Companies / Products at the Illinois Products Expo

 Butch's Pizza Logo
Butch's Pizza
A wide variety of Butch's original pizzas. Pif fl

 Country Lights Soy Candles Logo
Country Lights Soy Candles
Soy Candles and melts.

 Engrained Brewery & Restaurant Logo
Engrained Brewery & Restaurant
Craft beer

 Flat Branch Soap Co. Logo
Flat Branch Soap Co.
handmade soap, goat milk soap, scented soap, essential oil soap, lotions & creams, solid lotion bars, laundry soap, soap dishes, other handmade bath/body/grooming products

 Four Score and Seven Ribs Ago BBQ Logo
Four Score and Seven Ribs Ago BBQ
3 types of BBQ Sauce - Kansas City Sweet; Boys in Blue and Political Heat

 Golden Prairie Popcorn Logo
Golden Prairie Popcorn
microwave popcorn on the cob and shelled popcorn

 Hilltop Bee Emporium Logo
Hilltop Bee Emporium
Honey, Honey Candy, Honey Straws, Beeswax Soap, Beeswax Lip Balm and Doug McCain BBQ Sauce

 Illinois Pork Producers Association Logo
Illinois Pork Producers Association
Pork burgers by Bloomington Meats and Custom BBQ Seasoning. The vendors thank the pork producers for grilling and donating pork burgers for lunch both days of the Expo!

 Jimmystick's Inc. Logo
Jimmystick's Inc.
Jimmystick's Hot Sauce - 5 flavors: Smokey Red, Tangy Green, Lemon Pepper, Chocolate Habanero and Extra Hot Smokey Red

 Jones Boys Market Logo
Jones Boys Market
A wide variety of seasoned bratwursts

 Kelley's Gourmet  Logo
Kelley's Gourmet
Kelley's Gourmet Stone Ground Mustard, Sweet and Tangy Salad Dressing and Raspberry Poppy Seed Salad Dressing Sweet N Tangy Salad Dressing Raspberry Poppy Seed Salad Dressing

 Louie's Seasoning Company Logo
Louie's Seasoning Company
Louie's Italian Beef Seasoning, Louie's Muffuletta, Louie's Hot Giardiniera, Louie's Mild Giardiniera, Louie's Olive Salad, Louie's Wild Game Seasoning, Louie's Original Fish Breading, Louie's Hot and Spicy Fish Breading, Louie's Hushpuppy Mix

 Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Logo
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery
All cheese: Vermilion River Blue, Sangamon, Kickapoo, Jake's Wheel, Jake's Wheel Dutch Garden Herb, Jake's Wheel Mustard, Jake's Wheel Habanero

 Meatsmack Logo
Meatsmack BBQ Sauces - Original Scotch Whisky, Raz Chipotle, and Jerk. Meatsmack Original BBQ Rub

 Oakland Noodle Company Logo
Oakland Noodle Company
Chicken and noodles

 Pasta Alley Logo
Pasta Alley
pasta sauces, oils, breads and soups etc.

 Reinneck Ranch Inc. Logo
Reinneck Ranch Inc.
Salsa Rose Products-Salsa, Pickles,Snack Sticks, Jerky, Bratwurst Reinneck Ranch Pickles

 Riegler Quality Beef Logo
Riegler Quality Beef
Beef brats, beef snack sticks

 Serious Lip Balm Logo
Serious Lip Balm
We will be selling lip balm, beard balm, lip scrub, lotion bars, healing balm, nip balm, and paw balm.

 Shelley's Sweet & Chunky Salsa Logo
Shelley's Sweet & Chunky Salsa
Shelley's Sweet & Chunky Salsa, Pumpkin Salsa, Apple Chipotle Salsa and Hot Salsa

 The Homestead Bakery/The Great Pumpkin Patch Logo
The Homestead Bakery/The Great Pumpkin Patch
Cinnamon rolls, cookies, sweet breads, yeast breads, angel food cakes, pumpkin noodles, Amish peanut butter, pumpkin butter, t-shirts

 Turasky Meats Logo
Turasky Meats
Pork BBQ, Italian Beef, Beef Snack Sticks and Chicken Burgers

 Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces, LLC Logo
Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces, LLC
BBQ sauce on 1 oz. hot dog pieces

Willow City Farm
Beef, Pork, Chicken, Goat, Lamb, Eggs, Alpaca Products, Honey, Coffee,

zillions chili seasoning 4 oz n 1 lb

 ]ARKable Caramels Logo
]ARKable Caramels
caramels, caramel sauce, turtles