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Illinois Farm Programs

Centennial/ Sesquicentennial Farm Program

The Centennial/Sesquicentennial Farms program honors generations of farmers who have worked to maintain family farms in Illinois. To qualify for Centennial/Sesquicentennial Farm status, an agricultural property must have been owned by the same family of lineal or collateral descendants for at least 100/150 years.

Organic certification and Accredited Agent

This program certifies and accreditates business that meet the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.

Organic Cost-Share Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture periodically has funds available for the Illinois Organic Cost Share Program through funds from the United States Department of Agriculture. When funds are available, the program can provide cost share assistance to organic producers and handlers receiving certification or continuation of certification by a USDA accredited certifying agent.

Specialty Crop Grants

The Illinois Department of Agriculture received specialty crop block grant funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the Specialty Crop Block Grant - Farm Bill. A portion of those grant funds will be used to fund the Illinois Specialty Crop Grant Program. Through this program all Illinois specialty crop projects can apply for grant funds to help increase the competitiveness of the Illinois specialty crop industry.