone: 815/471-7383
Fax: 815/428-7382
Product(s): Farm Market; We grow asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, onions, radishes, pea pods, spinash, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, beans, zuchinni, acorn squash, melons, cherries, peaches, pears, apples, blueberries, garlic, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi, tomatillos, and pumpkins/squash/gourds.

15908 Hebron Road
Harvard, IL 60033-9357
Phone: 815/648-2084
Phone: 815/648-4141 Ext.22
Fax: 815/648-4821
Product(s): Pick Your Own: apples, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pumpkins, and peaches. Roadside Market: Royal Oak apples, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pumpkins, honey, cider (1/2 and 1 gallon), apple pies, apple cider donuts and fudge.

112 W. Hochester Road
Springfield, IL 62711-7337
Phone: 217/529-3620
Phone: 217/529-2347
Product(s): Pick Your own, Roadside Market and Wholesale: Dried/dehydrated apples and tomatoes, fresh raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, gherkins, eggplants, garlic, onions, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, spinach, sweet corn, turnips and chestnuts.

5251 Kell Road
Kell, IL 62853-1843
Phone: 618/822-6637
Product(s): Pick your own: Fresh blackberries and strawberries. Roadside Market: Fresh apples, blackberries, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes and sweet corn. Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, jams, molasses, etc.

1036 County Road
Henry, IL 61537-9478
Phone: 309/364-3037
Product(s): Pick Your own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, apricots, peaches and pumpkins.

1032 S. Library Street
Waterloo, IL 62298-1498
Phone: 618/939-3174
Fax: 618/939-8609
Product(s): Wines, "Pick Your Own" grapes (retail) or large quantities (wholesale).

1942 Copple Road
Centralia, IL 62801-6821
Phone: 618/532-8058
Phone: 618/266-7756
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples, blueberries, peaches, pears, strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes, pumpkins, applecider, honey, molasses and apple butter.

R. R. 1, P. O. Box 24
Bone Gap, IL 62815-9710
Phone: 618/456-3545
Product(s): Pick your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples and strawberries and peaches.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSELMI'S GREENHOUSE & FARM MARKET
1206 Dixon Avenue
Rock Falls, IL 61071-1905
Phone: 815/626-3830
Fax: 815/626-6405
Product(s): Farm Market featuring; Tomatoes, Asparagus, Beans, Peppers, Sweet Corn, Pumpkins and Melons. Spring Greenhouse open 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. Summer Farm Market open mid July to October 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

3115 Dennhardt Road
East Moline, IL 61244-9441
Phone: 309/496-9636
Product(s): Pick your own and roadside; tomatoes, asparagus, sweet corn, pumpkins and squash. Fall decorations.

Weigel Lane
Golden Eagle, IL 62036-9709
Phone: 618/883-2347
Phone: 618/883-2405
Product(s): Wholesale; peaches.

1441 Gorman Dr.
Geneseo, IL 61254-1020
Phone: 309/944-5131
Toll Free: 800/332-2676
Fax: 309/944-6090
Product(s): Production and sale of hybrid corn, soybeans, oats, wheat and other farm seeds; alfalfa, clover and fescue; kentucky blue, orchard, rye and timothy grass; sweet corn.

17250 Weber Road
Lockport, IL 60441-6525
Phone: 815/741-2693
Fax: 815/729-2693
Product(s): Roadside Market; Sweet corn, fresh melons, tomatoes, watermelons, beans, cucumbers & gherkins, and peppers. A garden center consisting of annuals, perennials, rose bushes,shrubs, trees, pond plants, lawn and garden care. Siegel's Family Fall Fest; pumpkins, 3-Acre corn maze, climb around Fort Cottonwood and Vegi-Land, pet the animals and stroll through our haunted barn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSILVER CREEK VINEYARD & NURSERY
23393 Double Arch Road
New Douglas, IL 62074-3605
Phone: 217/456-6641
Product(s): We are a vineyard that sells wine grapes to winneries. We also have table grapes we plan to sell at farmers markets. We also have raspberries, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers for farmers markets and local restaurants. We sell some hay locally. We also propagate wine and table grape varieties for sale to other vineyards.

