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    Emerald Ash Borer University

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    All Webinars are now available On Demand below.

    For more information:
    Robin Usborne, Michigan State University,, 517-432-1555 x 169
    Amy Stone, The Ohio State University,, 419-575-6783
    Jodie Ellis, Purdue University,, 765-494-0822

    Emerald Ash Borer University Webinars
    Topic Original Webinar Date On Demand
    Ecological impact after EAB
    Kevin Rice and Wendy Klooster, Ohio State University/ OH Ag. Research and Dev. Center
    EAB Invasion on Forests Factsheet
    April 7, 2011 View Webinar
    EAB pesticides for professionals
    Deb MCullough, Michigan State University
    March 24, 2011 View Webinar
    Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
    Brad Onken, USDA Forest Service, Morgantown, W. Va.
    Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Information
    March 10, 2011 View Webinar
    EAB for Homeowners
    Jodie Ellis, Purdue University
    Resources for EAB for Homeowners webinar
    February 24, 2011 View Webinar
    Asian Longhorned Beetle information
    Brendon Reardon, National Program Manager for ALB, USDA-APHIS, Maryland
    Asian Longhorned Beetle Information
    February 10, 2011 View Webinar
    Overview of Invasive Forest Pests and Diseases in North America
    Jodie Ellis, Purdue University
    February 3, 2011 View Webinar
    Additional Info (24KB, PDF)
    EAB topics update
    Dan Herms, the Ohio State University
    January 28, 2011 View Webinar
    Woodland Management
    Kathy Smith, the Ohio State University
    January 6, 2011 View Webinar
    Last Semester
    EAB Information for Homeowners April 22, 2010 View Webinar
    2010 EAB Awareness Week : Ways to Get The Word Out April 8, 2010 View Webinar
    What Happens After Ash Is Gone? Planning Diversity April 1, 2010 View Webinar
    Helping Communities Prepare for and Live With EAB March 18, 2010 View Webinar
    Regulatory Issues About EAB March 4, 2010 View Webinar
    Management of Woodlots to Prepare For EAB February 11, 2010 View Webinar
    Utilization of Ash in the Wake of EAB February 4, 2010 View Webinar
    EAB Research Updates (Parts 1 and 2):
    The Latest Information From Researchers
    Part 1, January 7, 2010
    Part 2, January 14, 2010
    View Webinar
    View Webinar
    Pesticides and Biocontrol to Manage EAB December 3, 2009 View Webinar
    EAB 101: The History of EAB and Basic Information November 12, 2009 View Webinar
    Introduction to EAB November 5, 2009 View Webinar


    Emerald Ash Borer University is a collaborative effort of:

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