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Illinois is 3rd in the nation for the number of farmers markets. Over 8,000 farmers markets across the country offer consumers farm-fresh, affordable, convenient, and healthy products such as: fruits, vegetables, cheeses, herbs, fish, flowers, baked goods, meat and much more. Please take this opportunity to search for a community or roadside farmers market near you.

Farmers markets serve as integral links between urban, suburban, and rural communities, affording farmers and their consumers the opportunity to interact; the popularity of farmers markets continues to rise, as more and more consumers discover the joys of shopping for unique ingredients sold direct from the farm, and the pleasure of buying familiar products in their freshest possible state.

To further the expansion and awareness of farmers markets and the contributions farmers make to daily life in America. Take an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of farmers markets and the bountiful production of our Nation's farmers who, while providing for our needs, are among the best stewards of our land.

Please take this opportunity to search for a community or roadside farmers market near you.

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Illinois ... Where Fresh Is

The Illinois Department of Agriculture along with the Illinois Specialty Growers associations are very pleased with the number of Illinois producers that have signed-up to participate in the ILLINOIS "WHERE FRESH IS" logo program. This program is made available to producers to use as a tool to help sell Illinois grown produce, fruits and other horticulture commodities.

For a producer to use the logo, one only needs to fill out and submit an application to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. After the application is approved the producer will receive a list of sales materials with the logo. These materials can be purchased at cost for use at community farmers markets, roadside stands and grocery stores.

Please download a copy of the application for this program.. If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete and return to:

Illinois...Where Fresh Is
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Marketing and Promotions
State Fairgrounds, P. O. Box 19281
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9281
Phone: 217/785-4873
Fax: 217/524-5960

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