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Aquaculture Grant Program

Fact Sheet



2009 Aquaculture Grant Program (AGP)


The USDA Secretary authorized up to $20 million under Section 32 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of August 24, 1935, to provide economic assistance for aquaculture producers who experienced high feed input costs during the 2009 calendar year. This $20 million is available to aquaculture producers who meet the eligibility requirements described below. USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA) will be providing a block grant to the Illinois Department of Agriculture to provide assistance to eligible aquaculture producers in Illinois.

Allocation of Funding

The Aquaculture Grant Program (AGP) will allocate$18.5 million to states that participated in the 2008 AGP, as authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, on a pro rata basis. Allotments will be allocated based on total amount of 2008 AGP benefits paid to eligible aquaculture producers in the state if a 2008 state factor was not applied, or in those states in which a 2008 state factor was applied, the total amount of 2008 AGP benefits that would have been paid to eligible aquaculture producers in the state had the 2008 state factor not been applied. The 2009 AGP will hold $1.5 million in reserve for States that opted out of 2008 AGP but choose to participate in 2009 AGP. Non-participating 2008 AGP states are required to provide 2007 feed delivery data to FSA. Grant funding to non-participating 2008 AGP states will be allocated on a pro rata basis, based on 2007 aquaculture feed deliveries in each state.

Eligible Producer

To be eligible for 2009 AGP (see 2009 AGP application for full details), a producer must have:

  • Raised any aquaculture species in a controlled environment as part of a farming operation in 2009;
  • A risk in the production of such species in 2009;
  • Produced an aquaculture species for which 2009 feed costs represented at least 25 percent of the producer's total input costs for the aquaculture operation;
  • Experienced at least a 25 percent price increase of 2009 feed costs above the state's 2003-07 five-year average feed price; and
  • Records on file with the USDA FSA county office showing:
    1. Compliance with conservation compliance eligibility provisions; and
    2. That their average nonfarm adjusted gross income (AGI) does not exceed $500,000 for the three preceding tax years (2005-07).

Payment Calculation

Payments are calculated by multiplying producer's total feed deliveries in calendar year 2009 times the producer's payment rate. The producer's payment rate is the resulting of subtracting the:

  • Producer's 2009 average feed price minus,
  • State's 2003-07 five-year average feed price.

Payment Limitation

2009 AGP payments received, directly or indirectly, will be attributed to the applicable individuals or entities and limited to $100,000 per individual or entity.

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