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What is the Galesburg Animal Disease Laboratory?
The Galesburg Animal Disease Laboratory is part of the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The laboratory provides a variety of services, including animal disease testing and meat inspection. The facility is located on the campus of Carl Sandburg College in Knox County. Services are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday except for state holidays.

What services does the laboratory provide?
The facility administers more than 450,000 tests annually. These tests fall under the following categories:
Diagnostic services --Using modern equipment, staff identify bacteria, viruses and parasites that pose a threat to livestock and companion animals in Illinois. Quick identification of diseases enables veterinarians or animal owners to administer appropriate remedies.
Regulatory testing -- Staff conduct blood tests to ensure pets and livestock entered in shows are disease-free and to allow owners to sell and export animals, embryos and semen worldwide. The lab annually tests more than 200,000 blood samples collected for regulatory purposes as part of department programs to eradicate pseudorabies in swine and prevent the re-emergence of brucellosis in cattle.
Rabies -- Also tested are suspected rabid animals that have been in contact with pets, livestock or people. Samples for rabies testing should be submitted only by the animal owner's veterinarian or a county rabies control program official.

Who may obtain services from the laboratory?
Diagnostic services are available to all Illinois residents. Other services are available through the animal owner's veterinarian. The laboratory also provides testing services for state and federal agencies, universities, research institutions and other nations through cooperative agreements.

May I take my animals to the lab for veterinary care or preventive vaccinations?
No, the laboratory does not provide preventive vaccines or veterinary care. Individuals should contact their veterinarians for those types of services.

What about diagnostic services? May I take animals to the laboratory for these purposes?
The laboratory accepts animals directly from livestock producers only upon the recommendation of the animal's veterinarian. When bringing an animal to the laboratory for diagnosis, it is important to select one that shows symptoms of the condition you want diagnosed. Live animals in the early stages of the disease and not treated with antibiotics are preferred. Generally, little can be learned from a runt animal that does not represent the true problem of the herd or from an animal that is dead and badly decomposed.

Is there a fee for laboratory services?
There is a fee for most laboratory services. The fee varies depending on the services provided. List of Fees as of 1/22/2013. Fees subject to change.

For more information, contact:
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Galesburg Animal Disease Laboratory
2100 Lake Storey Road
P.O. Box 2100X
Galesburg, IL 61401

TDD: 217.524.6858
FAX: 309.344.7358

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