7530 County Highway 6
Okawville, IL 62271-2710
Phone: 618/243-6557
Product(s): Apples, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, plums and strawberries.

5730 E. US 40
Altamont, IL 62411-0302
Phone: 618/483-6588
Product(s): Blue Berries.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSTRACKELJAHN FARMS
9508 Triad Lane
St. Jacob, IL 62281-1322
Phone: 618/644-2982
Phone: 618/806-2346
Fax: 618/644-2983
Product(s): Roadside Market and Wholesale: fresh blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, potatoes, sweet corn and pumpkins.

23787 E. 1260 Street
Geneseo, IL 61254-8370
Phone: 309/944-5065
Product(s): Pick Your Own: Sweetcorn and blueberries.

3810 Rose St
Schiller Park, IL 60176-2122
Phone: 708/343-4545
Fax: 708/343-6611
Product(s): The Sun Belle label of premium and trusted fresh produce now graces berries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red currants and cranberries sold throughout North America, Europe and Japan as well as greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cucumbers, and specialty vegetables distributed throughout the United States.

904 Courtland St. N
Saybrook, IL 61770-9470
Phone: 309/475-9129
Product(s): Fresh, local produce; early season plants; homemade dog biscuits sold in bulk-garlic and cheese, chicken, peanut butter; handmade rag rugs in various sizes; baked goods such as cookies, cakes, bread; fresh eggs from pasture raised chickens in green, brown, white; butchered chicken raised without hormones, steroids, antiobiotics; goats for show and for meat.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSUSIE'S GARDEN PATCH
10258 US 20
Garden Prairie, IL 61038-9528
Phone: 815/597-3011
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: Berries, melons, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, asparagus, cucumbers and gherkins, eggplants, garlic, peppers and sweet corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberSUTTILL'S GARDENS
2201 Groth
Springfield, IL 62703-5623
Phone: 217/744-9379
Phone: 217/725-9721
Product(s): Tomatoes, potatoes, squash, okra, eggplant, onions, broccoli, cucumbers, asparagus, beans, beets, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, leeks, lettuce, peas, peppers, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, spinach, turnips, kale, mustard greens, rhubarb, fresh greens, concord grapes, plums, strawberries, apples, pears, walnuts, chestnuts, gooseberries, watermelon, cantelope.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTAMMEN TREEBERRY FARM
37131 Essex Raod
Wilmington, IL 60481-9514
Phone: 815/458-6264
Toll Free: 800/892-5989
Product(s): Pick Your Own: Fresh blueberries.

740 State Rt. 40
Speer, IL 61479-9515
Phone: 309/493-5442
Fax: 309/493-5741
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market; fresh apples, jams, taffy apples, and cider. Roadside Market; fresh cucumbers & gherkins, and sweet corn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTHE GARDEN ESSENTIALS CO
1168 N 1700 E Road
Milford, IL 60953-6284
Phone: 815/383-6841
Product(s): Company specializes in growing 1 and 2 gallon perennial plants, including designer Heucheras, Daylilies, and Hostas. Company carries a wide selection of fall mums, gourds, and heirloom pumpkins and squash. Available spring of 2010, will be offering pesticide free rhubarb, asparagus, raspberries, and strawberries.

1749A Cr 1900 N
Arthur, IL 61911-6073
Phone: 217/543-2394
Phone: 217/841-7285
Product(s): The Great Pumpkin Patch was founded on the McDonald/Condill farm in 1989, inviting folks from around the globe to fully experience the Fall harvest season. This farm's focus is on educating and enlighening all visitors in the diverse world of cucurbits (pumpkins, squash, gourds), and offering a safe and welcome environment that has now become a major agritourism destination, a botanical showcase and an educational center for anyone interested in cucurbits.

The Great Pumpkin Patich is open to the public every year from September 15 through October 31. Preparations are made year-round to make the farm experience one in which the guests can reconnect with the land and celebrate the beauty of nature. It is hoped that through the passion of the McDonald/Condill family, guests can be inspired to learn new things and become better stewards of all things around us.

303 Mortland Street
Hardin, IL 62047-0201
Phone: 618/576-9203
Phone: 618/576-2311
Product(s): Roadside Market and Wholesale: fresh apples, blackberries, melons, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, sweet corn, turnips, cider, pumpkins and squash.

