Illinois State Fair | Butter Cow
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Butter Cow

Don't miss the unveiling of the Butter Cow. Located inside the dairy building, this years sculpture is really something unique, special and unlike anything that's beent done at the State Fair before. Once the camera is turned on, you'll know why, you have to see it live.
The butter cow has been an unofficial icon of the fair since the 1920's. 500 pounds of unsalted butter are used to sculpt the life size figure by hand over a wire and wood frame. The process takes about two days. After the fair, the butter will be removed and reused in another sculpture.


While in the dairy building, enjoy some ice cream, milk and other dairy products as well as entertainment displays and free children's games. Collect points in the children's game s to win free ice cream!


Along with the butter cow, the building showcases prize-winning milks, cheeses, ice creams and other various dairy products. You can alo see an antique milk truck.

View of the Butter Cow