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Schedule of Daily Events

Republican Day
Thursday, August 14

Illinois Republicans host special guests on this day. Past activities have included rallies and parades.


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Apex Stage
12:30 pm-2:30 amWedgewood
3-4 pmHooper The Hypnotist
4:30 pm-7:30 amRed Letter Days
Budweiser True Music Tent
5 pmThe Boat Drink Caucus
8:30 pmLive Karaoke Band
10:30 pm90s Daughter
Central Avenue
10 am-6 pmRollo
8:30 amMorgans - Arabians - Walking Horses - Fox Trotters - Halter Classes
1 pmMorgans � Arabians � Walking Horses � Fox Trotters
Conservation World
11 am-7 pmBlacksmith John Massey
11 am-7 pmChainsaw Carving Demonstrations
11 am-7 pmDiscovery Tent; American Chemical Society
11 am-7 pmDivision of Education Tent: Monarch Mania
11 am-7 pmDivision of Fisheries Tent
11 am-7 pmDivision of Natural Heritage and Wildlife Tent
11 am-7 pmDivision of Resource Conservation Tent
11 am-7 pmDo It Yourself Tie Dye
11 amFishing Pond- Casting Clinic
11 am-7 pmGandy Dancer Pedal Train
11 am-7 pmIllinois EPA
11 am-7 pmIllinois Green Industry Association Info Center
11 am-6 pmIllinois Humane
11 amKids Fishing Clinics
11 am-7 pmKids Tattoos and Face Painting
11 am-7 pmKids Tattoos, Face Painting, and Airbrush Art
11 am-7 pmLaw Enforcement Tent
11 am-7 pmMobile Nursery/The Baby Cafe
11 am-7 pmRock Climbing Wall
11 am-7 pmSee Smokey Bear
11 am-7 pmSportsmen Area
11 am-7 pmSportsmens Against Hunger Tent (SAH)/ Info Tent
11 am-6:30 pmYouth 3D Archery
11 am-7 pmyouth activities
11 am-6:30 pmYouth BB Gun Range
11:30 amChris Camp - Whip Guy
11:30 amGreen Acres Sportsmens Club
11:30-1 amLiz Bentley
12 pmFishing Pond - Casting Clinic
12 pmKids Fishing Clinics
1 pmUltimate Air Dogs
1:30 pmFishing Pond- Casting Clinic
1:30 pmKids Fishing Clinics
2 pmGreen Acres Sportsmens Club
2:30 pmChris Camp - Whip Guy
3 pmFishing Pond - Casting Clinic
3 pmKids Fishing Clinics
4 pmChris Camp - Whip Guy
4 pmFishing Pond - Casting Clinic
4 pmGreen Acres Sportsmens Club
4-5:30 pmLiz Bentley
4:30 pmKids Fishing Clinics
5 pmUltimate Air Dogs
Coors Light Tent
4-7 pmHip Bone Sam
8-11:30 pmThe Brat Pack
Dairy Building
9 am-9 pmButter Cow Exhibit
Emmerson Building
10 amFloriculture Show
Emmerson Building NW Lawn
11 amEnergy Education Tent Open
11 am-NoonEnergy Education Tent Open
11 amKids Activities
11 amRide the Energy Bike
12:30 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
4 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
6:30 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
Energy Education Council Tent/Central Ave
11 amKids Activities
12:30 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
4 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
6:30 pmLive Power Line Demonstration
Ethnic Village Stage
Noon-12:30 pmThe Alley Cats
1 pmHoney Bear Dancers
2 pmWaterloo German Band
5 pmHoney Bear Dancers
6 pmKenzie Ann
7:30 pmHoney Bear Dancers
8:30 pmThe Emerald Underground Band
Farmer's Little Helper
10 am-7 pmPiglets on Parade
Governor's Tent
10 am-7 pmGovernors Tent
Noon-4 pmHarness Racing
Happy Hollow
10 am-8 pmEudora Farms Petting Zoo
1 pmWildlife Wendy and her Tropical Birds
1:30 pmSwampmaster Gator Show
2:15 pmThe Wolf Pack
2:45 pmScotts Future of Magic Show
3 pmWildlife Wendy and her Tropical Birds
3:30 pmThe Wolf Pack
4 pmSwampmaster Gator Show
4:45 pmThe Wolf Pack
5 pmWildlife Wendy and her Tropical Birds
5:15 pmScotts Future of Magic Show
6 pmThe Wolf Pack
Heartland - Illinois' Salute to Agriculture
10 am-7 pmFarmers Little Helpers
Hillside Stage
12:30 pm-1:30 pmMariah Henderson
2-2:30 pmThe Alley Cats
3-4 pmFREE Honey Bear Dancer's Workshop for Kids
4:30-6:30 pmKevin Lucas Orchestra
7-7:30 pmThe Alley Cats
Hobbies, Arts & Crafts Building
9 amHoney Bee Contest
9 amMain Dish Using Chicken Blue Ribbon Culinary Contest
12 pmMain Dish Using Chicken Blue Ribbon Culinary Contest
12:15 pmAwards Presentation Honey Bee Contest
2 pmGreat American Spam- Championship- Appetizers
3:15 pmBenefits of Honey- Rick Ramsey & Larry Roth
4:15 pmErin Newell, Spam Demo
5:15 pmAwards Presentation- Great American Spam Championship
5:30 pmAwards Presentation Main Dish Using Chicken Blue Ribbon Culinary Contest
Illinois Building Auditorium
8 am-5 pmIllinois Farm Bureau Young Leader Agri-Quiz Bowl State Competition
11 amAre You Ready- Emergency Prepardness
12 pmUnderstanding Medicare by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois
1 pmAIM (Adults In Ministry Choir)
2 pmGrandparent and Grandchild Contest
Junior Livestock Building
9 amJr. Dairy Cattle- Guersney
1 pmJr. Dairy Cattle- Ayrshire
Kids Korner
10 am-7 pmFace Painting
11 amElsenpeter Marionettes
11:30 amHenson Robinson Zoo
12 pmKathryn Raistrick Folk Music
12:30 pmHenson Robinson Zoo
1 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
1:30 pmProfessor Longhair Ventriloquist/Magic
2 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
2:30 pmKathryn Raistrick Folk Music
3 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
3:30 pmProfessor Longhair Ventriloquist/Magic
4 pmKathryn Raistrick Folk Music
4:30 pmProfessor Longhair Ventriloquist/Magic
5 pmElsenpeter Marionettes
5:30 pmProfessor Longhair Ventriloquist/Magic
Lincoln Stage
12 pmEd & Judy Howard Six
4-6:15 pmJohnnie Kayes Orchestra
7-8 pmHooper The Hypnotist
Livestock Center
8 amDairy Cattle- Jersey
2 pmDairy Cattle- Brown Swiss
Miller Lite Beer Tent
4-7 pmBrooke Thomas & Blue Suns
8-11:30 pmOff the Wall
Sheep Barn
9 amSheep- Southdown
4 pmSheep- Columbia
The Shed
12 pmWalker County
3:30 pmThe Alley Cats
7:30 pmThe Neverly Brothers
Wine Tent
5:30-8:30 pmSarah Schneider & Friends


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