Pesticide Product Registration

All products offered for sale within the state of Illinois that make a "pesticidal" claim must be registered with the Illinos Department of Agriculture. As a result, the Department registers approximately 13,000 products from approximately 1200 companies. In 2010, legislation was passed changing both the registration fee schedule and the registration fee amount for products offered for sale in Illinois. Beginning in calendar year 2011, companies and products were registered for a two year period rather than the original one year period. Also, the registration requirement for companies and their products was staggered such that approximately one half of them are processed by the department each year. The company registration fee remained at $400 per-company-per-year while the product registration fee was increased from $200 per-product-per-year to $300 per-product-per-year effective for the 2011 calendar year.

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Companies wishing to register a pesticide with the department can complete the following form and submit it with the proper registration fee(s) to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Environmental Programs, P.O. Box 19281, Springfield, IL 62794-9281.

Products currently registered with the state of Illinois can be viewed by using the following search tool. Simply complete applicable portions of the fields to narrow the search and when completed, click the "Search for the selected criteria" button.

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