Illinois State Fair | Happy Hollow
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Happy Hollow

Located just inside the main gate Happy Hollow returns to the Illinois State Fair with games, exotic animal entertainment and shows including Scotts Future of Magic show, Swampmaster Gator Show, The Wolf Pack, Eudora Farms Petting Zoo, The Hillside Stage, 4-H Tent, Ancient Athletics, Unit of St. Andrews Society, Watershed Park, Battle for the Hill Crossfit Competition, 3 on 3 basketball anmd 10 yrs and under tennis court.
Eudora Farms Petting Zoo
10 am - 8 pm Daily
Experience the interactive, hands on exotic animal petting zoo. It has been a popular attraction at many festivals and events throughout the southeast. It includes 20-25 rare and exotic animals from around the world. Animal ambassadors such as, ``Little Joe`` (the wallaby) ``Juliet`` (The Scotch Highlander) ``Humphrey`` (The Camel) ``Rascal`` (The Fennec Fox) and ``Kevin Bacon`` (the Pot Belly Pig). All the animals bring smiles to all who meet them! Eudora Farms place the highest priority in cleanliness and professionalism which has helped to build a reputation of quality that's hard to find.
Scotts Future of Magic Show
Daily: 2:15, 4:15, 6:15 P.M.
SCOTT'S future of MAGIC SHOW now features its own SELF CONTAINED Concert of Magic STAGE! State of the Art Staging, Lights & Sound have made it a focal point of Midway's with HUGE CROWDS, Dale Scott & Ana are award winning illusionists from the Society of American Magicians! They have toured the World, appeared at TRUMP Casinos and become one of the most in demand Variety Talents. Original Grand Illusions, Comedy Magic and Cool Special Effects are presented on their own Spectacular New Stage. Fun for all ages! This first class production recently headlined The South Florida Fair for their 100th Anniversary with 51 shows. The Future "is" Magic! Don't miss it .before they Disappear!
Swampmaster Gator Show
Daily: 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 P.M.
Educational, entertaining, 8 hours per day of display. Demonstrating natural and aggressive behaviors that most patrons have never seen before! Watch as the Swampmaster catches an 8 foot, 200 lb Alligator with his bare hands! Thrills, laughter, as well as valuable information for all ages! Your children can even hold a baby alligator safely and have their picture taken by the expert handler, Jeff Quattrocchi.
The Wof Pack
Daily: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 P.M.
The Wolf Pack allows patrons to witness an inspiring display of natural motherhood among wolves. This is a special opportunity to see a mature female wolf adopt a litter of orphaned wolf cubs. This educational display includes a looking glass-walk through and a ``wolf pen`` where wolf play observation, education talks, Q and A and demonstrations will be held. Wolves will be on display all day and staff will be available for Q & A with patrons.

  • See how wolves establish who will be the alpha among the pack
  • Hear Native American stories about the wolves and how they effected their culture.
  • Learn about the role wolves play in our pyramid cycle of life.
  • From the beginning of time, learn why the wolf is so detested and hunted throughout the world.
  • Understand what you can do to stop the slaughter of wolves today!
  • Wildlife Wendy and her Tropical Birds
    August 12 - 17: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 PM
    Wildlife Wendy and er tropical birds provide a wonderful show that is fun for all ages. It is fast-paced, exciting, and includes on-stage interaction with guest from the audience. After the 20 - 25 minute performance, guest from the audience are encuraged to ask questions an get to know the stars of the show. Wendy incorporates education into her presentation with the goal of creating wildlife awareness.
    Battle for the Hill - Crossfit Competition
    Saturday, August 9, 7:00 AM to
    Sunday, August 10, 5;00PM

    CrossFit is both a physical exercise philosophy and also as a competitive fitness sport, CrossFit workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman and other exercises. For more information about the competition and how to register, please visit their websitde at
    4-H Tent Exhibits
    See displays of projects that 4-H students have done throughout the state.
    Watershed Park
    Picture of the entrannce to watershed park
    Watershed Park ......10 am - 6 pm
    Watershed Park is an interactive and educational exhibit on water protection. Approximately one-acre in size, Watershed Park is located on the Illinois State Fairgrounds on the west end of Happhy Hollow.


    Come join the fun! Free admission and activities for everyone. Cold water, duck races, stream demonstrations, big fish, scavenger hunt, daily prizes! All Free!


    Featured in the park are interactive stations where families can have fun learning about water quality issues in a watershed. Soil conservation, urban storm water management, farm and home health and safety, integrated pest management, stream bank protection, wetlands, and wildlife are among the topics covered in the park.
    Highland Games - Strongest Man of the Glen
    Picture of a caber toss
    Demonstration Daily: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Competition: Saturday, August 16, 10:00 AM

    Highland games are events held throughout the year in Scotland and other countries as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage, especially that of the Scottish Highlands.


    The events contested are designed to echo not only the traditions of the Highland Games but also the history of Scotland. They include wrestling, schiltron jousting and stone-lifting, as well as traditional throws, such as the hammer and caber.
    Hillside Side Stage
    Picture of a stage
    Shows Daily:

    Fri, Aug 812:30 pmEmma Grace Live
    Fri, Aug 82 pmThe Alley Cats
    Fri, Aug 83 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Fri, Aug 85 pmMariah Henderson
    Fri, Aug 87 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sat, Aug 912:30 pmEmma Grace Live
    Sat, Aug 92 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sat, Aug 93 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Sat, Aug 94:30 pmLiz Bentley Live
    Sat, Aug 97 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sun, Aug 1012:30 pmAli Nicole Browning
    Sun, Aug 102 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sun, Aug 103 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Sun, Aug 104:30 pmLowder & Manning
    Sun, Aug 107 pmThe Alley Cats
    Mon, Aug 1112:30 pmThe Beal One Man Band
    Mon, Aug 112 pmThe Alley Cats
    Mon, Aug 113 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Mon, Aug 114:30 pmKenzie Ann
    Mon, Aug 117 pmThe Alley Cats
    Tue, Aug 1212:30 pmThe Beal One Man Band
    Tue, Aug 122 pmThe Alley Cats
    Tue, Aug 123 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Tue, Aug 124:30 pmLowder & Manning
    Tue, Aug 127 pmThe Alley Cats
    Wed, Aug 1312:30 pmHeather Riley
    Wed, Aug 132 pmThe Alley Cats
    Wed, Aug 133 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Wed, Aug 134:30 pmChris Bradley & Jennifer Hood
    Wed, Aug 137 pmThe Alley Cats
    Thu, Aug 1412:30 pmMariah Henderson
    Thu, Aug 142 pmThe Alley Cats
    Thu, Aug 143 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
    Thu, Aug 144:30 pmKevin Lucas Orchestra
    Thu, Aug 147 pmThe Alley Cats
    Fri, Aug 1512:30 pmHeather Riley
    Fri, Aug 152 pmThe Alley Cats
    Fri, Aug 153 pmKenzie Ann
    Fri, Aug 154:30 pmChris Bradley & Jennifer Hood
    Fri, Aug 157 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sat, Aug 1612:30 pmHooper The Hypnotist
    Sat, Aug 162 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sat, Aug 163 pmHooper The Hypnotist
    Sat, Aug 164:30-5:30 pmPaula Mensinger
    Sat, Aug 167 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sun, Aug 1712:30 pmHooper The Hypnotist
    Sun, Aug 172 pmThe Alley Cats
    Sun, Aug 173 pmJori Parys
    Sun, Aug 174:30-6 pmHeather Riley
    Sun, Aug 176:30Hooper The Hypnotist