Illinois State Fair | Adventure Village & Midway Rides
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Adventure Village & Midway Rides

With more than 100 Carnival Midway and Adventure Village rides at the Illinois State Fair, including the popular Mega Drop, which sends riders on a 130-foot plunge straight to the ground, and Turbo Force, which features two cars of passengers that flip upside down and spin around as the ride completes a full revolution children of all ages will have the time of their lives.
Thrills, Chills and Shrills
The Illinois State Fair provides the ultimate entertainment for the young and old. Whether you want to spin, flip, scramble or scream we have a ride for you. From the classics to the most modern, our Midway will keep you entertained.
Step Right Up, Folks, Don't Be Shy!
The Illinois State Fair offers a variety of games that require skill and accuracy. Oh, and a little luck doesn't hurt either. Check out our games and try to plan your strategy. There's a winner in all of us.
Mega Pass


January 1 thru July 27 – ONLY $65
July 28 thru August 16 – $75
Good for UNLIMITED RIDES during Fair
Good for ALL ELEVEN DAYS of the Fair
Good for the Main Carnival Midway and Adventure Village only
(does NOT include Sky Glide, Giant Slide or Tram)
Does NOT include gate admission to the Fair


Through the Mail or by phone (217)782-0775 or by visiting the Emmerson Building on the IL State Fairgrounds.


Office Hours:
July 28-August 1: 8a-4:30p
August 2: 9a-1p
August 4 - August 6: 10a-6p
August 7 - August 11: 11a-7p
August 12 - August 16: 11a-6p
August 17: 8a-12p
Carnival Dates
Thursday, August 7
Friday, August 8
Saturday, August 9
Sunday, August 10
Monday, August 11
Tuesday, August 12
Wednesday, August 13
Thursday, August 14
Friday, August 15
Saturday, August 16
Sunday, August 17
Carnival Timings
5 - 11 PM
NOON - 11:30 PM
11 AM -11:45 PM
NOON - 11 PM
NOON - 11 PM
NOON - 11 PM
NOON - 11 PM
NOON - 11 PM
NOON - 11:30 PM
11 AM - 11:45 PM
Ticket Pricing
4 tickets for $5.00
22 tickets for $25.00
55 tickets for $60.00
Thursday, August 7 All Rides $2 (5 - 11 pm)
Carnival Specials
The Illinois State Fair will be offering Bargain Bracelets for all rides (excluding Giant Slide and SkyGlide). It will be conveniently available for purchase at the Carnival and Adventure Village when you arrive to enjoy the fair. This Bargain Bracelet will replace Children's Miracle Network Wristbands.
Experience unlimited rides with a Bargain Bracelet for $25.00!

Friday, August 8, Noon - 6 PM
Monday, August 11, Noon - 11 PM
Tuesday, August 12, Noon - 11 PM
Wednesday, August 13, Noon - 11 PM
Thursday, August 14, Noon - 11 PM
Friday, August 15, Noon - 6 PM
Sunday, August 17, Noon - 10 PM