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Land & Water Resources

The Bureau of Land and Water Resources distributes funds to Illinois' 97 soil and water conservation districts for programs aimed at reducing soil loss and protecting water quality.

It also helps to organize the state's annual soil survey to track progress toward the goal of reducing soil loss on Illinois cropland to tolerable levels by the year 2000.
Conservation 2000 is a long-term, state-supported initiative to protect natural resources and enhance outdoor recreational opportunities in Illinois. The program implements strategies for maintaining the viability of Illinois' soil and water resources into the 21st century and beyond. Several state agencies share responsibility for administering Conservation 2000 funds. The Illinois Department of Agriculture oversees the following agriculture-related programs: the sustainable agriculture grant program, the conservation practices cost-share program, the streambank stabilization and restoration program, and the soil and water conservation district grants program.

Land and Water Resources employees also work with state and local officials to reduce conversion of farmland stemming from state-sponsored projects.