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Agriculture Products Inspection

Seed VarietyThe Agricultural Products Inspection area of the Department is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Test commercial feed, seed and fertilizer products to ensure they meet advertised quality and quantity specifications.

  • Examine seed samples for purity, noxious weed content, germination and suitability for distribution.

  • Analyze seed quality for individual producers for a small fee.

  • Evaluate the nutritional content of livestock feed.

  • Certify products for export meet state and federal quality standards.

  • Conduct "Good Manufacturing Processes" inspections at feed manufacturing facilities.

  • Inspect NH3 pressure vessels, facilities and systems for safety.

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Welder List

  • Review labels of feed, fertilizer, seed and soil conditioners for accuracy and truthful labeling.

  • Promote fertilizer research through the Fertilizer Research and Education Council.

  • Register Products and facilities.

Another responsibility of this area is:



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