R. R. 1, Box 80
Putnam, IL 61560-9792
Phone: 815/437-2606
Product(s): Certified organic beef (ICO certified). Farmers Market; Eggs, tomatoes, beans, onions, peppers, sweet corn and popcorn.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTWIN GARDEN FARMS
23017 IL Rt 173
Harvard, IL 60033-8368
Phone: 815/943-7448
Fax: 815/943-8024
Product(s): Twin Garden Farms produces and sells fresh TGF-Mirai Sweet Corn available from mid-July through mid September at the farm in
Harvard and at several Farmer's Markets (see for a current listing.).

Twin Garden Farms also sells TGF-Mirai Swee Corn Seed available in 100 seeds/pkt for the home gardener-available for sale on the website.

Illinois Products Logo MemberTWIN GARDEN SALES
23017 Route 173
Harvard, IL 60033-8368
Phone: 815/943-6424
Phone: 815/943-7448
Fax: 815/943-7398
Product(s): Twin Garden Farms brand sweet corn and pumpkins.

202 Maple Ave.
Ursa, IL 62376-1107
Phone: 217/964-2111
Fax: 217/964-2260
Product(s): High oil corn, sweet, yellow, waxy and white corn; corn, soybeans and wheat field seeds. Non GMO Corn and Hard indo sperm corn.

811 E. State St.
Cherry Valley, IL 61016-9363
Phone: 815/332-9696
Phone: 815/335-7158
Fax: 815/335-7158
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: In season blueberries, raspberries, and apples. Cider donuts, apple pie, apple cinnamon bread, 100% pure apple cider, jams, jellies, salsa, squash, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, Indian corn.

Chuck And Kathy Kilhoffer
16300 Old Route 36
Buffalo, IL 62515-7072
Phone: 217/364-4771
Phone: 217/341-9126
Product(s): We grow Oyster Mushrooms in our indoor facitlity. We're not certified organic but we do not add any chemicals or pesticides. We are the only Oyster Mushroom growers we know of, except in Princeton, IL.

Illinois Products Logo MemberWATERMAN WINERY & VINEYARDS, INC.
11582 Waterman Road
Waterman, IL 60556-7194
Phone: 815/264-3268
Phone: 815/264-3288
Fax: 815/264-3288
Product(s): Unique red and white wines made from "Illinois grown" grapes on our farm. We sell wine for weddings or large parties. Minimal use of chemicals. Thirty different grape varietals on the farm; many are French/American hybrids. Tasting area located in winery with hours Saturday and Sunday, April thru December, 12 to 4 p.m., or by chance or appointment. Tours and group tastings by appointment. Located 11 miles south of DeKalb, Illinois.

Illinois Products Logo MemberWILSON FARMS
2587 County Rd. 1200 N.
Homer, IL 61849-9751
Phone: 217/896-2160
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: Asparagus.

450 450th Ave.
Williamsville, IL 62693-6009
Phone: 219/405-7904
Fax: 888/772-0054
Product(s): 52 weeks/year wholesale vegetable growers, Food Safety GS1 Barcode Traceback compliant; GAP Trained (working with PrimusLabs); naturally non-GMO; 100 specialty crops for taste, quality and beauty, many heirlooms. Main crops: carrots, daikons, pumpkins, radish, snap beans, sweet onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes.

17015 Garden Valley Road
Woodstock, IL 60098-9156
Phone: 815/923-4359
Fax: 815/923-4359
Product(s): Pick Your Own and Roadside Market: fresh apples and raspberries.

14643 State Route 38
De Kalb, IL 60115-8448
Phone: 815/756-6005
Fax: 815/756-5048
Product(s): Bedding plants, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, melons, tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, peppers, sweet corn, apples, amish made jams, jellies, mustards, pie fillings, salsas, pickled products, local honey, also pumpkins, gourds and fall squash

30683 Lanan Rd.
Kingston, IL 60145-8539
Phone: 815/784-2541
Phone: 779/400-6252
Product(s): Red raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, black raspberries. You pick, self service/honor system not certifed organic, but pesticides are not used. A peaceful environment for harvesting one of the healthiest forms of food-berries.