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Division of Food Safety and Animal Protection
Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare

Available Forms and Supplies

The following forms can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare at (217)782-4944 or (217) 782-6657:
  • C-24a Slaughter Certificate
  • C-37 Quarantine and Certification of Slaughter or Shipment
  • M-85 Notice of Quarantine
  • M-89 Livestock Auction Market Report
  • M-106 Weekly Report of Out of State Cattle Received
  • M-107 Report of Heifers over 6 months and under 18 months
  • M-120 Large Animal Health Certificates
  • Z-5 Feeder Swine Dealer Report of Sale

The following forms can be obtained by contacting the State / Federal Serology Laboratory at (217)782-4790:
  • VS-4-26 Brucellosis Vaccination Record
  • VS-4-33 Brucellosis Test Records
  • VS-4-33a Brucellosis Test Record Continuation Sheet
  • VS-4-52a Report of Back Tags Applies
  • VS-4-54 Brucellosis Test Record (Market Cattle Testing)
  • VS-4-103 Official Certificate of Brucellosis Vaccination (Market Cattle)
  • VS-6-22 Tuberculosis Test Records
  • VS-10-11 EIA Test Record
  • L-3 and L-3a Serology Test Record and Continuation sheet(Centralia,Galesburg)
  • VS-1-27 Permit for Movement of Animals
  • VS-1-23 Appraisal and Indemity

The following supplies can be obtained by contacting the State / Federal Serology Laboratory at (217)782-4790:
  • Identification Tags
  • Rubber Stoppers
  • Ear Tags
  • Reactor Tags
  • Antigens
  • Poultry antigen
  • V-Shield
  • PPD (Tuberculin)
  • BAPA Tubes-Glass & Plastic
  • Slaughter Tags
  • Vaccination Tags
  • Card Kits
  • BBA (Card)
  • Corks

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