Illinois State Fair | Governor’s Day
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Governor’s Day

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Wednesday, August 19

While Governor Rauner attends much of the Illinois State Fair, this is his day to host special guests, including former Illinois Governors.


  • Open Goat, Swine, Sheep, Dairy Shows


Apex Stage
1:30 pmLiz Bentley Live
5:30 pmThe Neverly Brothers
Artisans Building
10 am-10 pmIllinois Wine Experience
Ethnic Village Stage
12 pmThe Flying Dutchmen
2:30 pmWaterloo German Band
5:30 pmDennis Stroughmatt and Esprit Creole
8 pmSamba Llamas
Goat Barn
8:30 amDairy Goat Show
7:30 pmStyx w/ Tesla
Grandstand Stage Side Party
5 pmTaylor June
Happy Hollow
1 pmHypnotist Catherine Hickland
2:20 pmScotts Crazy Comedy Magic Show
3:10 pmHypnotist Catherine Hickland
4:30 pmScotts Crazy Comedy Magic Show
5:20 pmHypnotist Catherine Hickland
6:50 pmScotts Crazy Comedy Magic Show
Illinois Building Auditorium
11:15 amThe Affordable Care Act and Special enrollment by Blue Cross/Blue shield of Illinois
12 pmPat Lyttakers Ballroom Dance Exhibition
1:15 pmMob on the Road (Springfield)
2:15 pmMary Bryant Home Singers (Springfield)
3 pmTaxpayer Advocate Office of the IRS
Illinois Building Lawn
10 amLooking for Lincoln: History Comes Alive
11 amLooking for Lincoln: Music Lincoln Loved
11:45 amLooking for Lincoln: Ask Abe Anything
12 pmLooking for Lincoln: History Comes Alive
1 pmLooking for Lincoln: Music Lincoln Loved
1:30 pmLooking for Lincoln: Civil War Toy Making
2 pmLooking for Lincoln: Meet a Civil War Soldier
3 pmLooking for Lincoln: Music Lincoln Loved
Junior Livestock Building
9 amJunior Brown Swiss
1 pmJunior Dairy Holstein Show
Kids Korner
11 amElsenpeter Marionettes
11:30 amHenson Robinson Zoo
12 pmKathryn Raistrick - Folk Music
12:30 pmHenson Robinson Zoo
1 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
1:30 pmProfessor Longhairs Magic
2 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
2:30 pmKathryn Raistrick - Folk Music
3 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
3:30 pmProfessor Longhairs Magic
4 pmKathryn Raistrick - Folk Music
4:30 pmProfessor Longhairs Magic
5 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
5:30 pmProfessor Longhairs Magic
Lincoln Stage
5 pmTony Hamilton Orchestra
Livestock Center
8 amAyrshire Show
1 pmMilking Shorthorn
Roving Entertainment
4 pmLand of Lincoln Chorus
Sheep Barn
9 amChevoit Sheep Show
1 pmMontadale Sheep Show
Swine Barn
8 amChester White Swine Show
8 amPoland China Swine Show
8 amSpotted Swine Show
The Shed
1 pmCarrie Lyn Infusion Band
4 pmML2
7 pmDebbie Ross Band