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National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

What is the NPIP?

The National Poultry Improvement Plan was developed in the early 1930s by a State-Federal-Industry partnership to coordinate State programs aimed at eliminating Salmonella Pullorum from commercial poultry.

Adult birds infected with S.Pullorum normally show no outward evidence of infection, but they are disease carriers for life. Hens can become infected by eating contaminated feed, infected eggs, or manure from other infected chickens. The disease can be eliminated from flocks by blood-testing adult breeding birds, utilizing effective biosecurity techniques and good sanitation.

Since its initial goal of eliminating Salmonella Pullorum, the Plan has also included the following egg-transmitted diseases to eliminate from commercial poultry flocks: Salmonella Gallinarium (Fowl Typhoid), Salmonella Enteritidis, Mycoplasmas (M.Gallisepticum, M.Synoviae and M.Meleagridis).

Avian Influenza(AI) is a worldwide viral infection of poultry. An influenza virus has the ability to mutate or change its genetic character. An infected bird may show a wide range of signs: from no apparent signs, mild to moderate illness, to death. Because of the different symptoms of influenza, three levels of host disease are described: nonpathogenic, low-pathogenicity, and high-pathogenicity avian influenza. Because of the ability of the AI virus to mutate, the NPIP has added AI to its list of diseases to keep out of commercial poultry flocks.

How to become a member of the NPIP

To become a member of the NPIP call the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare at 217/782-4944.

A field person will be assigned to test all of the adult birds (4 months of age and older) in your flock for Salmonella Pullorum-Typhoid up to a maximum of 300 birds. They will also complete a Hatchery/Flock Agreement which enters you in the NPIP Program.

Once in the program, the flock owner may move, show or sell birds for a year. To remain in the program requires the flock owner have a portion of their flock tested once a year for Pullorum-Typhoid. A list of private authorized poultry testers in IL is available for a flock owner to contact to do their annual flock test. A flock can be removed from the program for failure to have their flock retested in a timely manner.

At this time there is no cost to get into the NPIP program. There may be a nominal charge to have an authorized tester do the annual retest in your flock.

How to become an Authorized Poultry Tester in IL

To become an Authorized Poultry Tester in IL call the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare at 217/782-4944. Your contact information (Name, address and phone number) will be added to a list to be contacted with information as to the dates, times and locations of tester classes.

Upon successful completion of the class, the tester will receive a tester card.