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Illinois Building - Springfield. IL

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  $975 Per Day - Building

This three-story facility, constructed in 1949, has many amenities that frequently are of service to events such as wedding receptions and proms. An overhead door, concession area, walk-in cooler and storage area are available to provide you with added conveniences. For entertainment purposes, an appealing 470-seat theater is available with dressing rooms.

Other notable features are the international trends incorporated into the styling and the large, plate glass exhibit windows, which are set into the walls underneath the porch area. This area is located on the roof of the Illinois Building and is topped by a covered deck, which provides an amazing view of the fairgrounds, and would be an exceptionally ideal location for private parties.

12,272 square feet (MAIN FLOOR)
Rate includes 200 Tables, 600 Chairs
16,129 square feet (ROOF TOP)
2,640 square feet (MEZZANINE)
Metal Halide Lighting
Heating/Air Conditioning
120′ x 10′ Display Windows
Concession Area
9’10 x 10′ Overhead Door
Telecom Capability
Electric and Water Utilities
ADA Accessible
Nearby Parking
Kitchen Space

Facility Rental Usage Rates and Information

Main Floor $975

Theater $325

Rooftop $500

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