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Anhydrous Ammonia Security Grant Program

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Program Fact Sheet

In 2005, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation instructing the Department of Agriculture to establish a grant program to improve safety and security at anhydrous ammonia facilities by encouraging the industry to utilize industry approved ammonia additives, install tank locking devices, or install security systems to prevent the use of anhydrous ammonia in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.  $1.6 million in funds were included in the Department of Agricultureís fiscal year 2007 budget for this program.

What is the anhydrous ammonia security grant program?  The program is a cost-share reimbursement program in which eligible applicants can apply for funds for a variety of safety and security enhancements including industry approved ammonia additives, tank locking devices, video surveillance or security systems that attempt to deter theft of anhydrous ammonia.

How much grant money is available?  $1,400,000 is available in this second round of the grant program.

Who is eligible?  Any person or agribusiness that owns, operates or manages an anhydrous ammonia facility in Illinois that sells and distributes anhydrous ammonia for agricultural purposes in Illinois is eligible to receive a grant.  Based on availability of funding the Department may establish pilot programs.

What can grant funds be used for?  Grant funds can be used to help share the cost of making safety and security enhancements including, but not limited to the following:  additives, signage, valve locking devices, video surveillance equipment and other security systems and other safety and security enhancements. Funding cannot be used to purchase fencing or security dogs.

How does the program work?  All grantees must pay 100% of the improvements and then will be required to submit invoices/receipts for reimbursement.  All safety and security enhancements will be eligible for 67% reimbursement as the program is designed as a 1/3, 2/3 cost-share program with the state reimbursing grantees for 2/3 of the cost of improvements.

What if a business with facilities at more than one location is applying for a grant? If a business has multiple facilities that are applying for a grant, it is only necessary to submit one grant application.  A breakdown of each facilityís request must be provided in the application.

How do I apply?  Individuals interested in applying can obtain an application by contacting the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Products Inspection (217-782-3817) or the forms can be downloaded from the Departmentís website ( or the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Associationís website (

When can applications be submitted?  The application deadline is February 1, 2007.  Applications can be submitted to the Illinois Department of Agriculture until the close of business on February 1, 2007.  The Departmentís address is P.O. Box 19281, Springfield, IL  62794 or for express delivery 801 E. Sangamon Avenue, Springfield, IL  62702, attention Bureau of Agricultural Products Inspection.

More information is available on the Departmentís website ~

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