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Small square bales - Wheat straw 45 lbs. very tight - stack great
  Steve Berning | Ask Question
27w271 Galusha Rd.
Warrenville, IL
Phone: 630-878-6350
Fax: 630-604-0796
Wheat Straw:            2012 Lab Analysis:
  2,000 bales, Sm Square, 45 lbs
0.00 CP,     0.00 TDN,     0 RFV
0.00 ADF,     0.00 NDF
Custom bales and transportation are available.

Nice tight bales - plastic twine tied with a 575 New Holland baler with 190 pound knot strength. Also available in bundles of 21 bales with 2 steel straps. Handle them with forks or a squeezer! Quick loading and unloading ... handle with forks on a machine - NO LABOR! Small square bales and LARGE bales available in wheat straw and FRESH hay of all types, sizes and shapes! Delivery available by flat bed truck, gooseneck trailer or semi truck. Your choice. You can also pickup. Easy loading and close to I-88 Ronald Regan Expressway near Naperville, IL.

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