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Laboratory Services

The Illinois Animal Disease Laboratory provides analytical support for state and federal animal disease eradication programs and disease outbreaks by examining blood and tissue samples. They conduct regulatory testing of animals for competition or export and test meat and poultry samples as part of the department's inspection programs. The Laboratory provides pathology and histopathology services, bacterial and fungal cultures, serology, virologic testing, and molecular diagnostics. Additionally, in cooperation with other veterinary diagnostic laboratories, analysis for toxins, vitamins, and minerals, both in tissues and feedstuffs, can be arranged.




Cremation Services Available at the Animal Disease Laboratory
Cremation services are available for companion animals for which postmortem examinations have been performed as well as animals submitted solely for cremation. The animals are cremated and the ashes are ground and placed in cardboard mailing containers to be returned to the owners. The weight limit for cremations is 200 pounds.

Small pets, generally those under 50 pounds, may be cremated at the same time as other small pets. These animals are arranged in the crematorium in such a manner that commingling of ashes between pets is minimized and the ashes returned to owners are those of their particular pet.

The Animal Disease Laboratory in Centralia and the State/Federal Serology Laboratory in Springfield are no longer operational. All samples need to be sent to the Animal Disease Laboratory in Galesburg.